Silio Compound New Zayed

Own your unit now with Al Khalifa Real Estate Group, which offers an achievement behind an achievement in the Zayed and October areas, where it recently launched the new Silio Zayed Compound, the most prominent real estate event at the moment in the Green Belt area, especially its launch with dazzling designs in the antique Spanish style in a residential experience full of luxury living.

When you make the decision to own a villa in the new Cellio Zayed Compound project, then you are steps away from buying at the cheapest price for villas in Sheikh Zayed City and its vicinity, because the developer offers very competitive prices as the cheapest compound in Sheikh Zayed at the level of projects specialized in villas.

The customer pays a limited value as a down payment of 5%.5% of the price is payable upon receipt. Installments up to 9 years.


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Project details Silio Compound New Zayed

Location of Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound

Al Khalifa Real Estate Company was keen to select the geographical location that attracts the attention of customers, so the project in Basin No. 17 in New Zayed came as the second tigress from the central freeway, in a strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.


Nearest places and roads from Silio Compound

It is located very close to the regional ring road.

Minutes away from Sheikh Zayed and Sixth of October City.

In addition, minutes from Mall of Arabia and Hyper One.

Near Sphinx International Airport.


Design and space of New Silio Zayed Compound

Design of Silio Compound Sheikh Zayed

A group of cadres with planning skills developed the engineering design of Silio Compound Sheikh Zayed, so you can enjoy eye-catching privacy when living in Silio Compound, as a result of the circular design pattern it enjoys, thus achieving open and diverse views of all units.

While the architectural designs came in the Spanish style, which made the project one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed, especially in terms of unique architecture, which is being launched for the first time in the region.

How big is Silio Compound?

As is the custom of New Sheikh Zayed compounds in offering limited spaces, the Silio project came on a relatively small space of about 5 acres, providing complete privacy, especially with the limited number of units offered with only 34 villas.

The space is distributed in the form of a residential area, service areas, and streets, in addition to that, the majority of the space is allocated to green spaces.

Units Space in Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound

New Silio Zayed Compound included all types of villas with medium and large areas as follows:

Villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed within Silio Compound, with spaces start from 380 m2.

There are standalone villas with large areas starting from 428 m2.

Twin houses with spaces start from 380 m2.

Townhouses start from 257 m2.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of New Silio Zayed Compound

Silio New Zayed Compound offers a range of luxury housing units at competitive prices that meet the needs of different customers


Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound Installment System

The developer offered a payment system with great facilities in the following detail:

The customer pays a limited value as a down payment of 5%.

5% of the price is payable upon receipt.

Installments up to 9 years.


Silio Compound New Zayed

Facilities of Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound

In order to achieve the desired real estate and residential vision by Khalifa Real Estate Company, it was keen to offer all possible residential and recreational services and facilities within the project, including, for example, the following:

Advanced audio system where the project relies heavily on modern technologies.

Smart gates that work with the smart system as more support and security in the compound.

State-of-the-art surveillance cameras, in addition to guard and security services.

Large areas of landscapes, which are spread in the middle and around buildings.

Artificial lakes occupy the focal points in Silio New Zayed Compound.

The project includes a pharmacy that provides medical needs, in addition to that, there is a hypermarket.

A track for cycling, in addition to that, there is a public walkway.

Water fountains give an aesthetic character, with the project annexing to Pragolat.

Maintenance services periodically to ensure the maintenance of project facilities.

Banking, financial services and ATMs.


Features of Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound

The first project in Sheikh Zayed to offer this style of architectural designs.

It is the cheapest compound in Sheikh Zayed compared to compounds specialized in offering villas.

Offers payment facilities outside the scope of competition by paying in equal installments.

A vital location on the central freeway and the regional ring road.

A residential project with great privacy, especially with its limited space.


About Al Khalifa Real Estate Group

Al-Khalifa Company has played a major role in leading the field of real estate investment in the presence of intense competition in the October and Zayed regions, as it has shown extensive development experiences and skills despite its recent inception in 2017, as its various projects have become famous, the most important of which are the following:


The most important projects of Alkhalifa Group

Silio Sheikh Zayed Compound.

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A number of projects in Al-Ahram Gardens.

Silio Compound New Zayed