Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement

Own your unit in the Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement, You will find in the destinations of the residential units the spirit of contemporary European style, and of course the developing company did not neglect to provide a complete and diverse service area and facilities so that the residents of the compound can enjoy the greatest amount of luxury and comfort in achieving and meeting their needs.
The Trio Gardens Compound has green spaces that help the individual feel comfortable and enjoy high luxury. It also made sure to provide a sports field area, a clubhouse, and many services that meet the needs of the residents and provide all the important amenities in an individual’s day within the compound.
Trio Compound, Fifth Settlement, is distinguished by its vital and strategic location among the most important and ideal services around it, as the compound is also surrounded by the latest residential projects that were established in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, which were carried out by the largest real estate companies in Egypt.
M Square Gardens, the developer of the Trio Gardens project, offers more than 950 villas on three floors, designed at the highest level of luxury and elegance in the contemporary European style.
Pay a contract deposit of 5%, and after 3 months, 5% is paid.


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Project details Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement

Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement location trio gardens
Trio Villa Compound is located in a distinctive and lively location in the Fifth Settlement, on the Middle Ring Road, near Palm Hills Compound and New Cairo. It is also located next to Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement.
Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement Compound is considered one of the most important projects in New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement. It also has the newest and largest residential units, as the Trio Villas project is located near several places and roads.

Places near the Trio Gardens project
15 minutes from the American University.
15 minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City.
10 minutes from Cairo Airport.
The Trio Fifth Settlement location was chosen in order to be easily accessible from all areas.

Area of Trio Villa Compound, Fifth Settlement
The Trio Settlement project was built on an area of 35.5 acres, and 25% of the project area was allocated to residential units, and the remaining area was in which the developer company implemented all services and facilities that are of interest to the client and meet his needs and requirements.
The area of services and gardens in the compound has been allocated at a rate of 75%, and the area of residential apartments in the Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound project, Trio Villas, starts from 126 square meters and reaches 350 square meters, while the area of villas starts from 600 square meters.

Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.

Trio Gardens prices and payment systems
M Square is distinguished by offering a competitive price package that is incomparable to others, and the prices are very proportional to the huge amount of services that were provided in the project, and also proportional to the great amount of comfort and luxury that you will feel, as the price per square meter starts from 17,000 Egyptian pounds, and starts Villa prices start from 6,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
In addition to the convenient installment service for Trio Gardens Fifth Settlement units, which begins with a contract payment of 5%, and after 3 months, 5% is paid. The reservation and payment systems are as follows:
A 5% reservation deposit is paid and the remaining amount is paid in monthly installments for 9 years.
The customer can pay a 10% down payment and pay the remaining amount in monthly installments over 7 years.


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Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement

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The finishing of trio villas, Fifth Settlement
All Super Luxe units are finished with air conditioners, kitchen, and electrical appliances, in addition to distinctive and different decor with the highest finishes at the hands of expert engineers in the field of finishing.
Just book your residential unit in Trio, Fifth Settlement, at the lowest costs and highest possibilities, so that you and your family can live in luxury without restrictions, and M Square ensures that you have complete freedom to provide the greatest amount of privacy between one residential unit and the other, thanks to its large area, so you can live at a sophisticated and distinguished level. .
You can receive your unit in Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement, after 3 and a half years from the contract date, i.e. in 2021. Receive your unit with the key, get your apartment in its best condition, the best distinctive work in the most wonderful and fully finished apartment.

The company that owns the Trio Gardens project in Fifth Settlement
M2 Real Estate Development and Investment Company has been known for its tremendous experience in the real estate market for 40 years. It has been keen to provide high-end residential units at ideal prices to suit the various classes of society. Therefore, it has been able to achieve successive successes through the implementation of residential and investment projects that you will not find anywhere else, in addition to Introducing a new and distinctive urban approach that changes the concept of housing in Egypt.

Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement