The Groove Village El Ain El Sokhna

Own your unit now with Dar Misro, which has made a qualitative leap in the construction of coastal resorts in its project Village The Groove Sokhna, where DM Development was keen to make The Groove a resort for high-end luxury life, the units and stages of The Groove Sokhna will meet all your dreams in the wonderful beaches, excellent hotel service, and very sophisticated designs for buildings.

The Groove also enjoys charming landscapes because it has the largest beach in Ain Sokhna, all this with the most important advantage of the area, which is its close proximity to Cairo, in addition to the competitive prices of the units of Village The Groove, all these features, will make The Groove Sokhna your first choice to spend all your vacations.

A reservation down payment of only 10% of the unit price, with the rest to be paid in installments over 9 years


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Project details The Groove Village El Ain El Sokhna

Location of Groove Village

The location is one of the strengths of the Dar Heliopolis project, which is The Groove Sokhna Village, especially with its location on Zafarana Road, specifically on Mount Galala, which includes the most luxurious coastal resorts currently, and The Groove Village is less than an hour away from Cairo and the Administrative Capital, making it an excellent future investment, and the best place for short holidays and weekends.


Places near the village

The Groove Sokhna is only 45 minutes from Cairo and 35 minutes from the Administrative Capital.

The Groove Village is about 16 km from the gates of Ain Sokhna.

Village The Groove is 11 km away from Porto Sokhna.

Dar Misr Sokhna project is located near Boho Ain Sokhna Resort and Gbay Ain Sokhna.


Design of the Village The Groove Sokhna project

DM Development has granted its project The Groove Sokhna, international designs, just by looking at the units and divisions of the project, you will feel that you have traveled to the most luxurious international resorts, which is what Dar Misr was keen on when implementing the Groove project to make a qualitative leap in the tourist resorts industry.

The Groove includes more than one stage that makes you feel that you have traveled to several countries on your short vacation without getting tired or bored, and the village was built with a terrace system so that all units enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, and the height of the terraces in the Dar Misr Sokhna project ranges from 9 to 60 meters.

DM Development has taken into account the diversity of spaces within The Groove Sokhna, to suit all tastes and needs, and the village units are divided into chalets and standalone villas, each of which was separated in a special stage in it, and the divisions were as follows:

Chalet Areas

Brellia area: This phase includes 478 chalets with spaces ranging from 94 up to 110 square meters, with a charming panoramic view of the seashore, at a height of 6 terraces.

Sereia area: It contains 478 chalets, located in the most attractive places in the Dar Misr project, and it also includes one of the finest hotel chains in the world, with areas ranging from 140 up to 145 square meters.

Villa Areas

Capella area: relax and enjoy life This is what this part of The Groove Sokhna provides, as this stage includes a private and luxurious group of 120 villas, where you can enjoy complete privacy and comfort, and its spacious area gives you a full panoramic view of the sea and its areas start from 172 to 288 square meters.

Gala area: It is the finest and most luxurious relay of The Groove Village, where it enjoys a wonderful view of the resort and the sea, especially with its residence on a terrace with a height of 26 meters, which gives it mild weather throughout the year, and complete privacy, and includes 57 villas, starting from 322 square meters.

Patio Area: The company also launched a new distinct phase of The Groove project, which includes twin houses with panoramic sea views with different areas starting from 160 square meters



The area of The Groove Sokhna Village

The Groove Sokhna Resort extends over a huge area of 83 acres, 14% of which are for buildings, and 15% beach, with a length of 930 meters, which is the longest beach in Ain Sokhna, and the village also includes a huge artificial island with an area of 14 acres, while the rest of the area has been allocated for landscapes, landscapes, and service buildings.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


The Groove Sokhna prices 2023

The prices of the units of The Groove Sokhna vary according to the area of the unit, its sea view, and its location within the resort


The Groove Sokhna Village Installment Systems

Dar Misr has provided very convenient installment systems to obtain the units of Village The Groove, to ensure that you enjoy a profitable investment or spend charming vacations on the beach of the village, where you can pay a reservation down payment of only 10% of the unit price, with the rest of the amount to be paid in installments over 9 years, and DM Development has set the date of receiving the units, which is within 4 years of contracting.


The Groove Village El Ain El Sokhna

Facilities at Village The Groove Sokhna

Enjoying a happy vacation is not done without integrated services, no matter how wonderful the landscape, without services boredom will seep into you, and this is what Dar Misr knows, so The Groove surpassed other resorts in the region in services, especially with its provision of safety and medical services, to have an unforgettable vacation, in the Sokhna Mountains and its clear waters of the services and activities that you can do in the village:

To enjoy and relax, the slogan of the Dar Misr project, so you will find inside it a spa center equipped at the highest level.

An integrated medical center and pharmacies have also been provided within Village The Groove to check on your family in the event of any emergency.

The Dar Misr project includes a gym, gym, and clubhouse for practicing various sports.

You will also find within the village the most famous cafes and restaurants that meet all tastes.

One of the most important features of The Groove Sokhna is that it contains an artificial island on an area of 14 acres.

The village also offers jogging or cycling tracks along its own beach.

To spend quality time with your children, you will find inside The Groove Sokhna tiered swimming pools and aquapark.

DM Development also provides special areas for celebrations and events within the village.

Inside Village The Groove you will find the latest surveillance, guarding and maintenance systems around the clock.

The Groove Sokhna Resort includes a 5-star international hotel with 50 rooms with magnificent seaside views.


Features of The Groove Sokhna Village

The features of the Village The Groove project have made a qualitative leap in the construction of coastal resorts for its wonderful designs, picturesque landscapes, excellent location, competitive prices for its units, diverse space, and comprehensive services, with its introduction by a major company such as Dar Misr, all of this made it a resort for the elite, in the forefront comes the multiple resorts of Ain Sokhna.


About Dar Misr for Tourism Development

Dar Misr for Tourism Development Dm Development is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt currently, as it owns a large real estate portfolio of lands in several different places, and is shared in the Groove project by Engineer Abu Bakr Al-Kafafi, owner of the Kafafi Group of Companies, who is the general contractor of the armed forces who established 60% of the military entity in the New Administrative Capital, Galala City and El Alamein Towers.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, Professor of Urban Planning at Cairo University and one of the contributors to the planning of the Middle and Regional Ring Road, planning Galala City, and the distribution of land plots to real estate investors in Galala City, as well as Prof. Ahmed Mustafa, Managing Director of PRE Stone Residence Compound.


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The Groove Village El Ain El Sokhna