Mall The Rock New Capital

Own now in The Rock Mall New Capital project, as the most important projects of Mazaya Real Estate Development Company are in the strongest and most important location in the Administrative Capital, Downtown. It is an administrative commercial mall with large spaces and international designs, and it extends over an area of 100,000 square metres.

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Project details Mall The Rock New Capital

Mall The Rock New Administrative Capital

Invest in the content with a mandatory three-party contract for the first time and in the heart of Downtown in the New Administrative Capital.

It has an open view facing a street with a width of 70 square meters, and the rest of the building overlooks the largest gardens in Downtown.


Location of The Rock Mall, Administrative Capital

The Rock Mall, the New Administrative Capital, is located in the most prestigious location in the Administrative Capital, specifically in the heart of Downtown. It is surrounded by all services, in addition to enjoying an open view, with its facade overlooking a street 70 square meters wide.

 The rest of the building overlooks the largest parks in the city center, and a 70-meter-long street that connects the entrance to the government district with the entrance to the city center. It is located on the northern Bin Zayed freeway, which makes it easy for you to move to and from the mall in record time.



Areas near The Rock Mall, The New Capital

It is close to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and pharmaceutical companies.

The Rock Mazaya Mall is about half an hour away from the Administrative Capital Airport.

The mall is also located next to other distinctive malls and projects in the Administrative Capital, such as Capital Park Tower and Canyon Tower.

The Rock Mall, the Administrative Capital, is close to Al Masa Hotel.

The Rock Mall is located a short distance from the monorail station, which makes it easy to move around and get to.

The Rook New Capital is close to the Green River, ensuring a stunning landscape.


Space and design of The Rock Mall, Administrative Capital

The Rock Mall, the New Administrative Capital, was developed on a huge area of about 100,000 square meters, which is a huge area that can contain the features and specifications that play a role in the success of your investment activity, whether commercial or administrative.

The mall is distinguished by its distinctive division, with the largest area dedicated to basic and entertainment services and facilities, in addition to the presence of a massive green cover that provides a great deal of recreation and enjoyment, while the rest of the space is allocated to the various units.

As for the design, the developer company hired the most famous design and engineering experts to develop the project designs, which were in a modern style that reflects luxury and sophistication. The mall was designed in the shape of the letter L, and all its units enjoy charming views of the gardens and green spaces. The mall consists of:

The mall includes commercial and administrative units.

The Rock Mall in the Administrative Capital consists of a ground floor + 12 floors.

The mall contains 60 commercial units and more than 25 brands.


Unit types and sizes in The Rock Mall, the capital

There are many different units available in The Rook New Capital Mall, and these units are distinguished by their different types and varied areas, so that every investor can choose the unit that suits his project and contributes to the success of this activity, whatever its type. The units in the mall are as follows:

Commercial units: The areas of commercial units in the mall start from 34 square metres.

Administrative units: While the administrative units in The Rock Mall start from 34 square meters.

Co-Working Spaces: The areas of these units start from 17 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time



Prices of The Rock Mall, New Administrative Capital

Mazaya Real Estate Development Company has provided many diverse units of different sizes in its new project, The Rock Mall. These units are distinguished by their unique designs that attract customers to them. The most important thing that distinguishes these units is that they came at very amazing prices that cannot be competed with other prices, as they are very affordable, and they came as follows:

The price of units within The Rock New Capital project starts from 3,500,000 Egyptian pounds.



Payment systems in The Rock Mall, Administrative Capital

The units in The Rook New Capital Mall were provided with payment systems that enjoyed a lot of flexibility and convenience in order to facilitate the purchasing process for investors. These systems varied until they came as follows:

You can pay 5% down payment, and pay the rest in equal installments over a period of 5 years.

You can also pay 10% of the total value of the unit, and pay the rest in equal installments over a period of 8 years.

You can pay 15% as a down payment, and the rest of the value is paid in equal installments over a period of up to 10 years.

Specific penalty conditions have been set to ensure the operation of units for customers even during the installment period, and this includes collective work units as well.


Mall The Rock New Capital

Services and facilities of The Rock Mall, Administrative Capital

There are many wonderful services provided by Mazaya Real Estate Development Company at The Rook New Capital Mall, and these services play a major role in the importance of the mall, as they contribute to meeting the needs of customers and visitors and providing them with enjoyable and happy times. The services are divided between entertainment services and basic services. , which came as follows:

The Rock Mall contains many restaurants and cafes that offer the best international and local dishes in addition to various drinks.

Offices are available for access from the commercial area of The Rook New Capital Mall.

Electronic gates are available at the highest level to provide security and safety for all customers and visitors.

Within The Rock Capital, a firefighting system is provided at the highest level for greater safety and security.

First aid is available throughout the day to maintain the health and safety of visitors.

The walls of the building are completely covered with noise-insulating materials, ideal for preserving the environment.

The entire building of The Rook New Capital operates with central air conditioning and high-speed internet.

The mall has an integrated sterilization system for all the various units in The Rock Mall, the New Administrative Capital.

High-speed internet service for all units of The Rook New Capital Mall.

Advanced emergency response systems are available to secure project owners and respond quickly in emergency situations.

The Rock Capital Mall contains a large garage that can accommodate a huge number of cars to prevent congestion and distort the exterior appearance of the mall.

The mall includes a designated area that includes the most famous restaurants and cafes that serve delicious meals.

Relying heavily on solar energy to supply all units with electricity.

There are designated places for customers and visitors to wait in what is called the food court or rest area for customers and visitors.

The Rock Mall includes high-speed panoramic elevators that show you all the distinguished features and services contained in the project.

There are many escalators available in The Rook New Capital, distributed geometrically within the mall to facilitate transportation and movement.

The Rock Mall contains green spaces distributed geometrically within the project, which gives a touch of charming natural beauty to the project.

The Rook New Capital Mall provides 24-hour security and guarding services, in addition to surveillance cameras distributed to monitor all movements throughout the day within the project.


Advantages of investing in The Rock Mall, the Administrative Capital

The Rock Mall includes many features that make it your first unbeatable destination. Features that make investing in The Rock Administrative Capital safe and secure, through:

The important and vital location in the heart of Downtown, which enjoys great vitality, makes the mall receive thousands of visitors every day.

The large area on which the project is located, which included all the elements and capabilities that made it an integrated project.

The variety of units within The Rock Mall ranges between commercial and administrative with different sizes.

An abundance of basic and recreational facilities and services to meet various customer needs.

The mall was offered at ideal prices to suit various categories, with a distinct package of flexible and easy payment systems.


The real estate developer of The Rock Mall, the Administrative Capital

The Rook New Capital Mall was developed by Mazaya Real Estate Development Company, a company rich in profile. It has been able to build a name for itself for nearly eleven years, and it is no wonder that the company has a distinguished elite of architects and civil engineers, as well as technicians who have years of experience.

During the implementation of The Rock project, the company was keen to contract with many leading companies in this field, such as the French company CSSI as an executive engineering consultant for the project, which worked with the armed forces on the Galala Project, the tanker terminal, the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and the naval base in Port Said.

Archreat, the company responsible for designing the project, was also contracted, as was the French company GEIS, which worked to provide clean solar energy in The Rock Mall in the capital and has previous work at the French Embassy.

Some French schools, buildings and companies, and Property & Facility is the company responsible for operating the project.


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Implementing eleven residential projects in the Al-Watan neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement.

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Because we are always keen to meet your real estate needs with distinctive residential, commercial and administrative units that suit you, we provide our real estate consultations free of charge to you and around the clock, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time.