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Own your unit now If you are looking for a special place to form the most beautiful memories in front of the sea with its clear waters and soft sands, Al-Shahawi Company offers you the Ein Hills Sokhna project, and in the most prestigious and luxurious places in Ain Sokhna, with a variety of units to choose from what suits you and your family, and provides you with all means of entertainment and entertainment, and the prices of Ein Hills Village are competitive.

10% payment and installments over 8 years, immediate receipt or 6 months.


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Project details Village Ein Hills Sokhna

Location of Ein Hills Sokhna

The choice of the location of the Ein Hills Sokhna project was not random, as the company chose it with great care to suit the aspirations of customers, as it is located 7 km from Porto Sokhna, which makes the residents of Village Ein Hills Sokhna close to the most vital areas in Ain Sokhna, where they can go to it at any time and it only takes a few minutes.


Places near Ein Hills Village

Ein Hills Sokhna is located 60 minutes from Cairo.

Ein Hills Sokhna Resort is easily accessible from Galala Road within 5 minutes.

Village Ein Hills Sokhna project is 45 minutes from the Administrative Capital.

The Ain Hills Ain Sokhna project is about 7 km away from Porto Sokhna.

The project is close to Boho Village and Ji Bai Village.


Designed by Village Ein Hills Sokhna

The first thing that will catch your attention in the Village Ein Hills Sokhna project is its unique and distinctive designs, as the company relied on the best design and construction companies in order to present the units to customers in a form worthy of what they aspire to, and the company has achieved great harmony between green spaces and landscapes and between construction buildings, and the designs of Hills Sokhna Village are as follows:

The total space in Ein Hills Sokhna Resort is about 50 acres.

Village Ein Hills Sokhna has different units, whether studios or chalets.

The bulk of the space is allocated to greenery and landscaping and the rest to construction buildings.


The area of Ein Hills Coast

In the Hills Ain Sokhna Village project, the company provided units of different sizes to satisfy all tastes, where everyone has the opportunity to be in the resort and enjoy its charming and distinctive atmosphere, as the units suit all customers who are looking for large or limited spaces, whether the chalets consist of two or three rooms.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Ein Hills Sokhna 2023 Prices

The spaces in the Village Ein Hills Sokhna project were not the only ones that are characterized by diversity, as the prices also came in a highly competitive and distinctive way that satisfies customers and meets their ambitions, in addition to being reasonable compared to the services and features that customers get,


Ein Hills Sokhna Reservation Methods

The facilities of Al-Shahawi Company continue to be provided in the Ein Hills Sokhna project, which has appeared again in the reservation and installment systems provided by the company to customers, in order to facilitate them when buying the units offered for sale, and paying the price of the units in the appropriate way for them, and the reservation and installment systems in Village Ein Hills Sokhna are as follows:

The first system: 10% payment and installments over 8 years, immediate receipt or 6 months.

The second system: 10% down payment and installments over 9 years, and receipt after a year or more.

The units in Ein Hills Sokhna project are fully finished.


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Village Ein Hills Sokhna

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Services Available in Village Ein Hills Sokhna

In the Ein Hills Sokhna Village project, residents will find themselves surrounded by all the facilities and services they need, in addition to the entertainment and entertainment that they can obtain and enjoy at any time, and these facilities and services in Village Ein Hills Sokhna are as follows:

In Ein Hills Sokhna, there are swimming pools at the highest level, so that residents can get rest and recreation at any time.

Green spaces and landscapes are available at Village Ein Hills Sokhna, as they give the chalets an aesthetic view that gives psychological comfort and stability.

Ein Hills Ain Sokhna Resort contains security and guarding services, which operate throughout the day in order to achieve complete comfort and tranquility among the residents.

Reception services at the project gates, so that all requests from the residents of Village Ein Hills Sokhna can be met.

In Ain Sokhna El Shahawi, there is a commercial area, through which residents easily get everything they need.

Providing the latest surveillance cameras in Ein Hills El Ain El Sokhna, in order to achieve greater security among the residents.

There is an Aqua Park suitable for children and adults, so that they can have more fun and happiness in the Ein Hills Sokhna project.

Gyms in Ein Hills Sokhna, so that residents can practice all the sports they want with great ease.

Ein Hills Ain Sokhna includes restaurants and cafes, where residents can get the most delicious dishes and dishes they love.

Village Ein Hills Sokhna provides maintenance and cleaning services, which make the project look decent and worthy of customers.


Features of the Ein Hills Sokhna project

The Ein Hills Sokhna project meets the aspirations of all customers, in owning units with a great level of sophistication and in the most luxurious places near Porto Sokhna, this comes with the provision of different and varied spaces that suit all customers, competitive prices that are paid according to convenient installment systems, and the presence of immediate receipt of units, and the project contains all the services and entertainment that customers need.


About Al Shahawi Real Estate Development Company

El Shahawi Developments, was established in 1976, and since this date it has been able to prove its worth in the real estate market through many important projects in all governorates of the Republic, and El Shahawi Company seeks all the time to find new concepts in the real estate market, and provide ideal solutions to customers through distinctive units, which made it one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.


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Village Ein Hills Sokhna