company definition Palm Hills Developments

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is one of the most famous and largest names in the real estate world in the Egyptian market, as it has become a source of confidence for its clients as it is concerned with providing quality and sophistication when executing its projects for a distinguished class that wants to own different units.
Palm Hills Company was established in 2005 AD by Al-Mansour & Al-Maghrabi Real Estate Development and Investment Company. It aims primarily at developing integrated residential and commercial projects. It is also listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.
Palm Hills Real Estate includes a group of companies operating outside Egypt in several countries such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia, and inside Egypt as well, in order to expand its real estate projects and expand to achieve the highest level of quality, and to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.
The company always seeks to achieve a good return on investment from customers and shareholders, by providing a good work environment for its staff, as a result of which the company achieves a new annual increase in sales.
This great edifice is managed by a group of the best investors, the largest businessmen and engineers, which includes Yassin Ibrahim Lotfi Mansour as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors is Muhammad Al-Amin Ismail Lotfi Mansour.
What is Palm Hills Real Estate Development and Investment Company?
Palm Hills Development Company was established in 2005 AD, when the company was able to expand significantly until it was able to achieve large sales in 2021 AD to reach 17.3 billion AD, and in that year it was able to deliver units amounting to 107%.
The costs of Palm Hills Real Estate Development in that year amounted to 5.85 billion pounds, with an increase of 59%. A plan was developed by the company to reach 20 billion in sales in 2022. Therefore, the company seeks excellence in its projects.
The company also sought to build tourism projects and to diversify the units as it covered 27,000,000 square meters inside Egypt and was also able to expand outside Egypt, building projects in Singapore and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Palm Hills Development Company projects
All those years left behind a great experience that made Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company a large number of successful real estate projects, which made a great impact in the world of investment real estate.
Palm Hills Real Estate Company owns many projects, amounting to 26 projects, which include various stages of development at the state level, in addition to owning an area of ​​5 million square meters for sale in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The investment projects of Palm Hills Development Company extended in many new governorates and regions nationwide, as the land area covered by it is about 27 million square meters, according to the development plan and the advancement of the real estate sector in Egypt.
Palm Hills relies on the implementation of its real estate projects on professionalism, taking into account the application of the highest quality standards in all stages of projects, and following the latest trends in the field of real estate, starting from the selection of the site and the work team to completion and handover.
Palm Hills coastal projects
Palm Hills New Alamein.
Hacienda Bay North Coast.
Hacienda White North Coast.
Hacienda West North Coast.
Palm Hills Alexandria.
Palm Hills projects in New Cairo
Palm Hills Compound, Fifth