West Gate Mall Business Hub

Invest in the Mall West Gate Business Hub October project, a wonderful investment opportunity for customers looking for immediate receipt and inspection of units in person without waiting for years, as Gates Real Estate launched it in an excellent location in the heart of 6th of October to be the most famous mall there during the coming period. The mall's good prices and diverse spaces will also play a major role in attracting customers to it.

Pay a 10% reservation deposit with an installment period of up to 5 years.



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Project details West Gate Mall Business Hub

West Gate Mall location

West Gate Business Complex's presence on October 6 is enough; The winning horse in the new cities now and the most prestigious areas of Egypt to attract customers to it, and given Gates’ pursuit of excellence, it was keen to build the West Gate Business Hub in the heart of October, minutes away from its most famous entertainment, health, residential and even educational landmarks, so that the influx to the West Gate Business Hub October is continuous and includes all categories.


Places near West Gate Mall

West Gate Business Mall is located directly on the 26th of July Corridor.

The West Gate Business Hub project is located minutes away from Wadi Degla Sports Club and 6th of October Club.

West Gate Business Hub is also a short distance away from 6th of October Hospital.

The presence of the West Gate Business Hub project near the Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt ensures that many visitors flock to it.

West Gate Mall is close to 6th of October University.

West Gate Mall is adjacent to many important projects such as Ever West Compound and Park Yard Mall.


Design of West Gate Mall project

West Gate Mall has a modern and innovative design that maintains the privacy and tranquility necessary for administrative office work, and the vitality and movement required for being in shops and restaurants, with a simple design that allows the greatest amount of sunlight to pass through the mall to enhance production capacity, with a large percentage of green spaces to add comfort and tranquility to the mall. West Gate 6 October Mall consists of 2 basements + ground floor + two floors.


Unit space in West Gate 6 October

West Gate Mall extends over a large area of up to 4 acres, and the West Gate Business Hub project includes more than 208 units of different sizes. It is a commercial, administrative, and medical mall, with various spaces that meet all needs. The details of the spaces within the West Gate Business Complex are as follows:

Office space in West Gate Business Complex starts from 73 square metres.

As for the clinics at West Gate Business October, their area starts from 43 square meters.

While the area of West Gate Mall stores starts from 23 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


West Gate Mall prices October 6, 2023

Gates Real Estate was keen to make West Gate 6th of October Mall an ideal investment opportunity, so it offered it at selling prices that suit most customers, and are also compatible with what West Gate Business Hub offers in terms of a lively location, diverse spaces, and integrated services.


Installment methods at West Gate Mall

Payment systems will contribute to increasing the demand of customers and investors for West Gate Mall 6 October, especially with its immediate operation, as you will be able to pay the installment easily by achieving immediate investment returns. You will not feel any trouble from the West Gate Business Hub installments.

The West Gate Business Mall installment system starts from paying a 10% reservation deposit with a payment period of up to 5 years.


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 West Gate Mall Business Hub

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West Gate Business October facilities and services

West Gate Mall offers many distinguished services for every activity within it so that every investor feels comfortable and calm inside the unit, and so that he can perform his work to the best of his ability. The clinics have entrances, elevators, and special places for waiting for patients, and the offices have garages to accommodate employee cars and a coffee corner, with special elevators for transporting goods inside the shops.

The immediate operation of West Gate Business Mall also contributed to attracting many major brands, such as the Fathallah hypermarket chain located on the ground floor of West Gate Business Complex Mall, and of course this will contribute to attracting more visitors to the mall and enhancing its marketing value. Here we have more information about West Gate Mall 6 October services:

Visitors to West Gate Business Mall will find many cafes and restaurants serving delicious food.

West Gate Business Complex also provides 24-hour security, guarding and surveillance cameras.

West Gate Mall's garage accommodates a large number of cars to serve investors and visitors.

To complete all work easily, there is high-speed internet in West Gate Mall.

And of course, you will find central air conditioning in West Gate Business Complex.

West Gate Business Complex units will also enjoy views of green spaces and landscape.

West Gate Business Hub has smart facility systems such as alarms, lighting.

In case of emergencies, West Gate Business October provides electricity generators.

As for ATM machines, they are spread throughout West Gate Mall, 6 October.

To make West Gate Mall an ideal outing for the family, there is an entertainment area for children, Kid’s Area.

For easy movement within West Gate Business, there are many escalators and elevators.

Regular maintenance and cleaning services are also provided seven days a week at West Gate Mall.


West Gate Mall 6 October features

West Gate Mall has many advantages, most notably its vital location in the heart of 6th of October, and the various activities that suit most investors, with competitive prices, convenient installment systems, services at the highest level, and a reliable company with a good previous business history, such as Gates Real Estate Company.

The most important feature of West Gate Business Hub is receiving its units immediately.


Gates Real Estate Development Company

Gates Developments is considered a branch of United Arab Developers, which was established in 1996. Since its establishment in 2018, Gates Real Estate has succeeded in achieving important successes that have made it one of the most promising real estate companies that enjoys customer trust and satisfaction thanks to the quality of its projects and its full commitment to delivery dates.


Gates Developments' previous work:

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 West Gate Mall Business Hub