Stei8ht New Cairo Fifth Settlement Compound

Own your unit now with Landmark Sabbour Real Stei8ht Development Company for its latest projects in New Cairo under the name of Stei8ht New Cairo. This was in one of the wonderful strategic locations in the Fifth Settlement city directly on the Youssef El Sebaei freeway, which gives its location vitality and proximity to the most important places you may want to reach. Which in turn gave it many advantages and made it superior to other residential projects, and Stei8ht New Cairo Landmark Sabbour is considered one of the largest compounds in the Fifth Settlement. As it provided its residents with integrated basic services, which resulted from the developer focusing on making it a distinctive compound that suffices the needs of the residents. Inside Stei8ht Landmark there are large green spaces, which gives the atmosphere inside the compound a character of calm and luxury, as well as the availability of gardens and parks that give a large privacy space to the residents.

Do not worry about the prices of the units of Stei8ht New Cairo, as they were commensurate with the unlimited capabilities of the compound, and Landmark

Sabbour provided easy payment systems to pay the value of the units, where you can pay the unit price in installments over a period of up to 8 years with a 5% down payment



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Project details Stei8ht New Cairo Fifth Settlement Compound

Location of Stei8ht Compound New Cairo

Stei8ht Compound New Cairo is located in the First Settlement, as it is located in front of Gate No. 19 Al Rehab, and the compound stands directly on the Youssef El Sebaei freeway, which is a branching freeway of the Mohamed Naguib freeway.

Stei8ht Fifth Settlement is located next to the Swan Lake Residence Compound project, and it is located directly in front of Rehab City and extends from Gate 16 to Gate 20


Places near Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement is located close to a number of important places and main roads that make life in the compound easier, and access to places does not take much time, and the most important places nearby are the following:

Waterway Compound Fifth Settlement You can reach it within 5 minutes from the Stei8ht Landmark Sabbour Settlement.

The American University is located only 10 minutes from the Stei8ht Fifth Settlement.

Swan Lake Compound is located next to Stei8ht Al Rehab Compound.

Rehab City is close to STEI8HT New Cairo Compound.

Nasr City and Heliopolis are within walking distance of STEI8HT New Cairo Compound.

The Middle Ring Road is close to Stei8ht New Cairo.


Designs of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

Stei8ht New Cairo Compound is characterized by the modernity of its designs that meet the tastes of discerning customers, and the project was designed by a group of the most skilled engineers and engineering consultants.

The designs of Stei8ht Compound New Cairo are unique in its abundance of green spaces, in addition to artificial lakes and swimming pools with elegant designs, and the units of Stei8ht Compound were designed on the latest European designs by Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy.


The space of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

Landmark Sabbour Real Stei8ht Development Company chose the executing Stei8ht Compound project to establish a vast area on which to establish the compound, so the company specified 550 acres to establish the compound on it,

It is a large area that allowed the company to implement its plans in full and in the best possible way, and the company has allocated the largest area of it to green spaces, landscapes, recreational facilities and services.

Which was estimated at 80% of the project area, thus providing an atmosphere with a high degree of privacy and entertainment, and left only 20% of the space for buildings and construction, which reduces the population density in Stei8ht Compound New Cairo.


Units Space in Stei8ht New Cairo Compound

The Stei8ht New Cairo Compound project consists of luxury villa units only, and the spaces and designs of the compound's villas vary to suit the tastes, needs, and desires of customers, and the following are the most important types of villas and their spaces:

Twin houses: whether corner or center, space starts from 220 square meters, in addition to a roof of 60 square meters.

Detached twin houses: start with a space of 260 square meters, in addition to a roof of 60 square meters.

Standalone villa units: in a variety of small, medium, and large, their spaces start from 280 square meters


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real Stei8ht development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement Landmark Sabbour Stei8ht New Cairo

The prices of the units of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement are one of the major features of the project, as they were reasonable and commensurate with the volume of services and facilities enjoyed by the residents of the compound, and the developer of the compound Landmark Sabbour participated with customers in payment, and offered flexible payment systems, which are as follows:

The first system: enables you to get the unit you want by paying 5% as a down payment for reservation, then paying another 5% after 3 months, and you can pay the remaining amount of the unit price in installments over 8 years.

The second system: This system is more suitable for people who do not want to waste a lot of time, as you can pay the price of your unit in installments over 4 years only, after you pay 10% of the unit value in advance of the reservation, and then pay another 10% after 3 months.


Stei8ht New Cairo Fifth Settlement Compound

Services Available in Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement


The compound has a package of the best diverse and integrated services, which would make customers' accommodation better and not force them to leave the compound to meet their needs, and the most important services are the following:

Restaurants and cafes that serve various delicious food and drinks.

A parking garage, which maintains calm and order within Stei8ht Landmark Sabbour Compound, Fifth Settlement, and it also helps ease of movement and movement within the compound.

The vast green spaces that give residents places for picnics and space, in addition to distinctive views of the units, as well as containing the residents.

Security and guarding services are located at a high level inside Stei8ht Compound, Fifth Settlement, Landmark Sabbour.

Jacuzzi, spa, sauna, gym, and other health and sports services that are indispensable for residents within Stei8ht New Cairo.

A large sports club, including football, tennis and basketball courts.

Walking, running, and cycling paths away from car roads and paths to provide more safety and tranquility within Stei8ht Compound.

A commercial area at the highest level, which includes shops displaying the most famous international brands, in addition to all the products that customers are looking for for shopping.

Places dedicated to children's games and equipped with the best means of protection and safety for children.

A mosque to perform Islamic religious duties.

Places dedicated to barbecue, family gatherings, gatherings of friends, as well as holding various events.

Integrated medical services, as Stei8ht Compound works to provide full medical care to the residents, and medical services are available within STEI8HT New Cairo Compound 24 hours a day.

Maintenance services and technical support for the units are available within the compound around the clock.


Features of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

The strategic location that has been allocated to the compound, which makes it located near many famous landmarks in the region, as well as its proximity to many main roads and freeway that facilitate access to and from the compound.

The competitive prices offered are incomparable, as well as flexible payment methods and payment facilities that may reach 8 years.

The architectural designs that came at the highest level of luxury and sophistication, as well as the interiors of the residential units that came in a modern style.

Stei8ht Compound New Cairo is one of the largest residential projects, with an area of 550 acres.

Green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes are spread throughout the compound, giving it an unparalleled aesthetic view.

The residential units vary between townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas of various sizes and charming views.

Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement provides you with all the elements to live a life full of luxury and sophistication, through the facilities and services that have been provided in the compound, which are basic, recreational, security, and other services.


The Developer of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

Land Mark Sabbour is the executing company of the Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement project, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of construction and real Stei8ht development in the Egyptian market, and the company is famous for presenting a large number of projects that are characterized by their full finishes.

Landmark Sabbour was established in 2005 by Eng. Ahmed Hussein Sabbour, and the company was established in partnership between Eng. Sabbour and the National Bank for Real Stei8ht Development, and the company had a clear goal to meet the needs of the real Stei8ht market with luxury real Stei8ht projects inside and outside Egypt.


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Stei8ht New Cairo Fifth Settlement Compound