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Own your unit now in Compound Abha October, the latest project of SRD Real Estate Development Company in 6th of October City, and the compound can be classified as one of the most luxurious new residential communities, as it provides a distinguished and high standard of living.

It has relied on the implementation of modern designs with a high degree of sophistication, in this article you will learn about the most prominent services and features provided by the new Abha October Compound, which makes it one of the best compounds in the west of Cairo to compete with residential complexes such as Palm Hills October Compound.

You can own your residential unit when you pay 20% of the unit value in advance, and pay the rest of the unit price in equal installments for 5 years.


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Project details Abha Compound

Location of Abha October Compound

Abha October Compound is strategically located in the heart of the vital area of the northern expansions in 6th of October City "Golden Square", as it is located near the main roads and freeway, which makes the compound a great investment opportunity for those wishing to own a residential unit in a calm and vital place at the same time.


Nearby and adjacent places to Abha October Compound

Abha October Compound is only 5 minutes away from the 26th of July Central Corridor and Alexandria Desert Road.

Compound Abha October is also two minutes away from the Dahshur link freeway.

Abha October Compound is 38 km from the center of the country.

Compound Abha October is located next to Grand Heights and behind Green 5.

It is a few minutes away from the Shooting Club and Mall of Arabia, and 4 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City, and the Beverly Hill project.


The space of Abha October Compound

The area of Abha October Compound is about 12 acres, and 25% of the total project area has been allocated to residential buildings, while green spaces, water bodies, and service facilities occupied 75% of the compound area.

SRD Real Estate, the owner of the compound, offered a variety of units between standalone apartments, villas, and penthouses with luxurious designs and many spaces that meet the needs of customers and suit their own tastes, it should be noted that the number of residential buildings in Abha October Compound is 42 buildings, each of which contains two, any villa of different sizes.

The space of the compound units in Abha October

It ranges between 272 square meters, 298 square meters, 381 square meters, and 391 square meters, and the total number of units is expected to reach 168 housing units, and the types of units are as follows:

The first type: Duplicate apartments: the spaces of repeated apartments start from 149 square meters.

The second type: villas: the areas of the i-villa units range from 272 square meters up to 391 square meters.

Third type: penthouses: the spaces of this type of units start from 177 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Abha October Compound

The developer offered the residential units of Abha October Compound to customers with a distinctive package of competitive prices, which works to attract a very large segment of customers


Payment Systems in Abha Compound 6 October

SRD Real Estate Company has provided many unit-owning systems in Compound Abha October, in an effort to provide contracting and payment methods that suit all categories of customers. The payment systems are as follows:

The first system:

You can own your residential unit when you pay 20% of the unit value in advance, and pay the rest of the unit price in equal installments for 5 years.

Second System:

When you pay a 30% down payment of the total value of the unit you have chosen, and you can pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years

Third System:

You can pay the value of the unit you chose in equal installments for a period of up to 10 years, when you pay 35% of the unit value in advance, and you can pay the down payment twice, the first payment upon contracting and the second payment after 3 months of contracting, and the installment payment begins after 6 months.

The units are delivered fully finished, as well as facades, roads, and preparing green spaces, and you can receive your unit immediately after only 6 months of contracting.


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Abha Compound

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Services and features in Abha October Compound

SRD Real Estate Company was keen to create a distinguished and integrated residential community that meets all the needs and aspirations of customers of all categories.

Therefore, the Abha October project was designed according to the latest international architectural standards, providing the privacy and lifestyle you desire.

Abha October Compound guarantees the provision of many basic services and integrated vital and recreational facilities, including service facilities, medical, educational, and commercial services, and the most prominent of these services and features are the following:

In Compound Abha October, there are many green spaces and water bodies interspersed with residential units.

The compound gives you a distinctive view, in addition to that, there is a large swimming pool, and a private entertainment area for children.

Abha October Compound includes a distinctive commercial area that contains a luxury commercial mall with shops that provide the most famous international brands.

In addition to the above services, the compound has a famous café and restaurant area.

Within the compound, there are many service, recreational, and educational facilities.

On top of the services and features is a large mosque for prayer, and international schools.

The residential buildings also have high-speed electric elevators.

The company that owns the Abha October Compound project was keen on security and privacy factors, as there is a guard team working around the clock, surveillance cameras, electronic gates that operate with the card system, and private garages.


The Owner Company of Abha October Compound

SRD Real Estate Development and Al Mamoura supervised the design and implementation of Compound Abha October equally each 50%, SRD supervises the architectural and design part of the compound, while Al Mamoura is responsible for the marketing and business part.

SRD urban projects are characterized by having many societal elements that provide an ideal standard of living for their customers, and the company is keen to provide a residential community with integrated services and facilities, and it also chooses the best vital areas.

SRD Real Estate Development Company was established in 2006, and it has proven its worth in the Egyptian real estate market, and the Sup Buildings project in Al-Ahram Gardens comes at the top of its achievements.

It also supervised by 35% the implementation of Prime Avenue Compound in October Gardens, and the Abha October project is the latest project of SRD Urban Development.

Engineer Hussein Sabbour has been selected to be the engineering consultant for the project.


Abha Compound