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Own your unit in Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement, as it has provided distinctive architectural designs that combine sophistication and luxury for those with high taste.
The company chose a wonderful location in the heart of New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement area, and provided many services and various features in order to become a residential community with integrated services and corners, and this diversity serves the huge area of the project.
Sephora Heights Compound, which attracts a large number of customers and investors looking for distinctive units in high-end places that achieve safe investment and guaranteed gain, and offers all these advantages with a great competitive price package and flexible payment methods.
Pay the contract payment of 10%, with the possibility of paying the rest of the unit value in installments up to 8 years.


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Project details sephora hights developments new cairo

Location of Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement
Sephora Heights Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square of the Fifth Settlement, only 3 minutes away from 90th Street, in addition to its proximity to the American University and the Southern Investors Area.
Behind Sephora Heights Compound, there are Katameya Gardens Compound, Katameya Dunes, and on the front facing it, there are many distinguished compounds, including the following:
Akoya Compound.
Engineers Syndicate Compound.
Highland Park Compound.
Mountain View Compound.
Emaar Company.
Mivida Compound.
The presence of all these compounds in the same location as Sephora Heights Fifth Settlement ensures the provision of more services, since it is a populated area, increases its vitality, provides more security, and facilitates transportation from one place to another, especially with the availability of various transportation.
Design of Sephora Heights Fifth Settlement
Sephora Heights Compound has a wonderful exterior design that is very distinct and beautiful, and the green spaces scattered in it increase the beauty of the design, as it makes the picturesque landscapes completely overwhelm it.
Those in charge of designing the Sephora Heights Fifth Settlement project were keen to make optimal use of the interior spaces of the apartments, and this is one of the additional advantages that the project design enjoys.
The designs of the project are comparable to the latest and finest international designs and finishes, as they are characterized by luxury, splendor and creativity, and therefore draw attention to them as soon as you see them.
Apartment Areas in Sephora Heights Compound
The areas of the units of Sephora Heights Compound vary from one unit to another for apartments, the minimum space starts from 147 square meters to 238 square meters, and the designs of the buildings within the compound vary, and there are ground units with a garden and others without.
The building within the project consists of a basement, a ground floor, topped by 3 repeated floors, a roof, while the apartment includes three bedrooms, 2 or 3 reception pieces that vary according to the area, 2 or 3 bathrooms, in addition to the kitchen and terrace, the customer can receive his semi-finished unit where there is a section dedicated to finishes.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.
Prices of Sephora Heights New Cairo project
The executing company of the Sephora Heights project was keen to provide suitable and reasonable prices to customers and people wishing to buy units within the compound, as the prices were completely ideal for various social groups.
It not only offered high-quality buildings, but also offered them at reasonable prices, as the prices of units built on an area of 190 square meters within the compound start from 3,500,000 EGP only.
Many companies are unable to follow the same approach as Sephora Heights Compound, especially with the depreciation of the local currency when compared to investing in real estate during the same period of time, in addition to the high prices of the dollar and materials necessary for construction.
The company's self-financing, which is completely away from loans and bank interest, helped it reach a successful and distinguished way to offer the various units at reasonable prices that do not pose any pressure on the buyer, starting from paying the down payment to completing the payment process.
Reservation and installment systems in Sephora Compound Fifth Settlement
Customers wishing to buy units within Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement can reserve their units without paying interest or any currencies because their dealings are with the owner directly, and the payment plan offered in Sephora Heights Compound is as follows:
Pay the contract payment of 10%, with the possibility of paying the rest of the unit value in installments up to 8 years.

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sephora hights developments new cairo

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Services Available in Sephora Heights Compound Fifth Settlement
There are many services and features available within Sephora Heights Compound that interest most, if not all, customers, and the most important feature within the Sephora Fifth Settlement project is the integration of its services and features.
Sephora Heights Compound also has various social, sports, and health clubs, swimming pools, a walking track, a large commercial mall, in addition to a private garage.
Each building of Sephora Heights Compound was provided with an elevator, as well as a central cable tv, and the most prominent of those features and services provided by the Sephora Heights Fifth Settlement project to its customers are the following:
The distinctive strategic location of the compound made it close to the American University as well as one of the most prestigious streets, Teseen Street, which is characterized by vitality with many important buildings and landmarks in it such as universities and schools, in addition to commercial malls, as well as recreational and administrative.
Offering competitive and suitable prices for all customers, as the unit price includes all services and benefits provided, without any other additional expenses.
The customer will not need to wait many years to receive his unit, but he can receive it immediately because it is already built and he has the full opportunity to choose it freely, and he can start finishing it within one year.
Providing distinguished services, including: swimming pools, one of which is allocated for women only and is covered, in addition to a complex of sports fields, a commercial mall, a health club that includes a gym, jacuzzi, spa, and sauna, as well as a walking track, as well as a social building.
Providing security and guarding services at the highest level, throughout the day, which helps maintain the safety and security of those in Sephora Heights Compound.
Sephora Heights Compound includes a complex of sports fields, which provides the opportunity for the residents of the compound to practice various sports and spend a good time.
Establishing a large commercial mall, which facilitates the shopping process, especially with the availability of all the supplies and purposes needed by the residents of the compound.
The presence of three swimming pools, with one of them covered for women only, so that they can spend quality time while maintaining their privacy at the same time.
Providing a fully equipped health club with all the supplies and equipment of a gym, spa, jacuzzi, and sauna, which is available to all residents of the compound.
A track dedicated to walking, which encourages the residents of the compound to practice simple healthy walking in the open air.
A social building, fully equipped with all the necessary requirements to provide the best service to its visitors and the residents of Sephora Heights Compound, Fifth Settlement.
Each building is equipped with its own elevator, which facilitates the transition from one floor to another.
Providing each building with a private parking lot, which facilitates parking and prevents overcrowding.
Sephora heights surround the assembly with a high wall with 24-hour security and guarding services.
The units' spaces vary from 141 meters to 222 meters, and therefore multiple options are available to customers.
All these services and advantages available within the project made it compete with the largest and most luxurious other compounds, not only in the Fifth Settlement, but also outside it.
The Real Estate Developer of Sephora Fifth Settlement
Sephora Heights Real Estate Development Company has carried out many giant real estate projects through which it has shown its extensive experience in this field, as it has chosen strategic locations for all its work, in addition to its cooperation with the best designers in the world in order to produce distinctive projects with impressive designs like no other.
Sephora Heights Compound is its latest real estate project
The most prominent previous real estate projects of Sephora are the following:
Baron Style Tower.
Qures Tower in Nasr City.
Garden View Fifth Settlement project.
The ninth area of Nasr City witnessed many real estate projects, including Turquoise Palace, Manara Palace, I'lam Tower, El Jawhara Palace, Egyptian Palace 1, Egyptian Palace 2, Panorama Ninth Tower, Royal Project, Porto 1, Porto 2.
The company's previous projects in the Fifth Settlement
Cleopatra Palace Project.
Stone Street Fifth Settlement.
Azzar Compound, Fifth Settlement.
Heartwork project assembly.

sephora hights developments new cairo