Palm Parks 6 October

Own your unit now in Palm Parks 6 October Compound Palm Parks 6 October is one of the finest residential projects established by Palm Hills, one of the largest investment companies for real estate development, and the compound is characterized by an external design for the units and an interior of the highest quality and the most prominent designs.

Palm Parks 6 October Compound is characterized by the presence of huge green spaces, artificial lakes, and swimming pools that add a general atmosphere of calm and relaxation to the project that is not comparable to any other place, with the availability of a variety of residential units of different sizes, competitive prices with many payment facilities.

Only 10% of the total unit price is initially paid as a reservation and contract provider.

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Project details Palm Parks 6 October

Location of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

Palm Park Compound 6th of October is located in the most distinctive place within the Sixth of October City, as it is located next to many important vital areas and public facilities, as it is located specifically next to Juhayna Square on the first Dahshur Road, which is one of the largest squares in Sixth of October City.

The location of Palm Parks 6 October Compound makes it a starting point for many other cities and government departments, and it can be accessed, and move through it to many vital places.


Nearby and adjacent places of Palm Parks 6 October Compound

The compound is located a few minutes away from Juhayna Square, which is one of the largest squares in Sixth of October City.

Palm Parks Compound 6 October is located next to Wadi Degla Club.

The compound is a few minutes away from Gardenia Sporting and Greenland.

Palm Parks 6 October Compound is about 10 minutes away from Media Production City.

It is also close to Helnan Dreamland Hotel, Movenpick Hotel 6th of October and also Novotel Hotel.

Palm Park Compound 6 October is close to some cities and vital areas such as the New Administrative Capital, the Fifth Settlement, and Downtown in Cairo Governorate.


Space of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

The owner company implemented Palm Park Compound 6 October on an area of more than 113 acres, with 70% of the total area allocated for the establishment of green spaces and recreational services, and only 30% space for the construction of residential units of different sizes.

The compound enjoys privacy for the residents in living within their own residence, and the compound is characterized by relaxation, fresh air, tranquility, landscapes, and picturesque crystal lakes.

The space of the units of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

The space of the units within the compound varies, which gives freedom to customers when choosing their own apartment, and the compound includes units and real estate for sale in October Palm, and there are about 920 housing units within the compound that vary between apartments of different sizes, duplexes, twin houses and penthouses, and the space of these units was as follows:

Apartments in October start from 85 m² up to 170 m².

Penthouses space starts from 248 square meters.

The other units start from 150 m2 up to 360 m2.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

Palm in the Palm Parks project is distinguished by the fact that the unit prices are economical and suitable for customers

The residential units have different sizes and types, which makes the prices of the units within it varied to suit all customers.

Within the compound, there are several apartments and duplexes for sale, and other spaces for serious sale in Parks Compound, know the prices now by booking your unit.


Payment Systems Palm Parks Compound 6 October

Among the payment and payment facilities provided by Hills in Palm Park 6th of October, in addition to the appropriate prices for customers, which are characterized are:

Payment and payment facilities: Only 10% of the total unit price is initially paid as a reservation and contract provider.

Another 5% is paid after 3 months of the first payment, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over 6 years.

There are a large number of units within Palm Park Compound 6 October, fully finished, from Super Lux and Ultra Super Lux, available for sale in Palm Park and ready for immediate delivery.


Palm Parks 6 October

Services Available in Palm Parks Compound

Palm Parks Compound 6 October is characterized by the fact that it has many services that customers need, including commercial centers, restaurants, cinema, cafes, and other necessary services that are indispensable to the residents. These services include:

Surveillance cameras to protect the compound, cameras work throughout the day, and there are integrated safety devices to protect the residents from fires and any other risks.

A private garage for cars for each residential unit located below, as well as a garage for bicycles.

Palm Park Compound 6 October includes an integrated commercial center with many shops to buy all the appliances and furniture the house needs.

A commercial mall with many supermarkets and international brands for shopping.

Health and sports center.

Restaurants serving the most delicious local and international dishes, as well as cafes that provide the most delicious hot and cold drinks with a wonderful atmosphere and distinctive tones.

There are artificial lakes with charming designs and stunning views that give an aesthetic view of the compound.

Places dedicated to holding parties, seminars, and various types of events.

Playgrounds for sports such as: football.

For lovers of running and cycling, Palm Parks offers you special walking and cycling paths in the charming nature to enjoy your favorite sport.

International nurseries and schools provide the best educational services for your children.

There are many medical services represented in medical clinics that provide the best health care, and pharmacies that contain all kinds of medicines and operate throughout the day.

For added luxury, there is a well-equipped clubhouse.

Children's parks as well as a play area with all the modern games that your children love to spend times full of happiness and fun in a fully secured place.

Inside Palm Parks Gym, it is prepared with the latest sports equipment and a spa, in addition to the presence of a beauty center.

Swimming pools of different sizes in Palm Parks to suit different ages.

The spread of green spaces and landscapes throughout the compound, in addition to the landscapes that make the compound a wonderful green oasis.


Features of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

Palm Parks Compound 6 October is characterized by a distinctive geographical location within the sixth city, and the availability of a large number of apartments for sale in the compound, which gives you the opportunity to live a new upscale life different from anywhere else, and it has many features such as:

A privileged geographical location in the heart of Sixth of October City.

Wonderful and attractive design for residential units, apartments, and duplexes.

The presence of green spaces and artificial lakes on about half of the project area.

Palm Parks is characterized by tranquility, relaxation, rest, and picturesque landscapes and industrialization.

The privacy owned by the residents of the compound.

Payment and payment facilities.

Special prices for units.

Various spaces in Palm Parks to suit all customers.

Perhaps the most important feature of Palm Parks is its location in Sixth of October City due to the advantages that the city enjoys, which make it the first destination for investors to implement their projects in it.

Investing in Palm Park Compound 6 October is successful and guaranteed for you and your children.


The Owner Company of Palm Parks Compound 6 October

Palm Parks Compound 6 October is one of the most important projects owned by Palm Hills Development, established in 2005 and is one of the largest real estate companies, which is characterized by quality in construction, accuracy in design, and taking into account the needs of customers in each piece when building any project.

The company has great experience in the field of real estate, and the experience has been evident in the number of huge and successful projects implemented by the company, which were entitled luxury and sophistication in all its details.

The company's residential projects have multiplied, making it a strong competitor to the largest real estate companies, and the most prominent projects it has carried out are:

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Palm Parks 6 October