Hacienda white North Coast

Own your unit now in the village of Hacienda White, North Coast. It is your coastal destination to spend happy and enjoyable times, whether with family or friends. Hacienda White is an integrated tourist haven that helps you feel luxury and distinction due to its inclusion of the largest group of recreational activities that suit all groups. Age.
Enjoy now by booking a distinctive unit within the village walls, while taking advantage of the latest competitive prices offered by Palm Hills Real Estate Investment Company, compared to the size of the features provided by the company in terms of basic, complementary and recreational services and facilities within Hacienda White, and the great diversity of residential units with their availability in multiple areas starting from 136 square meters. Square and up to 266 square meters.
Only 5% down payment, with a repayment period of 7 years and without interest.

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Project details Hacienda white North Coast

Hacienda White location 
Hacienda White Village is unique in its strategic location in the most lively areas of the North Coast city. The village is located at Kilometer 140 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, with a direct view of the wonderful Mediterranean coast. The developing company was keen to choose a location that is easy to reach through various roads. And the main axes, including New Fouka Road.
Because the location is one of the most important factors in the success of any project, and it is the first question that comes to the minds of customers, the developing company chose for the Hacienda to have a distinctive location in the middle of many important landmarks, in addition to its presence near various facilities and services that meet the needs of the residents.
Design of Hacienda White Coast Village
The green spaces and landscapes in Haisenda White Village occupied 80% of the project area, with the aim of giving a distinctive view to all residential units, and providing a feeling of comfort and calm for the residents so that they can enjoy a break from work life and responsibility.
The smallest percentage of the project area was allocated to constructing residential units, which ranged from chalets, twin houses, townhouses, and villas of different sizes to meet all the desires of Palm Hills Real Estate Company’s clients. The smallest area of residential units in the village started from 145 square meters and reached 261 square meters.
Palm Hills Real Estate Investment Company was keen to provide a distinctive and different set of aesthetic views, such as: artificial lakes and water fountains, while paying attention to the most important element of summer resorts. It provided a large number of swimming pools with different designs, spaces and depths to suit all age groups of residents of Hacienda White Village, North Coast.
The concept of creativity and sophistication is taking shape in Hacienda White Village. The village has given a reminder of a happy and guaranteed trip on every vacation you take. The village has been designed in a U shape with a distinctive view of a private sandy beach.
Hacienda White North Coast area
Hacienda White North Coast village extends over a vast area of 116 acres, which the developer was keen to allocate, in order to provide a lot of space between the residential units and each other. The area of the village has combined all the elements and capabilities that made it an integrated project. Everything the village residents need will find it inside. Its walls without having to leave it.
Unit types and sizes in Hacienda White Village
The area of chalets starts from 145 square meters up to 261 square meters.
The area of villas starts from 243 square meters.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time
Unit prices in Hacienda White
The developer company has set very reasonable selling prices to purchase the units of the compound, which will enrich you with its various services from leaving it, and its location will also give you the luxury of being in downtown Cairo within minutes while maintaining your peace of mind.
Payment and payment systems in the village of Hacienda White
Palm Hills Real Estate Investment and Development Company was keen to establish flexible payment systems with great facilities in the installment process for the Hacienda White project. These systems are as follows:
Only 5% down payment, with a repayment period of 7 years and without interest.
Pay a 10% down payment, then pay 5% as a second payment after 3 months, and a repayment period of 6 years.

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Hacienda white North Coast

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Hacienda White North Coast services and features
The advantages of Hacienda White North Coast Village are endless, as the project was not one of the first projects of Palm Hills Real Estate Company, but rather came after tremendous and continuous successes and extended with many years of experience. Learn now about some of the most important and best services implemented with high quality and workmanship in the resort as follows:
One of the basic services is contracting with the largest security and guarding companies to provide a complete feeling of security throughout the day.
Installing surveillance cameras at all entrances and exits of the gates of Hacienda White Village, North Coast.
Increased security and guarding in areas designated for children throughout the day.
Providing a distinctive group of water activities on the sandy beach of Hacienda White Village.
Gyms have been implemented with the latest advanced and modern equipment to maintain fitness during the holidays.
In the village of Hacienda White, North Coast, you will find a variety of green spaces, including gardens and parks, so you can sit in the arms of nature.
With dedicated paths for cycling and others for walking or jogging, completely away from cars.
Implementing large spaces allocated for parking with full 24-hour security for the cars of residents near Hacienda North Coast.
A large number of swimming pools of various designs and sizes, and are suitable for all ages of the village residents.
The village provides reservations for shops.
You can enjoy your meal in the finest restaurants that serve the most delicious international and local dishes. There are also many cafes where you can drink the most delicious drinks.
The resort includes a very wonderful tourist promenade.
Hacienda White Coast Village provides medical services at the highest level, represented by hospitals, clinics and medical centers that provide the best health care, in addition to the availability of a number of pharmacies spread within the village.
There are various sports fields for practicing various sports, including five-a-side football, golf, and squash.
Information about the real estate developer of the Hacienda White project
Palm Hills Real Estate Development and Investment Company guarantees that every individual will have access to a life of luxury and sophistication in its most beautiful forms. It does not offer residential and coastal projects, but rather offers an integrated community in all aspects, to provide a happy time filled with important and luxurious activities. It is a real estate company based on many years of experience and that is what has been shown. On how to implement the project.
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Hacienda white North Coast