Tawny Hyde Park October

Own your unit in Tawny Hyde Park, developed by Hyde Park Developments, one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market in the current period.

The company has developed Tawny October in the most important places of 6th of October, as it is located specifically behind Golf Palm Hills directly opposite Al Gezira Club, near Mall of Egypt.

Tawny Hyde Park was built on a huge space of 31 acres, with a large amount of services and facilities, as well as the availability of different units of various sizes, ranging from 240 to 288 square meters.

You can easily get a perfect unit inside Tawny Hyde Park with a 5% down payment and pay the rest over 8 years


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Project details Tawny Hyde Park October

Location of Tawny Hyde Park Compound

The developer of Tawny Hyde Park Compound did not choose the location of the project randomly, but based on a well-thought-out plan that guarantees housing in a sophisticated and distinguished place in the center of Sixth of October City.

Specifically, behind Golf Palm Hills directly opposite Al Jazira Club, with its presence close to Mall of Egypt, where they are separated by a distance that can be covered in just three minutes.

The location of the project has many features that anyone is looking for when choosing the place he wants to live in, and the advantages of the Tawny Hyde Park October location are:

Its proximity to one of the finest and most prestigious clubs in Egypt, is Al-Gezira Sports Club.

Tawny October Compound has a wonderful view of Palm Hills Golf.

It connects its residents to many important vital roads and freeway, such as:

Mehwar Road, Al Wahat Road, Alexandria Desert Road.

The 26th of July Corridor, as well as its proximity to many important vital and service places.

Residents of Tawny Hyde Park October will not need to travel long distances to attend schools and universities, because there are many of them located nearby, such as:

Alsun Language Schools.

Lycée French schools.

New Giza University.

There is no difficulty to take a short walk at any time while in Tawny October Compound, because it is close to prominent places and landmarks, on top of which:

New Egyptian Museum (only 20 minutes apart).

The pyramids area (separated by only 25 minutes).

It provides a more than wonderful shopping experience for its residents, because it facilitates their access to the finest and most luxurious malls in Egypt, namely:

Dandy Mall (the distance between them can be covered in just 15 minutes).

Mall of Arabia (residents of the compound can reach it in only 3 minutes).

Mall of Egypt to go to it takes only 3 minutes


Tawny Hyde Park October space

The importance of the project imposed on the executing company to allocate a large space for it of 31 acres, to ensure the multiplicity of spaces and types of its units in a way that suits different tastes and desires on the one hand.

In addition to allocating a large area for the delightful landscapes that add more beauty to the compound, such as green spaces, parks, gardens, and artificial lakes, it occupies the largest percentage of the total area of the distinguished Tawny Hyde Park October project.

As for the buildings within Hyde Park October Compound, they occupy an area of 20% of its total area, while administrative buildings occupy only 10% of its area 20%.

As for the 216 villas within Tawny Hyde Park, this is a small number compared to the space allocated to the compound buildings, which means that there are appropriate distances between each villa and another in a way that preserves the privacy of its residents and provides them with a great deal of comfort.


Types of Residential Units in Tawny Hyde Park October

Standalone villas, townhouse villas, twin house villas, quad villas, all of which the customer will find inside Tawny Hyde Park October to choose from what he wants, but he will also find various spaces from which to choose what suits him, as follows:

Standalone villas: space starts from 288 square meters.

Twin House: This type of residential units starts from 280 square meters.

Townhouse Med: spaces start from 246 square meters.

Corner Townhouse Villas: spaces of this type of units start from 260 square meters.

Quad Villas: The beginning of the quadruple villa spaces is estimated at 240 square meters, meaning there are larger areas.

The number of units in Tawny Hyde Park is estimated at 216 units, varying between quads, twin houses, townhouses, standalone, divided into 4 stages as follows:

Unit: 20 units.

Twin House: 66 units.

Townhouse: 90 units.

Quad units: 40 units.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Hyde Park October Compound

The prices offered for Tawny Hyde Park October units are considered one of the best prices offered in the market for other competing projects, whether inside or outside Sixth of October City, as the prices of villas inside the compound, which were built on an area of 208 square meters, start when compared to the services provided in it and the advantages it enjoys, whether in terms of recreational facilities, tranquility, or cleanliness.


Tawny Hyde Park Payment Systems

Buying units within Tawny Hyde Park October Compound Immediate payment or cash is not required, but customers enjoy many facilities when paying so as not to suffer from great financial pressure, these facilities are represented in dealing with the installment system as follows:

10% down payment of the total unit price.

Enjoy a long repayment period of up to 8 years (equal installments are paid during this period).


Tawny Hyde Park October

Services of Town Hyde Park October Compound

There are many distinctive and amazing services that meet the wonderful needs of the compound's customers, as they are a variety of services divided between entertainment services and basic services, which came as follows:

A sports club with different types of sports activities and playgrounds with international equipment.

The residents of the compound can park their cars inside the parking lots allocated by the company to them, which have been fully secured without having to park them in places far from them.

Residents can get a range of the most delicious hot and cold drinks inside the high-end cafes scattered throughout most parts of the compound.

Children can enjoy special times inside the entertainment places in the compound, which the company has taken care of providing them with various types of games that suit all ages.

The company did not lose sight of medical care and its importance to the residents, which made it keen to provide the place with a huge medical complex that contains various medical specialties, which provides its services to the residents twenty-four hours a day.

The green spaces extended over a large area of the compound, which made the residents feel calm and mental clarity.

The project contains artificial lakes with picturesque designs that gave the place a very elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Gym, spa, and jacuzzi with great equipment to ensure that the best services are provided to the residents.

A health club equipped with a range of the most luxurious and latest equipment and machines that ensure good service to customers.

A great clubhouse for more fun and luxury for the residents.

In most parts of Tawny Hyde Park, there are a large number of restaurants that are distinguished by their various dishes to their customers to satisfy all tastes, which are characterized by their delicious and delicious taste.

The company has allocated tracks for jogging, walking, and outdoor cycling.

The swimming pools are distributed consistently and accurately throughout the compound, which have a distinctive design and have been implemented in more than one shape and size, in order to be compatible with all ages within the compound.

The villas of the compound have their own swimming pools, which means more privacy and fun for the residents.

All units of the project were implemented in the style of the European style, which is characterized by modernity, elegance, and cheerful colors.

A security team works with all its energy seven days a week non-stop so that residents enjoy peace and tranquility.

All parts of Tawny 6 October are equipped with modern surveillance cameras to secure the entire place.


Advantages of Living in Tawny Hyde Park October

It is difficult to list the services of Tawny Hyde Park October due to their large number, as it provides customers with a comfortable and luxurious residential place that provides them with all the equipment and capabilities that make them feel comfortable, relaxed, and recuperated in their place of residence.

Especially with the spread of picturesque landscapes of green spaces, gardens and artificial lakes in its various parts, the most prominent services of Tawny Hyde Park, for example, are not limited to, as follows:

Security and guarding services are available throughout the day, whether from security personnel or modern surveillance cameras.

Swimming pools of different designs and spaces are scattered throughout the different compound.

Important places for those interested in fitness and healthy life, equipped with various modern equipment and devices, represented in the gym, health club, and spa.

Allocating places for children to play, entertain and spend quality time in, are completely safe.

The artificial lakes give the units of Tawny October Compound a picturesque view, adding more sophistication and beauty to the design.

Villas attached to private swimming pools, which ensures privacy for the residents of these villas.

The wonderful designs that simulate the international and European style of the different units of the compound


The Owner Company of Tawny Compound 6 October Project

Hyde Park Real Estate Company is the one that took over the task of implementing the Tawny Hyde Park Compound project, it is one of the largest real estate companies, so the project came with the highest degree of luxury, sophistication, and excellence.

The company dates back to 2007, but was not established under the same name but under another name, DAMAC Properties.

It was not given its current name until 2011, to gain great fame in the real estate world since then, the company's previous works and projects testify to its great excellence and unparalleled creativity, including:

Hyde Park New Cairo

Coast 82 North Coast Resort


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Tawny Hyde Park October