company definition Modon Developments

Modon Developments is one of the largest and most important companies in the field of real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East since its inception in 1980.
The company is an Egyptian-Kuwaiti partnership with a huge investment value of about 10 billion Egyptian pounds. The company also aims to inject about 3 billion pounds into the new administrative capital.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Modon Developments Company confirmed that the establishment of the company was the main purpose of implementing a large group of huge real estate projects within the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially in:
New Administrative Capital
And also in New Alamein
The company is also seeking to expand in the Egyptian level
The company will start its projects in those places by starting to launch three residential compounds on the highest international models keeping pace with modern development with designs and the best construction techniques and the finest and most luxurious decorations.
One of the biggest concentrations was on the New Administrative Capital because it is largely supported by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who emphasized the importance of his great support for investors.
Which was greatly reflected in the capital, and also the economic file in the Egyptian state in general, and thus it succeeded in overcoming the global Corona crisis in its economic destruction.
Thus, the new administrative capital succeeded in bringing about an economic boom and a great success in the economic reform file, to place Egypt among the few countries that achieved positive growth rates and maintained its credit rating, which injected new global continuations into the republic.
Modon Partners for Real Estate Investment
Modon Company has several partners with extensive experience, and this comes within its keenness to integrate its projects and to appear in the best possible images without any errors, and they are:
Which is a global family of engineers specialized in architecture, master planning and interiors
In addition to providing global solutions and creating a balance between creative vision and commercial feasibility. Among its achievements are:
Alibaba is headquartered in Jiangsu
The Bahrain Marina
Bluewater UK
City Walk in the United Arab Emirates
Del Mar Residence located in Cyprus
Calison RTKL
Which is an architectural, planning and design consultancy company over 7 decades that offers the best international mega projects. Some of its projects are:
ChadStone Shopping Center Expansion
The O2 in the British capital, London
Ala Moana Center in Hawaii
In addition to the largest and most important Egyptian mall, which is the Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia
Global Retail Strategies
Which is present in more than 60 countries and has a great reputation in the field of development consulting. It also owns many headquarters in Cairo and Dubai, as well as Auckland and Los Angeles in the United States of America, and among its most prominent works: