V Business Tower New Capital in egypt

In Business Tower, the New Administrative Capital, V Business Tower New Capital is a unique opportunity to invest within the Administrative Capital. It is located in the most distinguished area of Downtown, directly in front of Masr Mosque and the Gold Market. It also has a charming view of the central park. The Mall in the New Capital Tower also offers various investment opportunities within the project, as it includes commercial, administrative, and hotel units of varying sizes that satisfy the needs of all customers.

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Project details V Business Tower New Capital in egypt

Location in Business Tower, the administrative capital, V Business Tower
A location in Business Tower, the administrative capital
V Real Estate Development Company has chosen a privileged location to establish its first project in the New Administrative Capital, which is in Tower. It is located in the most distinguished area of Downtown, with a charming view of Masjid Misr and the Gold Market. The project is also close to a large number of attractions in the capital and vital places as follows:
V Tower is minutes away from the data center, insurance and petroleum companies.
The project is also close to the monorail station.
It is also just minutes away from the government district and the financial and business district.
In addition to its proximity to Al Masa Hotel.
The project also overlooks the Green River, which provides a charming view of the units.
In addition to the proximity of the Business Tower to the Bin Zayed axis, which makes it easily accessible.
The tower is also a short distance from the presidential district, the cathedral and the exhibition grounds.
In addition to the mall's proximity to the most famous commercial centers such as Evora Tower, the Administrative Capital.
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Services and facilities inside the New Capital Mall
Within a mall in the Administrative Capital, all the services and features that meet the needs of customers and help them always feel luxury and relaxation are available. These services are as follows:

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The company executing the project provided vast areas of landscapes and water bodies.
There is also a wide choice of restaurants and cafes that satisfy everyone's tastes.
A highly trained team has been provided to maintain the mall's security.
In addition to the surveillance cameras spread throughout the mall, which operate 24 hours a day.
There is also a terrace inside the food court area, which provides visitors with a pleasant atmosphere while dining.
Next to a special area for children with the latest games and safe entertainment.
There are also underground garages that can accommodate the largest number of cars.
In addition to a 24-hour pharmacy.
V Real Estate Company was also keen to provide the tower with the latest fire and emergency alarms.
This is in addition to having a high-speed internet network.
There is also central air conditioning.
In addition to allocating special entrances to hotel units as well as administrative units to give customers and residents privacy.
Smart Lock support within administrative units.
Designed by V Business Tower New Capital
Mall interface in Business Tower
The expertise of Al-Asri Engineering Consultancy Company was used to implement a mall in the Business Tower, the Administrative Capital. This is due to her long experience in the field, as she has implemented nearly 850 projects, including the iconic tower in the Administrative Capital, which is the largest mall in Egypt and Africa.
It came in the New Capital Mall with a very modern and creative design, consisting of a ground floor + 10 recurring floors that include hotel, administrative, and commercial units. It was distributed as follows:
From the ground floor to the second, there are commercial units.
The administrative offices were located from the third to the eighth floor.
The hotel units also came within the ninth and tenth floors.
   The space of the V Business Tower mall, the administrative capital
The V Business Tower project was built on a large area sufficient to provide all the basic and recreational facilities and services that customers need to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere within the project. The company executing the project was also keen to provide varying spaces for the units commensurate with the needs of investments and various businesses within the tower. The space of the units inside the Business Tower is as follows:
The commercial units space starts from 26 square meters.
Administrative offices space starts from 26 square meters.
The space of the hotel units starts from 32 square meters.
Prices for V Business Tower, New Capital
Mall prices vary in the Business Tower, the Administrative Capital, according to the type of unit and the floor in which it is located. But in the end, the prices remain ideal and fair compared to the advantages and services that customers get when owning a unit within V Business Tower. The prices are as follows:
Commercial units on the ground floor start from 93 thousand pounds per square meter.
Also, shops on the first floor start from 88,000 pounds per meter.
The price per meter in the second floor starts from 76,000 pounds.
In addition, the prices of administrative offices start from 23,000 pounds per square metre.
While the price of hotel units starts from 28,000 pounds per meter.
Payment systems available inside the Business Tower, the capital
The company that developed the project provided multiple payment systems, all of which are easy, enabling customers to own a unit within the V Business Tower project with ease, through a simple down payment of 10% and installments over the longest possible period of up to 10 years.
The company that owns a project in V Business Tower
V Real Estate Development Company is the owner of a project in Business Tower, the New Administrative Capital. Which is its first project in the New Capital. However, the company has long experience in the real estate market and has a large number of projects inside Egypt and the Arab world, especially the UAE.