company definition Badreldin Developments

One of the distinguished companies in the real estate arena is Badr ElDin Developments, as it is one of the companies that adopts the advanced method in implementing investment projects through which it wants to reach the development of the Egyptian urban community similar to European and international projects. Thus, we find that sophistication arises through This method is the great desire to raise the level of real estate projects in the Egyptian arena.
The company, despite the sophistication and the distinctive way in which it operates, is at the same time blessed with being one of the companies that possesses great experience, as its experience amounts to nearly 15 years, as it was established in 2006.
The most important projects of Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company
The company has implemented a variety of projects, all of which, since the company’s inception, have been blessed with the best and highest level of distinction in terms of sophistication of international design, the best trends in the field of architecture, and the implementation of high-end communities, in addition to its keenness to study the category that is being targeted, and to identify its most prominent requirements, whether from In terms of choosing the location in which the project will be located, or in terms of relying on the provision of service facilities that they may need and depend on, and not only service facilities, but also the project includes all luxury and recreational facilities that the owners may need, and the most prominent of these projects are the following :
Compound Kayan 6 October
One of the high-end communities in which each of its components has been selected, and every corner of it has been designed in order to suit those with high-end tastes, starting with choosing the distinguished location in which the project will be, as it is in the most important locations that exist in October, and it is located near Many distinctive places, including Sheikh Zayed, in addition to the Mall of Arabia, as it is located near Alexandria.
Details of the units of Compound Kayan 6 October
The project consists of many units that suit all purposes and requirements, these units are really diverse in terms of area and all of them enjoy all service and entertainment facilities, and a distinctive view, since the project has already been launched on an area of ​​121 acres, enjoying green spaces, water bodies, and others. from other items.
The best compound in Fifth Settlement
The best compound in Fifth Settlement
The Nile Company residential project with a French character on an area of 29 acres in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. Cash discount 35% during the launch period only. Click here to book.
Also, the prices at which the projects are already offered are competitive. As it starts from 1,400,000, and you can book the unit only by paying 20%. And you can install over 6 years.
Mazar Mall
One of the most important projects of Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company, as it is classified as its best project in Sheikh Zayed, as it is a distinguished commercial mall that includes a variety of different commercial units, which is located in District 16, one of the finest and best neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City.
Besides, the project consists of a ground floor, in addition to three upper floors, and what makes the project distinctive is that the area on which the project was implemented is undoubtedly a large area, which is estimated at approximately 20,000,000 square meters, which helped the developer company to provide a group of entertainment elements The distinctive features of the project include facilities such as cafes, restaurants, and green spaces.
Karma Residence Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company
As for this project, it is one of the very famous compounds in Sheikh Zayed, as this compound was implemented in one of the areas that are very e