Double Two Tower New Capital Administration

The strongest investment in the central business district, CBD, the administrative capital
  In the best strategic location in the Central Business District, with a direct view of the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa, the Green River, and next to the monorail station
Book your unit now with a 5% down payment and equal installments up to 12 years, and benefit from EOI's discounts. Reservations open up to 20% for a limited time.
The best prices in the central business district
The commercial meter price starts from 115,000 pounds before the discount, after the 20% discount (92,000 pounds).
The price of the administrative meter starts from 36,000 pounds, after a 15% discount (30,600 pounds).
The hotel meter price starts from 38,000 pounds after a 10% discount (34,200 pounds)


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Project details Double Two Tower New Capital Administration

The location of Double Two Towers Mall, New Administrative Capital
Choosing a distinguished and upscale location is the first step in the success of investment projects. Hence, Al Nakheel Real Estate Company chose the following location for Double Two Towers Mall:
The “CBD” area known as the “Central Business District”.
Plot “CN-22”, which is characterized by its vitality and brilliance in the areas of the New Administrative Capital.
Areas close to Double Two Towers Mall, the New Administrative Capital
Due to the wonderful strategic location in which the Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital, was constructed, it is close to all of the following:
It is less than 500 meters away from the Central Monorail Station.
It is about 2 km from the “Sports City”.
It is located near the “City of Arts and Culture”, less than 2 km away.
Luxurious and direct view of the “iconic tower”, less than 700 meters away.
Double Two Towers Mall is located close to the “Knowledge City”, about 2 km away.
Very close to the Ministries District.
The total area of the Double Two Tower project
Al Nakheel Real Estate Company has allocated an area of 9,000 square meters for the establishment of its distinguished project, Double Two Towers, the Administrative Capital, and has divided it as follows:
Two towers with European glass facades connected by an elegant walkway.
Each tower contains a ground floor, followed by 22 floors.
The parking garage has been established under each tower, consisting of four underground floors.
The building area does not exceed 45% of the total project area.
Distribution of the remaining area to green spaces and water bodies.
Units spaces in Double Two Towers Mall
Double Two Towers Mall is divided into units of various purposes, as it includes commercial units, administrative offices, and hotel units, with areas ranging according to the following:
Commercial units within the Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital, are available with spaces starting from 30 square meters.
While the administrative offices, their space starts from 35 square meters.
As for the hotel units, their space starts from 50 square meters.
Services of the Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital
The services of the Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital, are not limited to basic services only, but also provide its distinguished customers with many entertainment services, and we list these advantages in detail within the following points:
Distributing security personnel throughout the Double Two Tower to protect its residents 24 hours a day.
Providing cameras to monitor the mall from inside and outside to ensure maximum security.
Providing the mall with a solar energy system to protect customers from pollution.
Establishing an integrated underground car park to prevent crowding, and it is monitored throughout the day, and it also allows the customer to clean the car.
Allocating places for smokers and others for drinking.
There are “ATM” machines to conduct banking operations through them, whether withdrawals, deposits or inquiries.
“Opened Plaza” residence inside the Double Two Towers mall.
Establishing reception halls with superior service.
Installing electric elevators with a charming panorama.
Allocating escalators for each floor of the Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital, to facilitate movement inside the mall up and down.
Distributing green areas throughout the Double Two Tower Mall, internally and externally, for an attractive and relaxing look.
Dancing fountains, crystal lagoons, and impressive landscape divisions.
The mall with all its units operates with a smart lighting system to preserve the health of the eyes.
Providing periodic maintenance as well as periodic cleaning service and sterilization of units.
Allocating an integrated area equipped with the most famous restaurants and cafes to provide delicious meals and drinks to customers and visitors.
Providing the units with the “central digital” service.
Establishing a fire protection system to protect the building and its units.
Providing central air conditioning for all units.
The entire Double Two Towers Mall operates with an electronic gate system.
It contains multi-depth swimming pools for adults and children.
Kids Area is there to keep the kids entertained.

Reservation and installment systems for Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital
After Al-Nakheel Real Estate Company investigated the payment systems of major real estate development companies within the New Administrative Capital, it decided to present unparalleled offers to attract the largest possible number of customers, as it facilitated payment as follows:
The customer pays 5% of the total unit price, then pays the rest in equal installments over 5 years.
The possibility of paying a 10% down payment for the reservation and the rest in equal installments for a period of 6 years.
Pay a 15% down payment to reserve the units of Double Two Towers Mall, the Administrative Capital, with the rest of the amount paid over 7 years.
Paying 20% of the unit price and completing the installments over 8 years.
It is also possible to pay 25% of the price of the Double Two Towers mall units, and pay the rest over a period of 9 years.
Or reserve the unit at a value of 30% of the total and complete equal installments over 10 years.
You can pay 40% of the unit price and get the longest repayment period of 12 years.
Pay the value of 40%, then pay 15% upon receipt of the unit, and complete the payments over 3 and a half years.
Pay the unit price in cash and get an immediate and real discount of 40%.
No additional value is added as interest to the price of the units, regardless of the length of the installment payment period.