talda mostakbal city

Now have a new life experience, full of calm and away from the crowds.

In the heart of Mostakbal City, Talda Mostakbal City

Launched by HDP Real Estate Development Company;

As an integrated city with all the services you need to live luxury, comfort, and tranquility.

With reservation advances starting from 10%, and installments up to 9 years.



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Project details talda mostakbal city

Talda Mostakbal City
Compound is a new life experience, full of calm and away from crowds.

In the heart of Mostakbal City, Talda Mostakbal City Compound, launched by HDP Developments; As an integrated city with all the services you need to live luxury, comfort, and tranquility.


Location of Talda Mostakbal City Compound

The developer chose the heart of Mostakbal City to implement its latest residential projects, Talda Compound, which is located specifically north of Suez Road, and south of the Ring Road construction, in addition to its proximity to the main freeway and vital areas.


This illustrates the extent of HDP's focus on providing amenities that represent a model of the ideal city in unique locations, with a focus on innovation and development in every detail within its projects, including Talda Mostakbal City Compound.


Places near Talda Compound

Cairo International Airport.

Suez Road, Ring Road, freeway of Hope.

Nasr City, Heliopolis, Fifth Settlement.

90 Street.

Housing Bank Compound.


Talda Mostakbal city space

The developer has implemented its new residential project "Talda Mostakbal City Compound" on a large space of up to 30 acres, a large space that the developer has exploited well through the following:


Allocating 80% of this area to large green spaces and artificial lakes.

20% of this space has also been allocated for the implementation of residential units with a wide variety and different sizes, as the number of units reached 300 apartments and 60 townhouses.


Types and spaces of units in Talda Mostakbal City

Talda Mostakbal City Compound includes units varying between apartments, townhouse villas, where these types are available in multiple spaces, as follows:


Two-room apartments ranging in size from (121-141) square meters.

Townhouses with distinctively varied sizes.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time


Talda Mostakbal City Prices

The developer stated that competitive prices are offered, where various customers can own a residential unit within Talda Mostakbal City Compound at a special price and high quality, in addition to the integrated services that have been provided within the compound.


Talda Mostakbal City Compound Payment Systems

The developer "HDP Developments" stated that it offers packages of payment systems and facilities of up to many years that help customers own their dream home inside Talda New Cairo:


Installments over 9 years and 10% down payment.

Reservations are confirmed for 50k EGP for apartments.

The reservation is confirmed for EGP 100k for the townhouse.

The housing unit is delivered within 3 years.


talda mostakbal city

Services and facilities of Talda Mostakbal City Compound

Talda Mostakbal City Compound includes all the integrated services and facilities, enabling them to live a luxurious life and not incur the trouble of searching for their needs away from their residential units, and the most important of these facilities and services are as follows:


Medical Services


Talda Compound contains integrated health facilities that include a specialized medical center and medical clinics to meet the health needs of the residents.

There are also pharmacies with delivery service available throughout Talda New Cairo Compound.

Commercial Services


Talda Compound is characterized by the presence of various commercial areas that include shops and shopping centers where residents can enjoy buying various products and services near their residence.

It also includes a hypermarket with various local and international products.

Entertainment Services


Talda Compound provides a variety of recreational facilities such as green spaces and beautiful gardens that allow residents to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

There are also children's entertainment areas and picnic areas.

There are also various restaurants and cafes serving various local and international dishes.

Talda Compound also includes areas designated for outdoor barbecues.

It also has halls for various parties and events.

Sports Services


Talda Compound Fifth Settlement includes gyms with sports equipment and specialized trainers to help you perform sports properly

Within the compound, there are various playgrounds for various games, where there are playgrounds that include the following (football, basketball, tennis, and squash).

Security Services


Talda Mostakbal City Compound is characterized by a security service at the highest level, as the compound is guarded 24 hours a day by a security staff working on a rotation system.

The compound is also monitored through surveillance cameras that have been distributed throughout the compound.


Advantages of investing in Talda Compound

Talda Mostakbal City Compound has many advantages that make it one of the distinguished and guaranteed investment opportunities, and these advantages are as follows:


Prime Location: The location of Talda Compound is very important, as it is located in the heart of Mostakbal City near Suez Road, which is a modern development area in Egypt, which is characterized by its proximity to many important landmarks and vital facilities such as airports, malls, universities, and hospitals.

Integrated design: Talda Compound is characterized by its integrated and modern design, as the project includes a variety of residential units such as apartments and townhouses with innovative architectural designs and modern facilities, as well as gardens and large green spaces to provide a comfortable and beautiful environment for the residents.

Returning investment opportunities: Talda Compound is an ideal investment opportunity, as the area is expected to flourish in the near future and investors can obtain good financial returns by renting residential units or selling them at a later time at high prices.

Services and facilities: Talda Compound provides many recreational and commercial services and facilities, including shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, swimming pools, gardens, and play areas for children.


About the Developer of Talda Mostakbal City Compound

"Talda Compound" is one of the residential projects launched by HDP Real Estate Development Company, as this company is one of the subsidiaries of the Housing and Development Bank Group of Companies and is one of the largest companies in the Arab world.


HDP is distinguished by its experience in the field of real estate development and its ability to analyze the market and identify promising investment opportunities, so the company always works to implement various projects that include residential, commercial, and coastal projects as well.


In short, HDP Real Estate Development Company is a leading company in the field of real estate investment that seeks to satisfy its customers through the implementation of distinctive projects and the provision of high-quality real estate as the company has experience and history in the real estate market.


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And because we are always keen to meet your real estate needs with distinctive residential, commercial and administrative units that suit you, we provide our real estate consultations for free to you around the clock, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time