Scenario Compound New Capital

Own your unit now in Scenario New Capital Compound is your ideal choice through which you can live a high-end and integrated life without nothing. The project has been specially developed to be a community that provides its residents with all their needs of complete luxury, and a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of residents and traffic. All this and more you will find in the Akam Real Estate Development Company's project.

Scenario is distinguished by its luxurious engineering and architectural designs, and it contains a lot of green spaces and landscapes, which came throughout the project, to give all units a unique view, and give them the amount of freedom and complete privacy they need.

It is worth noting that Akam Developments has provided in its project a diversity of units in terms of types, designs and spaces, so everyone finds the unit that suits their needs and tastes.

Without down payment and installments start from 7 years to 10 years.



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Project details Scenario Compound New Capital

Location of Scenario Compound

The location of the scenario of the New Administrative Capital was not chosen randomly, but the executing company sought to have the location in the most attractive place and carry many services, so Scenario New Capital was established in the R7 area, specifically plot A2 in the seventh residential district.


Areas near Scenario New Capital

The site of Scenario is close to the most important vital places within the Administrative Capital, which makes staying in the compound an opportunity to visit all the city's sights, and also provides the opportunity to move to and from the city easily, including:

The scenario project of the new administrative capital is approaching the British University.

Scenario New Capital is a 5-minute drive from the Green River.

The Scenario project is about 15 minutes away from the Presidential District and the Administrative Capital Airport.

The compound is also located 5 minutes away from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral Church.

The scenario of the Administrative Capital is a few minutes away from the exhibition city.

It is located 20 minutes from New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement.

The compound is also located next to IL Bosco Administrative Capital and Al Masa Hotel.


The space of the scenario of the new administrative capital

The scenario of the New Administrative Capital was built on an area of 39 acres, where the construction area of the project is only 20%, and the rest of the area will be between many green spaces, swimming pools, artificial lakes, recreational services, and other services for practical life, as well as space for the commercial center of the project.

It also includes many commercial services and large facilities that make it a dream city on the ground, as the compound will be built on the latest and most luxurious designs at the highest level of modern architecture.

This will be under the supervision of a group of the greatest experts in the world, so ACAM hired the largest engineering consultant who is well known Engineer Yasser Beltagy, who is the most famous engineering consultant We notice this in many of his previous works, including Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement

Apartment Areas in Scenario New Capital

Akam Developments, the developer of the compound, has provided many diverse units of varying size, to meet the needs of all customers looking for apartments for sale in the Administrative Capital. The units were as follows:

The scenario of the New Administrative Capital is as follows:

Apartments consisting of (3 rooms, two bathrooms) with an area of 136 square meters.

Apartments consisting of (3 rooms, two bathrooms) with an area of 149 square meters.

Apartments consisting of (4 rooms, two bathrooms) with an area of 177 square meters.

Apartments consisting of (5 rooms, two bathrooms) with an area of 195 square meters.

Apartments consisting of (5 rooms, 3 bathrooms) with an area of 273 square meters.

Each unit within the Administrative Capital scenario project enjoys complete privacy in addition to the view, which differs from each unit and the other, and the compound includes 2000 housing units within an area of 7.5 acres and the rest of the space is allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and services.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Scenario New Capital Compound

The company announced the prices of the Capital Scenario project suitable for everyone, if you compare them with services, features, and large space, you find yourself paying for the unit cost only, and the prices were the lowest prices in the Administrative Capital


Reservation and installment systems for the scenario of the New Administrative Capital

The company did not stop at the competitive prices it set, but it provided many different payment systems that are easy and flexible in order to facilitate the booking and ownership processes for their customers, where you can book and contract now with a down payment starting from only 20% and repayment periods of up to 9 years.


Scenario Compound New Capital

Services and features of Scenario New Capital Compound

Many distinguished services have been provided in the Scenario Akam project, which are divided between entertainment services and basic services, which in turn provide all the needs of customers and provide them with all methods of luxury, and these services are as follows:

A social club that includes a lot of playgrounds in various sports activities.

International Nursery is fully secured, providing an advanced educational service for children in the compound.

For lovers of relaxation and tranquility, charming sessions have been provided on the roof, overlooking stunning landscapes within Scenario Compound.

The residents of the project can get all the favorite products and brands by shopping inside the mall, which occupies a large area of the project.

A large hypermarket that provides residents with all the daily needs so that they do not have to leave the compound to search for it.

A pharmacy that operates throughout the day in order to provide the best treatment service to the residents.

A spa, sauna and jacuzzi are provided with high-end designs and at the highest level.

Club House with international equipment and designs.

Fountains and artificial lakes gave the place a charming appearance and irresistible beauty.

Takeaway lovers can enjoy signature dishes at the restaurants scattered throughout Scenario.

The company has provided the compound with high-end cafes that offer different types of drinks that satisfy all tastes.

In Scenario New Administrative Capital, there is a central kitchen that provides its services to all residents.

For more luxury and distinction, the compound has been provided with four gyms with international equipment.

Green spaces spread throughout the compound, and this made all units overlook the stunning views, which contributes to calm and getting rid of tension and pressure.

An open-air cinema that shows the latest local and international films, in addition to the compound containing a large theater that offers a distinguished package of shows throughout the week.

There are 4 swimming pools of different sizes and shapes to benefit all residents of the project of all ages, in addition to a covered bathroom for women.

Security and guard personnel distributed throughout the compound, which is a team trained at the highest level, to be able to provide full protection for the residents.

The company has installed many cameras throughout the Scenario, in order to secure it and monitor any movements inside it.

The internal cleaning of the project is carried out on a daily basis to maintain the general appearance and health of the residents.

Plant care services for flowers, plants and tree mowing are ongoing throughout the year.


Benefits of investing within Scenario Compound

Scenario new capital contains many features that make it a unique investment haven for many investors because of the many investment benefits it offers them, the most prominent of which are:

Its ideal location in the heart of the seventh district, which enjoys the presence of the most prominent landmarks of the capital, and it is located near all important main roads.

A wide variety of unit types and spaces so that all investors find what meets their desires and tastes.

Its huge space served the presence of many diverse services and facilities that provided multiple concepts of luxury and excellence.

The ability to make a large financial profit when reselling the housing unit cannot be achieved from any other investment source.

Keeping the value of capital constant without being affected by various economic factors such as inflation and other economic factors that depreciate the value of capital.

Achieving a fixed monthly income through the rent of the residential unit, as the units of the Administrative Capital are generally one of the most expected units for rental demand.


About Akam, the real estate developer of the New Capital scenario project

The scenario project is owned by Akam Real Estate, which has a great deal of experience in the field of real estate development, as it has been famous in the field for many years, and Akam is a joint stock company consisting of 4 companies of different nationalities:

First: Faisal Islamic Bank is a Saudi national.

Second: Al-Hayed Holding Company in Saudi Arabia, which has branches in many different countries, and has carried out many urban projects, including:

King Saud University.

King Faisal University.

Third: Residence Company with Egyptian nationality, which has carried out many diverse real estate projects, including:

Aroma Ain Sokhna Resort.

Tulip Village

Ain Sokhna.

Fourth: Benayat Company with Egyptian nationality, which has established many urban projects, including:

Ministry of Defense.

Ministry of Housing.

Each of them has honorable works that made them a great reputation in the field of real estate development, and the joint cooperation between them resulted in the presence of scenario new capital, which is the oldest and most beautiful real estate projects within the New Administrative Capital

ACAM hired the engineer and consultant / Yasser El-Beltagy, the able engineer famous in the field of real estate development, to be the general supervisor of the Administrative Capital Scenario Compound, which made the compound witness distinctive designs and vast green spaces.


Scenario Compound New Capital