company definition Nakheel Developments

Nakheel Developments is one of the largest companies in the huge Egyptian real estate market
As it is considered one of the leading companies in this field of real estate and has made it a good reputation that everyone talks about in the real estate market,
It also has a huge experience of more than 15 years, with which it has achieved many huge projects with a percentage of investments and sales that exceeded the limits
These successes come under the wise leadership of the company, which is represented in:
Engineer / Emad Al-Tabbakh, who owns the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Nakheel Company
And also the engineer / Majed Al-Tabbakh in the position of general manager of the company
Characteristics and objectives of the company
The company aims to be the ideal choice for investors, not only in the Egyptian lands, but also the whole Middle East
Providing the best projects with high quality in the materials used for construction and also the foundations
It is also keen to provide one of the best and most services and activities in its projects to obtain more customer satisfaction
And also achieving customer and investor comfort is the biggest goal of the real estate company
As for this, it provides many monetary facilities to remove any obstacles in front of them
In addition, it launches projects with a wide variety of spaces and prices in order to meet all the capabilities of those wishing to contract with them
Choosing the best modern international designs and luxurious decorations that reflect the sophistication that all clients deserve in residence
In 2017, Nakheel Development was keen to contribute to the national urban development initiative and investment in the Egyptian market.
In addition to the company obtaining an abundant balance of international expertise, and this comes through the establishment of innovative projects that provide outstanding value to all its customers
The company's vision is to create diverse communities and mixed-use buildings in order to meet all customer needs
Her extensive experience in construction and development in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai
Also, real estate sales and its success made it a leading investment company
The main business of the company
The company was keen to launch a group of huge projects in the best and most important vital spots, as well as the main roads at the level of the Egyptian Republic, in order to put investors close to all the places they want and facilitate their movement without any obstacles that they may face.
These projects are represented in the following points:
Nakheel Real Estate Development Company announced the Double Two Tower project
Which is located in the New Administrative Capital, which is the best investment spot at the present time on the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt and also the Middle East, specifically in the Green River area and the iconic tower, which is the most famous and tallest in the continent of Africa.
It also launched the Trio project in the commercial Trio V Tower New Capital in the Administrative Capital
The name TRIO V refers to the best feature in the project, which is the distinguished strategic location in the word “TRIO” which means three and V which refers to three destinations (Views).
It also announced the launch of many high-end compounds with a variety of residential homes, which exceeded the number of 20 compounds, designed on the most luxurious and largest spaces and designs.