The New Capital Compounds in egypt

ready to move  in the new Capital compounds
now in the best compounds in the New Capital with the best price plans and multiple facilities through reservation and payment systems.
ready to move to your apartment now in the new Capital Compounds, with a down payment of 10% and installments up to 8 years, with prices for apartments starting from 4.5 million pounds.


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Project details The New Capital Compounds in egypt

New capital compounds
Own now in the best compounds of the New Administrative Capital, with the best price plans and multiple facilities, with reservation and payment systems.
With prices for apartments starting from 3.5 million pounds, and prices for villas starting from 12 million pounds, in contrast to the best reservation and payment systems with reservation advances starting from 10%, and installments up to 8 years 🔥
Now you will live in one of the best cities that are expected to have success and distinction for the coming years, as the Administrative Capital is the destination of investors today, as it is now the largest event in Egypt where art is in architecture and creativity in construction, so you will find everyone who wants to buy, live and invest seeking to catch up with the opportunity to book His unit in the new administrative capital.
⬅ Spaces and design:
The design of the New Administrative Capital's compounds comes in the latest style of modern and innovative designs that increase the luxury of projects and always make customers feel distinguished and sophisticated, as the developing companies pay great attention to contracting with the largest consultants in Egypt and the Middle East to supervise their projects.
All these reasons made it the first destination for many different social classes, as it provides various prices and housing units of different sizes, due to the presence of a huge number of distinguished residential projects.
The most important government and recreational facilities within the New Administrative Capital
There are two areas of the Mohammed bin Zayed North gathering, the conference center, the exhibition city, and the government district, which includes 18 ministerial buildings, the parliament building, a building for the presidency, a building for the Council of Ministers, the residential neighborhood, the medical city, the sports city, and the central park at a distance of 8 square kilometers, the smart city and the entertainment city. And also real estate projects with multiple services and levels, so we will mention the best compounds in the new administrative capital.
The best compounds in the New Administrative Capital
This phrase has become the most searched recently. This is after housing in the New Capital has become a goal that many people seek to achieve. Especially after the number of advantages and services that the capital enjoyed, as it is the first smart city in Egypt, as well as the first green city. The new administrative capital is also set to change the lifestyle in Egypt.
We monitor for you, for example, the best residential projects in the New Administrative Capital
🔹 Dejoya 3 Compound
🔹 Residence Eight Compound
🔹 The Loft Compound, the new administrative capital
🔹 Destination Compound
🔹 Compound Anakaji
🔹 Yaro compound, the new administrative capital
🔹 Ray Residence New Capital Compound
⬅ Administrative capital compounds services
The Administrative Capital is now an integrated modern city that includes many huge residential and commercial projects at the same time for the most important and largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East. It is also the most important national investment project concerned with real estate development in Egypt at the present time. This project includes all the services needed by the residents of the Administrative Capital, including commercial centers and distinct residential units, one of the most important factors and motives for making the decision to buy and invest in it.
Among the most important factors that make you choose the decision to buy and live in the Administrative Capital compounds to live in are the exclusive services provided in them, which distinguish them from others, and make their residents enjoy all means of safety and entertainment, and these services are represented in:
🔹 Strict security and guarding services throughout the entire day, surveillance cameras operating at all times of the year, and monitoring all movements within each compound.
🔹 Green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes covering the largest percentage of compounds.
🔹 Places for different parties and barbecues.
🔹 High-level restaurants and cafes close to all units.
🔹 Clubhouse, and commercial areas that include many stores that provide all goods.
🔹 Many garages designed to accommodate the largest amount of cars and maintain the general appearance.
🔹 Full-service medical centers, equipped with the latest and best medical devices.
🔹 Many swimming pools of different shapes and depths.
🔹 Each compound also includes large and different sports fields, and places have been designated for walking, running, cycling, and equestrian clubs.
🔹 This is in addition to its inclusion of nurseries for children at the highest level, and it also has many mosques and churches in order to perform the duties of prayer and perform religious rituals.

The New Capital Compounds in egypt

⬅ Prices and payment systems:
The projects and compounds of the Administrative Capital are distinguished by the presence of very distinct packages of competitive prices due to the many services provided in them.
With the lowest deposits, which start from 10%, and installments up to 8 years 🔥
And because we are always keen to meet your real estate needs with distinctive residential, commercial and administrative units that suit you, we offer free real estate consultations to you around the clock, so feel free to contact us at any time.