Solana Compound New Zayed

Own Your Unit Now In Solana New Zayed Compound It is the latest project of the new engineer Naguib Sawiris in New Zayed City, and it is among the major projects implemented by Ora Real Estate Development Company, Solana Ora was designed with a modern architectural system that preserves privacy, where the most famous architects in the world were hired to implement the designs for the project, the compound consists of villas and penthouses only, in order to be dedicated to a certain class of society to enjoy life and luxury as if they live in the best European countries.

All the basic and recreational needs have been provided that will not make you have to go outside the compound to get your needs. Solana Sheikh Zayed is your best choice if you want to live in a different environment and it is characterized by the best features available to you and the family to live a happy life, and it is the perfect choice for real estate investment.

Contract advances starting from 5%, and extended repayment periods up to 8 years


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Project details Solana Compound New Zayed

Location of Solana Zayed Compound

Ora Real Estate Company chose a strategic location for the construction of Solana, and the choice of the site took a large period from the developer to be in the best place in Sheikh Zayed, and the project site is characterized by being close to all basic services and commercial centers, in addition to the fact that the new Zayed City is characterized by the presence of a strong infrastructure, so it was chosen to be the place on which the legislator is built to show us a wonderful architectural masterpiece.


Areas near Solana New Zayed

The geographical location of the New Solana Zayed project was among the most important investment features in the project, as it was close to the important main roads such as Alexandria Road, El Dabaa Road, and many other highways, giving the project the advantage of moving from it and reaching it without facing the trouble of entering traffic jams, and thus reaching anywhere you go in the shortest possible time, including the following:

Sphinx International Airport is half an hour from Solana.

Many sports clubs are easily accessible, and in a few times, you can reach Al Ahly Club Sheikh Zayed branch in 24 minutes, while Al Jazira Club takes 35 minutes, as well as Wadi Degla Club.

Solana Sheikh Zayed is close to several universities and schools that are considered the most famous in 6th of October City, such as: Misr University for Science and Technology, 6th of October University, Nile University, Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch, and Marvel International School.

It takes only half an hour to reach the most famous malls in 6th of October, such as: Mall of Arabia, Hyper One, Dandy Mall, and finally Mall of Egypt.


Design of New Solana Zayed Project

The design of the Solana New Zayed project is among the most important basics that Ora was keen to overcome very carefully, as it paid full attention to investing the compound space in providing everything that Solana residents may be looking for and need one day.

Solana will include a lot of green spaces for the largest percentage of the project area, while the remaining space will be left to the residential, recreational and commercial buildings in the project, so that the residents of Solana New Zayed will find the life they have always dreamed of, where sophistication and tranquility, and a wonderful view that will inspire the spirit of happiness and prosperity within them.

This is in addition to paying attention to the engineering and architectural design of Solana October Compound, and working to make the project keep pace with the best modern designs in the world, in addition to putting the experience of Ora Real Estate Company in implementing the project, and putting its strong mark within the project.

The compound included units of villas only, with luxurious international designs and different sizes to suit the needs of all customers looking for freedom and independence in their full meanings.


The space of Solana Zayed Compound

Ora Real Estate Company provided a huge space on which Solana New Zayed Compound extends, which was 316 acres, an area equivalent to 1,327,200 square meters, this feature allowed the presence of many different services and facilities that make life easier and higher.

Types and space of Solana New Zayed ORA Developmen units

The residential units have varied in terms of different types and spaces to meet all the needs of customers and investors within the new Solana Zayed, the spaces of the units are as follows:

Villa 1-A: up to 388 square meters consisting of 4 bedrooms + family living.

Villa 1-B: up to 383 square meters consisting of 5 bedrooms.

Villa 2: up to 319 m² with 4 bedrooms.

Villa 3: up to 337 m² with 4 bedrooms.

Villa 4: up to 240 square meters consisting of 4 bedrooms.

Twin Villa: up to 206 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms.

Twin House: up to 240 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms + family living.

Town House: up to 210 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms + family living.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of New Solana Zayed Compound

Ora Developer was able to combine luxury and prosperity, many different units were available from villas for sale in Solana New Zayed Compound Solana New Zayed


Payment Systems in Solana Compound

Ora has provided many payment and payment systems, from which customers can choose the system that suits their different abilities, with contract advances starting from 5%, and extended repayment periods of up to 8 years, and this is considered one of the best payment systems in the Egyptian real estate market.


Solana Compound New Zayed

New Solana Zayed Services & Features

Ora Real Estate Development believes that the abundance of basic and recreational services within the project is among the most important factors that all customers and investors are looking for, and therefore it is considered as one of the most reasons why the company's projects are among the best residential compounds in the cities it praises, as the company is always keen to provide the following:

Security Services:

Highly trained security personnel.

Surveillance cameras of high photographic quality, to follow and monitor all events inside and outside the project, and monitor all movements day and night.

High concrete fences surround the entire compound.

Modern electronic gates for entry and exit operations from the Solana project.

Basic Services:

Continuous cleaning services throughout the entire day, to maintain the general appearance, health and safety of the owners of Solana Sheikh Zayed units.

Maintenance services for all units and facilities, and continuous follow-up to them.

Full care services, irrigation and re-cutting of plants and trees.

Commercial services to provide all basic food commodities to the population, in addition to the necessary recreational and supplementary goods.

Restaurants and cafes in different areas within Solana Compound, to provide all the necessary food and drinks that the residents are looking for.

Sports and entertainment services:

Sports tracks for lovers of walking in the green spaces, along with their pets, or for cycling.

A sports club that includes many different playgrounds.

Gym and sauna have the latest and best sports equipment and equipment for the residents of Solana New Zayed only.

Secured recreational areas for children only.

Swimming pools of different designs, spaces, and depths suitable for all ages of the residents of Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Shops to provide all recreational goods and services.

Areas designated for lovers of barbecues with their fun family gatherings.

There is also a clubhouse on a vast area that includes many recreational and sports services.

Ora Real Estate has provided areas dedicated to charging electric cars for the residents of the new Solana Zayed project.

Medical services within Solana New Zayed:

Medical centers and clinics equipped with the latest equipment and tools needed.

Pharmacies to provide all the needs of the population of the needs and medical medicines necessary for the residents of the Ora Solana Zayed project.


Why invest in the new Ora Solana Zayed project

Real estate investment is among the best options available to you at the present time, in order to ensure that the purchasing value of your money is maintained, and even increased with time, due to the economic flops that Egypt is going through and the decline in the purchasing value of the Egyptian pound, with the high price of the dollar, and therefore owning a unit in Solana New Zayed Compound is a safe choice that guarantees that your money will not be exposed to decline, as the project will include all successful investment factors.

Accordingly, you will benefit greatly by owning a unit of Solana New Sheikh Zayed Villas, and once you book your chosen unit, and pay the contract provider, whatever happens in the price difference, you are completely away from paying any increases or differences, and therefore you will only pay the expenses agreed upon at the time of contracting, in addition to the monthly payment value (installment).


The Owner Company of Solana New Zayed Project

Ora is Gemani Developments, an expert company in the field of urban development, and the company operates in 8 countries outside Egypt, and the company's name was changed from Gemani to Ora Real Estate Company in 2018.

There is no doubt that ORA Real Estate is one of the leading real estate companies in this field, as it was established by Engineer Naguib Sawiris and renamed to ORA in 2018.

ORA has been able to prove its value in the market through innovative projects and reputation for being reliable when it comes to working with clients and meeting their expectations. The company has also been successful in its projects inside and outside Egypt, making it one of the most recognizable companies worldwide.


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