V Terrace Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo

Invest with Value Company in its project in V Terrace Mall New Cairo. The Fifth Settlement still sits on the throne of the Egyptian real estate market, as it is one of the most sought-after areas within Cairo. Therefore, Terrace Mall is a golden opportunity for investors who want to be located in the heart of the community directly in front of the American University, with various spaces and multiple activities, with Value Terrace New Cairo’s very competitive prices.

Down payment starting from 20% with a repayment period of up to 5 years.



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Project details V Terrace Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo

Location in Terrace Mall

The location in Value Terrace Settlement is considered one of its most important strengths, as the demand for Fifth Settlement units is increasing because it is the most prestigious and lively area of Cairo. The V Terrace Mall project is located in a rarely repeated location in front of the American University, directly next to Point 90. This ensures the permanent presence of visitors at the New Cairo Terrace. We will explain in the following points the most important landmarks near the Value Terrace Settlement.


Places near Mall in Terrace

Value Terrace New Cairo is about 15 minutes away from the Administrative Capital.

The V Terrace Mall project is located a short distance from the Mohamed Naguib Bridge.

It is also easily accessible to V Terrace Mall, New Cairo, via South Teseen Street.

It is adjacent to the Terrace Mall projects in Mountain View iCity Compound and Hyde Park Fifth Settlement


V Terrace Mall project design

Value Terrace Settlement features a modern and dazzling design that matches the luxury and sophistication of its location. The mall includes a ground floor + two upper floors, with glass facades that reflect the sun's rays and give comfortable natural lighting to the mall units throughout the day, with a huge plaza area that includes many restaurants and cafes. Value Terrace New Cairo includes commercial and administrative units and medical clinics, and the mall on Terrace also includes a pharmacy.


Space in Terrace Mall, Fifth Settlement

Value Terrace New Cairo Mall extends over an area of 4,300 square meters, with spaces allocated for private landscaping in New Cairo Terrace and outdoor areas, to give all Value Terrace units wonderful views, which enhances the production capacity of workers in medical clinics and administrative offices. Details of the spaces in New Cairo Mall Terrace are as follows:

The ground floor area in a project in Terrace Mall, which is commercial only, starts from 66 square meters + the terrace area and starts from 35 square meters.

The first floor of Terrace Mall is completely commercial, with areas starting from 53 square metres.

While the second floor of Value Terrace includes clinics and administrative offices with areas starting from 48 square metres, (fully finished).

The smallest area inside Terrace Mall is 28 square metres


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices in Terrace Mall, Fifth Settlement

The excellent location, diverse spaces, multiple purposes, and sophisticated design are all reasons that make some people think that the purchase prices of Value Terrace units will be high, but Value Company’s keenness to encourage investors to start their projects made it offer the New Cairo Terrace for sale at competitive prices with a large discount on cash on the occasion of the launch. Details of Value Terrace Mall prices are as follows:

Prices for ground floor shops in Value Terrace start at 10,873,000 Egyptian pounds.

While the price per meter on the first floor in Value Terrace New Settlement starts from 100,000 Egyptian pounds, while the total price starts from 5,300,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the prices of clinics and administrative offices in Terrace Mall, New Cairo, they start from 3,360,000 Egyptian pounds.


Reservation systems in Terrace Mall

Reservation and installment systems are important attraction factors for any project, so Value Real Estate Company was keen to provide installment systems that do not become a burden on the investor at the beginning of his project. Units can be reserved in the Terrace Mall, New Cairo, with a small down payment and a long installment period. To know the details of the systems for reserving project units in the Terrace Mall, Fifth Settlement, follow the following points:

Down payment starting from 20% with an installment period of up to 5 years.

30% down payment with an installment period of up to 6 years.

With the receipt of units in Terrace Mall in 2024, with an addition of 8% maintenance to the unit price.


V Terrace Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo

Mall facilities and services in Terrace

The success of commercial malls depends on the services they provide that contribute to attracting many visitors to the project, as well as contributing to creating a work environment that helps success and increases the productive efficiency of workers in offices and clinics. Therefore, Value Company has provided many services for the comfort of visitors to the mall in Terrace and its workers, and the most important of these services in Terrace Mall are:

To spend enjoyable times, you will find in the Terrace Mall in the Plaza area, and there are also restaurants and cafes that meet all tastes.

To get your work done with ease, you will find high-speed internet inside the mall in Terrace.

For ease of movement, Value Terrace includes multiple elevators and escalators.

Of course, the V Terrace Mall project is equipped with central air conditioning.

V Terrace has maintenance and cleaning services that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For enjoyable shopping, you will find ATMs and banks inside Value Terrace Mall.

Terrace Mall has the latest fire extinguishing systems and emergency ladders in order to immediately deal with fires.

There is a roof that includes a group of cafes higher up in Terrace Mall.

There is also a display screen and billboards, which were professionally placed on the facades of the V Terrace Mall project.

For administrative units, you will find a meeting room at the highest level inside Valioteras Mall.


Advantages of Terrace Mall

Value has given its project in Terrace Mall many advantages that make it one of the most important projects in the real estate market. The location in Terrace New Cairo is excellent and strategic in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, directly in front of the American University. Its spaces and activities are multiple, with the unbeatable prices of Value Terrace and its reservation and installment systems suitable for everyone.


About Value Real Estate Company

Value Developments Company was established as a result of the union of a group of major real estate companies, to provide the best residential and investment projects, in distinguished locations, to achieve good returns for investors and luxury and comfort for residents of residential projects. The Board of Directors of Value Company, which is implementing the Value Terrace Mall project, is headed by Mr. Sameh Amer, under his leadership, the company implemented dozens of projects in Nasr City, Maadi, New Cairo, and Shorouk.


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V Terrace Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo