company definition Mazaya Developments

Mazaya Developments is one of the well-known companies in the real estate market. It began making its way 11 years ago, and during that period it was able to carve a strong name for itself and become a distinctive brand in the field of real estate development. Mazaya is distinguished by being one of the companies that loves organization and dedication. In submitting projects and adhering to delivery dates, this is due to the wise leadership of Engineer Mohamed Allam.
The innovations provided by Mazaya Developments do not stop, and this is achieved by offering important projects in the most vital areas, taking into account the needs of the market and the requirements of customers and investors. The company has a distinguished group of architects and civil engineers, as well as technicians with experience extending over many years, and this has contributed Factors in becoming one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.
Mazaya Developments Partners
One of the most important things that Mazaya Real Estate Development Company took into consideration was establishing partnerships, which it implemented with the utmost precision and creativity. It entered into a partnership with the French company GSSI as an engineering consultant for the projects, and Archreat, which is responsible for designing the projects. It also entered into a partnership with GEIS in the field of solar energy. , Property & Facility Company is in operation, and the company's innovations are still continuing.
Mazaya Company projects
Gemini Towers New Capital
The Rook Mall New Capital
Other projects of Mazaya Company:
Developing 3 projects in the New Lotus neighborhood.
Implementing 5 residential projects in the Gardenia Heights area.
Construction of 4 villas in the Kronfol area in New Cairo.
Developing 8 projects in the Andalusia region next to the American University.
Implementing 11 residential projects in the Al-Watan neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement.
Supervision and implementation of Mazaya Plaza Compound in Fifth Settlement.