company definition Eight Developments

Eight Developments is one of the major companies present in the broad Egyptian real estate market. It is considered an Egyptian joint stock company subject to the Investment Authority and is part of the ARO Holding group of companies. During its existence, the company succeeded in achieving an unprecedented percentage of sales and successes that made it obtain a large segment of Customers and their high confidence since its establishment in 2017 without the need for continuous marketing
The company's successes come in numbers as follows:
Three malls and commercial centers within the most vital places in the Egyptian Republic
More than 1,200 clients and investors
The volume of investments amounted to about 2.2 billion Egyptian pounds for Eight Company
In addition to launching its projects on an area of 11,563 square meters
All of these successes are attributed to the wise leadership led by Omar El Saadawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, who announced that at the peak of the current achievements in Egypt in the field of real estate development, the company is looking forward to providing healthy communities that meet a variety of needs.
Characteristics and objectives of the company
Eight Developments has many advantages that put it on the throne of leading companies in the field of real estate investments, despite the short time it was present, and this indicates its high quality in projects
The most prominent features of the company that make investors trust it are as follows:
Ensure to provide integrated units with all what the investor wants
Providing one of the best facilities in the projects
Inaugurating and launching all types of units (commercial - administrative)
It also uses modern technologies in order to distinguish its projects and provide all means of comfort
In addition, the company is keen to deliver the units on time without delay
Ensuring to build the greatest relationship of trust and credibility with customers
The company also provides harmonization between real estate quality and prices
It is also keen to provide integrated units for customers to meet all their dreams
The developer provides the finest building materials and foundations
The company also studies the market in detail as part of its keenness to provide all customer needs
Choosing the most vital spots that make the owners close to the main roads for easy access
The company also uses the most luxurious and latest modern international designs
Developing the best payment systems and the highest offers to remove any obstacles facing investors
All of this comes within the company's keenness on customer comfort, which is its biggest and first goal
The most prominent works of Eight Real Estate Company
Eight Real Estate has been keen to launch many important projects that are located in the most prominent and vital sites of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be attractive to investments and increase the success of various projects for all investors, in addition to making the owners Ali Muthrabah one of the most important ways that bring them closer to any place. They want it easy to get to without any hitches or delays