company definition SRD Developments

SRD Real Estate Development Company presented the Abha October Compound in cooperation with Al-Maamoura Company in supervising the distinctive engineering and architectural designs of the Abha 6th of October project. The company was established in 2006 AD, which means it has a long experience of 17 years.
With long experience extending over a large period of time, the real estate company developed its first residential projects in 6th of October City, and was keen to choose a distinctive and lively geographical location because it is one of the most important factors that concerns individuals, as the project is located in Golden Square.
The uniqueness of the compound is the project’s size, which helped provide a distinctive set of the most important services and basic and subsidiary facilities, while providing a variety of unit sizes ranging from 168 up to 391 square meters.
Among the works of SRD Real Estate Company:
Abha October Compound.
Its supervision is 35% in Prime Avenue Compound.