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Own your unit now in the Village Sia North Coast project, if you like to spend the most beautiful times directly in front of the sea, where the Arab Developers Company offers chalets and villas with a great deal of luxury, as it is perfectly suitable for people with good taste, with all the service facilities, amenities and entertainment, and the prices of Sia North Coast are distinctive.
A down payment of 5% of the price of Sia Golf Bay Village units.
5% payment after 3 months.
Payment of 10% after 4 years.
The rest is paid in installments over 8 years.
Units will be delivered within one or two years depending on the stage, with a semi-finished system.

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Project details Sia Village North Coast

Where exactly is Sia Village located?
The Sia North Coast project has an ideal and strategic location in Golf Porto Marina, which makes it close to the most vital and important places, as the residents of Village Sia North Coast can reach the most famous landmarks within a short period, and the village is located in one of the most luxurious and sophisticated areas. On the North Coast, which guarantees residents a unique experience.
Places near Sia Village, North Coast
Sia North Coast is located 15 minutes from New Alamein.
The Sia Golf Porto Marina project is about half an hour away from Alexandria.
It takes about 45 minutes to reach Sia North Coast Village from Matrouh.
The distance between the Golf Bay project and Marina Al Sahel is about 15 minutes.
The project is close to Bali Village and Blue Bay Village.
Design of Sia Village North Coast
The Arab Developers Company relied on the finest designs in the Sia Bay North Coast project, where it used construction details that mimic international buildings, and also achieved perfect harmony between the natural landscape and the construction buildings, where residents in the project can enjoy a unique lifestyle, and the designs of Village Sia come North Coast as follows:
The largest part of the Sia North Coast project is dedicated to landscaping and green spaces.
Village Sia North Coast has various units, including chalets and villas.
The Sia Golf North Coast project consists of three phases: A phase of all villas, a phase of chalets, and a phase of 7 buildings in Golf Bay.
Area of Sia North Coast Village
Through the Sia Golf Bay Marina project, the Arab Developers Company meets the ambitions and different tastes of all customers, as it provides units of different and varied sizes, at the level of chalets and villas, and therefore everyone has the opportunity to be present in the project, whether lovers of limited or large spaces, and the size of Sia units comes The northern coast according to each stage is as follows:
Sia Golf Bay stage
One-room chalets: The area of Sia North Coast chalets starts from 40 square meters.
Two-room chalets: The area of Village Sia North Coast chalets starts from 80 meters.
Sia Lagoons stage
Two-room chalets: The area of the chalets in the Sia Golf Bay project starts from 68 meters.
Sia Villaggio stage
Three-bedroom twin house villas: The area of the Sia Golf Porto Marina villas starts from 102 square meters, and it has 3 bathrooms with a garden and its own swimming pool.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please review us and contact us at any time.
Sia North Coast Village prices 2023
Arab Developers Holding Company sought to provide units at distinctive prices that would satisfy the ambitions of those seeking luxury and elegance, so it made sure that the prices of Sia North Coast were suitable for customers, at the level of chalets and villas.
Ways to book Sia North Coast Village
With these special prices, the company has provided convenient reservation and installment systems, because it wants to make it easier for customers to purchase the units offered for sale, and to provide the opportunity for the largest number of customers to obtain the units they want easily. The reservation and installment systems in Sia Bay North Coast are as follows: :
A down payment of 5% of the price of Sia Golf Bay Village units.
5% payment after 3 months.
Payment of 10% after 4 years.
The rest is paid in installments over 8 years.
Units will be delivered within one or two years depending on the stage, with a semi-finished system.

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Sia Village North Coast

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Village Sia North Coast Services
The company provides the residents of Sia Village, North Coast, with all the facilities and services they need, as well as entertainment and means of entertainment that make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable, as anyone can obtain these facilities for free without any hassle, and these facilities and means come as follows:
Sia Village, North Coast, has swimming pools equipped to the highest standard, so that it is easy for residents to get full relaxation and enjoyment at any time.
Through the commercial area in Village Sia North Coast, residents can get everything they need at any time.
There is an Aqua Park at Seia Golf Porto Marina, where adults and children can enjoy their special time in one place.
The Sia Arab Developers project includes restaurants and cafes on a level, so that it is easy for residents to get everything they need easily.
Residents of Village Sia North Coast can enjoy aesthetic views across the artificial lakes that add appeal to the units.
There are security and guarding systems at the highest level in order to provide complete safety for residents in the Sia Golf Bay Marina project.
The Sia North Coast project includes parking garages, so that it is easy for residents to park their cars easily near the units.
Residents of Sia Golf North Coast can practice various sports, through gyms equipped at the highest level for residents.
With the surveillance cameras in Sia Golf Bay Village, residents can feel more secure.
Providing maintenance and cleaning services in Sia Arab Developers, so that the project appears in a decent appearance at all times.
Features of the Sia North Coast Village project
Sia North Coast Village has all the features that customers are looking for, starting with the unique location in the most prestigious places in Porto Marina, as well as the distinctive designs of the chalets and villas, as well as achieving a great diversity in the area of the units, and reasonable prices that are commensurate with the volume of services provided. It offers convenient reservation and payment systems, service facilities and unparalleled entertainment and leisure facilities.
About Arab Developers Holding Company
Arab Developers Holding Company is considered one of the leading real estate companies that was established in 2005. The company provides projects on a large scale in Egypt and abroad. Arab Developers Holding Company was able to sell approximately 10,500 units and deliver 7,500 units. The company also We strive at all times to provide customers with the highest standards of accuracy and creativity.
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Sia Village North Coast