Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna Resort

Own your unit now in Laguna Bay Sokhna or Laguna Bay Resort as they call it, and it is one of the finest and most beautiful places within the Ain Sokhna area, so the village is located directly on the sea, specifically at kilo 93 on Zafarana Road, where (Capital), the executing and designing company for the project, has developed a special design for the project in the form of the letter U with a direct view of the sea so that everyone can see it and enjoy its wonderful view

15% down payment and the rest of the total unit price in installments over 6 years.


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Project details Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna Resort

Location of Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna

The resort was built on a huge area of land estimated at 142 acres, with a beach extension of up to 1500 meters and a depth of 450 meters, and the village with its multiple units is located directly on the sea, and includes villas surrounded by lakes and green spaces, and chalets that overlook the sea, and Laguna Bay Sokhna is characterized by its unique location, with many services that make unit owners and owners do not need anything.


The most prominent places and roads near Laguna Bay Palm Hills Ain Sokhna are as follows:

Suez City is only 60 minutes away from the village.

Porto Ain Sokhna is approximately 15 minutes from Laguna Bay Palm Hills.

The coastal road with exit 2 Galala Central Road is close to the village.

Cairo is 25 minutes away from Laguna Bay Palm Hills.

Laguna Bay and Movenpick Resort are 33 km apart.

Ain Sokhna gates travel a distance of 50 km.

New Cairo is only about 125 km from the village.

The gates of Galala are 75 km away.

Palm Hills New Cairo is 152 km from the village.

Cairo International Airport is 171 km from Laguna Bay Palm Hills.


Designs of Laguna Bay Sokhna

Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna was designed with international designs to show its picturesque natural beauty, so Palm Hills Real Estate, the developer of the project, took care of the help of major engineering companies to put the Master Plan and engineering consultancy to build the resort on the system of tiered terraces, in order to give a distinctive view directly overlooking the blue sea water and the picturesque natural green landscapes.

Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna was also designed through the use of the best engineering standards and standards required to become elegant and luxurious in the modern architectural style, as the resort was designed on 4 levels between each level and the second about 10 and up to 15 km to maintain the desired privacy and between this distance there is a service area that serves the owners of the resort.


The space of the units in Laguna Bay

The executing company based on the Laguna Bay Sokhna project took into account the diversity of spaces, as it provided more than one space and size for the chalet or villa, including the following:

Chalet with an area of 100 square meters.

Chalet with an area of 120 square meters.

Chalet with an area of 140 square meters.

Chalet with an area of 160 square meters.

Chalet with an area of 220 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of units in the project

Unit prices vary according to the space and size of the chalet or unit.


Payment Methods:

The company provides two systems for buying or contracting units, the first system is to pay the full amount (cash) and the second system is installments as follows:

15% down payment and the rest of the total unit price to be paid in installments over 6 years.

15% down payment and the rest of the total unit price in installments over 7 years.

15% is paid in advance and the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over 9 years.

Delivery time

Laguna Bay Sokhna units shall be delivered after their luxurious finishing (Super Lux) within three years from the date of registration or contracting.


Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna Resort

Services and features of Laguna Bay Palm Hills Ain Sokhna

Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna Resort offers a wide range of facilities and services in order to provide the residents with all their material and moral needs without the need to leave the resort, and also worked on the presence of distinctive entertainment means and many different activities to enjoy your time inside the resort.

Among the services and features in the village are the following:

A beach area with all water activities such as water skiing, surfing, and canoeing.

Marina Yacht and Fishing in Laguna Bay Palm Hills Sokhna.

Tracks for walking, running, and cycling.

A luxury hotel at a great service level for visitors to the village.

The spa includes a jacuzzi and sauna and is also equipped with the latest sports equipment.

Gym equipped with all sports equipment with a group of trainers.

Clubhouse has billiards halls close to each residential building.

Swimming pools spread throughout the resort and suitable for all age groups.

Restaurants and cafes with a high level of service.

A children's entertainment area that is also fully secured.

ATMs for various types of banks within Laguna Bay Palm Hills.

A purchasing area with a supermarket to meet household needs.

A huge commercial mall with the most famous international brands and brands.

A pharmacy equipped with all medical supplies and operates 24 hours a day.

Security and guard personnel and also work all day.

Surveillance cameras also work around the clock in the village.


About the Developer Palm Hills

Palm Hills Development and Real Estate Development Palm Hills developments is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt and has a leading name in the sky of the real estate field, as this company has been established since 2005 AD and it is implementing the most luxurious residential projects, and the huge works of Palm Hills in the urban field vary between residential, commercial and coastal in Egypt, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and therefore it owns 29 distinct integrated edifices, and this expansion took the company to be listed on the stock exchange Egypt, and also the London Stock Exchange with two trading symbols (PHDC.CA -PHDC. All of this comes to achieve its goal of becoming the best real estate developer in the field and the region while providing the highest standards in its projects and achieving a huge return on investment for customers.


The most important previous projects of Palm Hills Real Estate Company

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Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna Resort