company definition Dorra Developments

Dorra Developments is one of the leading real estate companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt
This comes since it was founded in 1943 AD, meaning more than 70 years, which made it worthy of sitting on the throne of this real estate field with all due respect due to the huge projects that it was keen to launch.
It also began to compete strongly with major real estate development companies in the Arab world and North Africa.
The company was established as a contracting company by
  Engineer/Mohamed Hassan Dorra
During that period, it succeeded in proving its success in 3 different fields: (contracting - investment - real estate development), in addition to it also investing in tourism investment.
Company features and objectives
The company is keen to use the latest international designs in order to launch its various projects in order to receive favor from investors and attract all attention to it.
The company also paid attention to the interior designs of its projects to come up with the best and latest decorations that express luxury and sophistication
Providing a variety of project areas and prices with various payment and installment systems for the convenience of customers
Delivering all units on the specified dates due to the company’s keenness to implement a good, sustainable relationship with various customers and build a relationship of trust between them
The company also has a team of workers who are keen to provide luxurious integrated communities
In addition to the hospitals that come with the latest equipment and the most skilled doctors trained at the highest levels
The company's most prominent works
The company was keen to launch a group of important projects for investment in various commercial and administrative fields, as well as high-end residential areas, in the most important vital areas, not only in the Republic, but also in the Middle East, in order to meet all the desires of investors.
Also, Dorra Group went beyond its investments in Egypt and reached the Gulf market and entered North Africa, in addition to the contracts it concluded with many companies of different nationalities.
Therefore, its successful investment projects spread in the United States and the Arab Gulf countries
These projects of Dorra Real Estate Development Company are represented in the following points:
It presented the Address 1 and 2 project, which is one of the most prestigious compounds
And also the Engineers Gardens project
And Zayed Heights Compound
Government and public buildings that come with the best modern integrated services
It also presented the Zayed 2000 project, which is the largest and most important project in its region
And also The Court Yard Sheikh Zayed project
Dorra Compound in Sheikh Zayed

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