company definition New Plan Developments

New Plan Real Estate Investment and Development Company is one of the largest companies that have a strong presence in the huge Egyptian real estate market. This is due to the huge projects that it was keen to launch with a distinct and unique imprint that attracts all eyes to it, which puts it in a distinguished position.
Where this ancient company was able to achieve impressive and unprecedented success in real estate development, thanks to its possession of a special and unique perspective that keeps pace with the rapid and contemporary global development around it with its constant interest in providing an advanced lifestyle in order to create distinguished communities with the latest international technologies that would facilitate Customers and providing them with housing that keeps pace with development in the future and makes them feel distinguished over time, which is reflected in their satisfaction. For the sake of this integration, it has invested a huge amount of more than about 500 million for projects located in an area of ​​more than 500 acres.
The company also puts the comfort of its customers in the first place, which it places before its eyes during the launch of all stages of its various projects in various urban fields, whether commercial or luxury residential, which made it achieve an unprecedented percentage of sales, which increased its position in this huge field not only Ali Egyptian territories, but also in the Middle East, and made it possess a huge segment of customers with high levels of confidence, their number exceeded about 5,000 customers with high levels of satisfaction due to the company’s keenness to consolidate relations with its customers in the long term.
Mission and vision of Neoplan Real Estate Development and Investment Company
New Plan Real Estate Investment and Development Company has a long list of visions and goals that helped it ascend that leading position among the rest of the companies in the huge real estate market, which it was keen to follow and follow while adhering to it throughout its existence since its establishment, which helped it to advance strongly It is extremely fast and is represented in the following points:
Providing world-class services with the latest technology and the largest possible integration.
It puts customer satisfaction and comfort at the top of its priority list.
Commitment to providing the highest standards in all stages, from construction to the harmonious interior and exterior designs of buildings.
It also works to provide the best systems for the convenience of customers and to remove any obstacle that might stand in the way of their ownership.
In addition to being keen to meet all the requirements of the Egyptian real estate market.
Where the most prominent of these major companies and entities contributing from the Saudi side are as follows:
Al-Rashed contracting company for Saudi Arabia.
And also Al Khalil construction company, which is a cooperation between the Egyptian and Saudi side with its subsidiaries.
Also coming from the UAE side are the largest diversified companies, such as:
Global Overseas maritime LTD
Diamond Oasis Diamond Oasis General Trading L.L.C Dubai
Pioneer Egypt Shipping agencies
And also Al Ashrafia Holiday Home & it`s subsidiaries
The most prominent projects of Neoplan Real Estate Development and Investment Company
New Plan Developments is distinguished by its possession of a long list of huge projects in various commercial fields, especially real estate, which it was keen to establish in the most strategic geographical locations that attract investments, in order to place its customers and owners in these projects close to the most important vital landmarks and also The main roads that will facilitate their movement without the presence of any obstacles or delays in the way, which will increase their levels of satis