Viola Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Invest in Viola Mall New Cairo, a new investment concept with the latest international foundations that guarantees you the greatest successes with a huge return, due to its excellence in all its construction stages, harvesting the expertise of Hassan Holding Real Estate Development Company, which has always been distinguished by presenting unique projects of its kind.

You will not find anything like it due to its application of the latest international standards in its work and putting customer comfort in the first place, which shows its real estate achievements in the most important parts of the Republic in the most integrated and distinguished images, which helped it to assume a pioneering and prestigious position very quickly through which it gained the trust of a huge segment of customers which have come to consider it the ideal destination for investment with guaranteed success.

Therefore, you will find waiting for you at Viola Mall New Cairo everything you need to ensure the success of your investment, starting with the strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement near North Teseen Street, which will ensure easy access, passing through the greatest integration of service facilities. You will find it following the latest international technologies, which will make it easier for you in management. Hurry to seize your unit, whatever its field, with the finest contemporary European designs and the best competitive prices with the longest interest-free payment periods and which guarantee the highest return on investment.

You can pay 15% down payment, and you can also pay the remainder in installments over a period of up to 6 years


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Project details Viola Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Location of Viola Mall, New Cairo

At the forefront of Hassan Holding's priorities during its careful planning to establish Viola Mall New Cairo was choosing a plot of land in the most important strategic areas to ensure that it is easy for customers to move around without obstacles while achieving liveliness in the passage of citizens. This will reflect a certain increase in the success rates, as it was chosen on a plot of land located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, close to the most important areas and the following roads:

The Mohamed Naguib freeway is just one minute away.

North 90th Street is two minutes away.

The Middle Ring Road is very close to the mall.

South 90th Street and also Suez Road.

Al Banafseg residential area.

Northern Investors Area.

The American University in Cairo AUC.

Wadi Degla Club.

New Administrative Capital.


Area of Viola Mall, New Cairo

Hassan Holding Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose a vast land area that would help it provide all the requirements of customers wishing to ensure successful investment with the units of Viola Mall New Cairo, so it chose a plot of land with an area of about 3,740 square meters, and the part built on it was about 40%. The company also succeeded in exploiting the space in an ideal way, as it allocated all types of units, which are located in the next division of the mall (the ground and first floors contain shops, the second and third floors contain administrative offices and also medical clinics). This comes with the allocation of vast spaces for service facilities that come with the latest international technologies and make it easier for customers to manage their project, in addition to recreational activities that help visitors spend the most enjoyable times.


Designs of Viola Mall, Fifth Settlement

A modern artistic painting awaits you at Viola Mall New Cairo, which follows the finest contemporary European designs and the latest harmonious design between the external appearance and also the interior finishes, which guarantees you a feeling of permanent sophistication and distinction and attracts all the eyes of citizens to you, in addition to the charming view of the colorful landscape which ensures permanent relaxation through glass facades that are resistant to harmful sunlight, shocks, and also noise, and this comes with the use of the highest building standards during construction, which in turn guarantees you permanent reassurance of its resistance to various weather erosion factors and also earthquakes.

Hassan Holding Real Estate Development Company was also keen to cooperate with major international companies in various construction fields to ensure that the mall comes out with the best integrated images, free of any possible negligence or defect. These companies include:

Arkan Engineering Consulting Company, which developed the best plans for building the mall and engineering strategies so that it comes out in line with the highest international standards in construction, in addition to seeking the assistance of MRB Company, which specializes in management and operation.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.


Prices and spaces of Viola Mall, New Cairo

Shops' spaces start from 28 square metres.

Administrative offices and medical clinics range in size from 60 square meters.

Viola Mall New Cairo prices start from 75,000 Egyptian pounds per meter


Payment methods and installment systems for Viola Mall, New Cairo

15% down payment, and you can also pay the remainder in installments over a period of up to 6 years.

Viola Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Features and services of Viola Mall New Cairo

Hassan Holding Company's greatest interest was focused on providing various types of service facilities and recreational activities, which in turn meet all the needs of owners and visitors for Viola Mall New Cairo.

It also worked to provide it with the latest international technologies, which in turn ensures ease for the owners in management, which is reflected in the increased success rates. Thus, the most prominent features and services available in the mall are represented in the following points:

A highly professional security team working around the clock.

Surveillance cameras with the latest technology are spread throughout.

Several electronic gates limit any overcrowding entering or exiting the mall.

Electric generators operate directly in the event of a power outage.

Firefighting systems sound a strong alarm and also spray water directly when smoke is detected.

Automated teller machines suitable for various banks in Viola Mall New Cairo.

International restaurants and cafes that satisfy different tastes.

The fastest Internet services that cover all parts of the mall without interruption.

A reception area guides you to your destination in the mall.

Elevators with panoramic facades and escalators ensure easy transportation.

Spacious garages reduce car congestion.

A team specialized in regular maintenance of all facilities in the mall to avoid malfunctions.

Central air conditioning ensures a moderate atmosphere and also purifies the air.

A team keeps the mall clean on an ongoing basis.

The best facilities to ensure people with tasks move comfortably in the mall.

The latest global technologies are dedicated to managing all facilities.

Glass facades are resistant to noise, shocks, and harmful sunlight.

Seating areas ensure the comfort of visitors to Viola Mall New Cairo.

A picturesque landscape that guarantees visitors relaxation by looking at it.

A mosque for prayer suitable for women as well as men.

The most luxurious finishes that coordinate with the finest exterior designs of the mall.

Toilets on various floors.

Meeting rooms equipped with the latest services to ensure business success.

The use of the strongest materials in the foundations that are resistant to weather erosion and earthquakes.

Cooperating with major international companies specialized in management and operation to ensure the mall’s excellence.


Hassan Holding Real Estate Development Company

Hassan Holding Real Estate Development Company is the largest leading company in the broad Egyptian real estate field. It has very quickly achieved a prestigious position due to its excellence in all its various projects, which has become an example to be emulated by other companies.

It constantly works to provide the latest international standards in its work, ensuring a permanent feeling of excellence for its customers, always putting their comfort first.

The company was also distinguished by having decades of experience that transformed the residential and commercial real estate market in the most important and prestigious new cities such as (North Al-Rehab, Beit Al-Watan, Al-Lotus, New Narjis, and the Andalusia region).

It has guaranteed the largest possible segment of customers the highest levels of excellence while achieving unprecedented successes. It has also gained the trust of customers due to its list of major features and values that it adheres to without any glitches.


The most prominent projects of Hassan Real Estate Development Company

Rehab Heights Compound (1-2).

Viola Mall New Cairo.


Viola Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement