Village West Compound Sheikh Zayed

Own your unit in Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound with the availability of all various facilities and services, in order to meet all the needs of customers and their availability within the new residential edifice.

Where the compound was implemented with the latest modern engineering designs and was launched by Dorra Group for Development and Real Estate Investment so that Dorra Company continues to innovate us with its distinctive projects.

The project enjoys large areas of landscapes that add an atmosphere of calm and comfort, in addition to the availability of a variety of residential units with a distinctive view, and the prices were very competitive with flexible and convenient payment systems to suit different categories, all this and more in Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Sheikh Zayed area is considered one of the most vital areas in the heart of 6th of October City, and it includes a group of the best residential compounds such as Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound, and its projects enjoy elegance, modernity, and spacious spaces

Pay a reservation amount in advance of 5% of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount over an extended repayment period of up to 7 years.


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Project details Village West Compound Sheikh Zayed

Location of Village West Sheikh Zayed

Dorra Company always focuses on choosing the most important and best places to implement its projects, due to its great interest in providing all the needs and desires of customers during their search to buy a housing unit to enjoy and practice the desired ideal life, always looking for quiet areas away from residential congestion and traffic congestion, in addition to the availability of all services and facilities that they seek to reach.

Due to the previous work of Dorra Real Estate Development Company, it is one of the best companies that acquire vital sites for its projects, and this is what happened with the Village West Sheikh Zayed project west of Sheikh Zayed, located in the heart of the city, and near the most important tourist attractions in western Cairo, which we find as follows:

Village West Sheikh Zayed is located in the center of Sheikh Zayed City, near Cairo Gate Camp, Sheikh Zayed stands behind the Royal City project.

Village West Compound The project is only 4 minutes away from the desert road, and it can be directly reached.

It is 4 minutes from Hyper One.

It is also a few minutes away from Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed branch.

Village West Compound is close to Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia.

It is also close to Mall of Egypt, a maximum distance of 25 minutes.

In addition to its proximity to the Media Production City.

Village West Compound is close to Wadi Degla Club and O West Compound.

It is also close to the desert road, and enjoys a direct entrance to it.


Design of Village West Compound

The developer of Village West Compound was keen to develop very wonderful designs, as the most famous designers were hired to implement the designs for the project, so that the compound showed us this luxury and sophistication in all its details, whether exterior designs or interior decorations, all of which have a unique international style.

Three different models of designs were provided for each client to choose the best and suitable design for them, and Dorra Group provided its full capabilities and expertise to produce a very unique and refined project in the center of Sheikh Zayed Village West Compound.


The space of the Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound project

The company took care of the space of Field West Sheikh Zayed Compound, as a large area of 125 acres was allocated for the project, and a plan was developed so that the compound becomes integrated with everything.

Green spaces and landscapes have spread in most of the compound area, while construction buildings have the lowest percentage of the total area, so that all residential units have a charming view, in addition to the availability of many residential units of various types and spaces for you to choose from, in addition to the presence of a variety of facilities and services that provide amenities to the residents of the compound.

Areas of Units in Village West Sheikh Zayed Project

The project offers apartments, penthouses, and duplexes within buildings of 3 models, B1, B2, and B3.

The buildings consist of a ground floor + 5 lofts.

One-bedroom apartments are available in areas (65 to 75) square meters.

Two-bedroom apartments are available on (110 to 159) square meters.

You will also find 3-bedroom apartments, with areas ranging from (154 to 188) square meters.

The 4-bedroom apartments have an area of 203 square meters.

You will find duplex apartments (land + first) with areas from (203 to 240) square meters.

There are penthouses on the fifth floor, all consisting of 3 bedrooms, with areas ranging from (190 to 243) square meters, and an attached rehearsal from (50 to 75) square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices and payment systems in Village West compound

The prices of Village West Sheikh Zayed were very special, especially with many advantages that you will get in this integrated project, in addition to the advantages of buying units that you will get from the company, and the payment systems are as follows:

A reservation amount of 5% of the total unit price is paid in advance, and the rest of the amount is paid over an extended repayment period of up to 7 years.

Or you can pay 5% reservation and contract for the unit, pay 5% after 3 months of reservation, and pay the rest in installments over a repayment period of up to 8 years.

In addition to a maintenance deposit of 7%


Village West Compound Sheikh Zayed

Services and features of Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound

In Village West Sheikh Zayed, there are different green spaces to give the units the most beautiful view, and their distribution has been considered equally over the entire area of the compound.

In addition, there are paths in Village West Compound for walking, running, and cycling.

As well as entertainment places for children.

In Village West Compound, there is a commercial area on the front of the project, with the most luxurious stores, and offers the finest brands in the world.

In Village West Sheikh Zayed you will also find a restaurant and café area.

Clubhouse, gym and spa, swimming pool.

In Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound, the integrated security services, which consist of electronic gates, security personnel, and surveillance cameras.


The Developer of Village West Compound

Dorra Group of Companies is the owner of the Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound project, and it was established in 1943 as a contracting company by Eng. Mohamed Hassan Dorra.

Dorra Group is now one of the largest private sector companies in Egypt and today relies on three main activities: contracting, investment and real estate development, as well as tourism investment.

Dorra Group has confirmed its dominance in several sectors, most notably real estate, industry, concrete and brick production, as well as the tourism sector. Its investments also crossed the Egyptian border, entering the Gulf market and North Africa.

In addition to the many partnerships that you have now, with many multinational companies. Dora's successes have spread in many Arab Gulf countries and previously in the United States of America.

Due to the progress made by Dorra Group within Sheikh Zayed City, it has taken the lead in creating everything new and innovative, in the world of real estate development, bringing it to that promising city.

It is enough for Dorra to be counted to be one of the first companies that developed the concept of "complex", in Sheikh Zayed, by launching the Zayed 2000 project, and began implementing this project in 1994, and it was a great success at that time, because people needed such quiet residential complexes, then Dorra's residential projects were launched in Sheikh Zayed City and October, most notably:

Zayed Towers, Zayed Residences, and Al Khader.

In addition to the Mohandessin Gardens project.

Youth Project and Idris Complex, East of New Cairo.

Dora Sheikh Zayed

The Address East Cairo Compound

In addition to a group of companies and services, most notably:

Sheikh Zayed Court Square.

Capital Business Park, a commercial and administrative symbol in the heart of Zayed.

Dorra Group of Companies is one of the most important brands, trusted by thousands of customers, and investors as well, and its role is not only to be a real estate developer, but also to carry out third-party construction projects and provide a new service as an advisor to other developers. In particular, it owns an engineering development consulting firm.




Village West Compound Sheikh Zayed