company definition Gates Developments

Gates Development, executing the Catalan New Capital project, is a new vision for the concept of the real estate market in Egypt and abroad by providing luxury residential units and communities in addition to luxury, and all basic facilities and services that take you to a completely new life experience and a different world designed by Special, Catalan, the new administrative capital, a compound in which Gates sought to combine modern heritage with some ancient heritage in its designs, which makes you feel different and distinguished. Gates Company is one of the major real estate development companies who were able to make a significant difference in everything that is different and unconventional It was implemented for the Catalan project, the new administrative capital, and the company was established in 2018, and they have good experience and reputation in the field of real estate.
Gates Real Estate Company is also a subsidiary of United Arab Developers, which was established in 1996.
She also has a great experience that extends for more than 25 years, as the company has a large number of heads.
Who have extensive experience in the field of real estate development and investment in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Gates Developments also owns many huge successful properties inside and outside Egypt.
The Gates Developments shareholders have created the entire value chain.
Starting from the idea of development, financing, marketing, sales and also providing customer service.
Our marketing department also targets individuals as well as investors and participates in all development processes since its inception.
Gates Development and Real Estate Investment Company
Gates Real Estate is one of the strongest real estate developers in the New Administrative Capital City, as it is one of the (Gates Holding) companies. It also owns several companies and factories since 1974 in the real estate market, the most important of which are the following:
The Arab Stone factory is one of the largest marble and granite factories in Egypt because it is one of the largest exporters of marble and granite in the Republic. More than 1000 projects have been implemented inside and outside Egypt and it is considered one of the largest projects in the country through the production of this factory.
  (Al Esraa) company, which was established in 1995 in the real estate market, and is one of the companies that trade in building and construction materials, which are iron and cement. Al Esraa Company also owns approximately 26 stores at the level of the governorates of Egypt, and also owns two factories for the production of concrete Precast, cement and interlock products.
The company (United Arab Developments) is considered one of the largest real estate development and investment companies, established in 1994, and has developed more than 250,000 residential meters and 80,000 commercial meters in many different areas such as (Dokki, The Settlement, Mohandessin, Haram, October, Sheikh Zayed) and reaches The volume of investments is more than 3,302,000,000.
  Factory (Taqa) This factory was built in order to manufacture high-quality electrical cables. It is accredited by the National Center for Housing and Building Research and was able to obtain 8 ISO certificates with 80% of its production. It is also supplied to the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the Urban Communities Authority New, in addition to the projects of the new administrative capital city.
Vision of Gates Real Estate Development Company
Our company works to develop and commit to achieving our own vision by working to provide high-quality and innovative residential and commercial projects to our customers.
We can fully meet their expectations in the Egyptian real estate market, and we also aim to create a new active and positive work environment.