company definition Sephora Heights Real Estate Development Company

Sephora Heights Real Estate Development Company has undertaken many giant real estate projects through which it has demonstrated its extensive experience in this field. It has chosen strategic locations for all of its work, in addition to its cooperation with the best designers in the world in order to produce distinctive projects with dazzling, unparalleled designs.
Sephora Heights Compound is its newest real estate project
The most prominent previous real estate projects of Sephora include:
Baron Style Tower.
Cyrus Tower in Nasr City.
Garden View Fifth Settlement project
The Ninth District in Nasr City has witnessed many real estate projects, including: Al-Fayrouz Palace, Al-Manara Palace, Media Tower, Al-Gawhara Palace, Al-Masria Palace 1, Al-Masria Palace 2, the Ninth Panorama Tower, the Royal Project, Porto 1, and Porto 2.
The company's previous projects in the Fifth Settlement
Cleopatra Palace project.
Stone Street, Fifth Settlement.
Azzar Compound, Fifth Settlement.
Heartwork Assembly Project.