Rosail City Compound Mostakbal City

Own your unit now with Khaled Sabry Holding Compound Rosail City Mostakbal City, which it offers with international standards through which it achieves the philosophy of sustainable communities in which residents enjoy continuous happiness, as the residential units vary between apartments and twin houses that suit the different needs of the residents, and the prices of Rosail City Compound are distinctive and are paid according to flexible plans in booking and installments.

No down payment with installment period of up to 8 years + 4% discount.


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Project details Rosail City Compound Mostakbal City

Location of Rosail City Compound

The comfort of the residents increases directly with the appropriate location, and Khaled Sabry Holding Company has taken care of choosing the strategic location in Rosail City Compound in one of the most attractive areas in New Cairo, specifically in the heart of Mostakbal City in front of Madinaty, so that Rosail Mostakbal City Compound becomes minutes away from the famous places that cover the different needs of the residents, and it is easy for them to move with great flexibility.


Landmarks near Rosail Mostakbal City

Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound is located 20 minutes from Cairo Airport.

Rosail City Mostakbal City is 4 minutes away from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.

Rosail Mostakbal City Compound is 14 minutes from the American University.

The Rosail Khaled Sabri project is approaching Madinaty and Rehab.

Khaled Sabry Holding project is close to Suez Road.

You can go to Rosail Mostakbal City from New Heliopolis.

Rosail City Compound is close to Odyssia Compound and The Rift Mall.


Design of Rosail City Compound New Cairo

Khaled Sabry Holding Company in Rosail City Mostakbal City offers modern architectural designs that suit the needs of customers at the present time, and has contracted with the best architectural designer companies to provide ideas that keep pace with the spirit of the current modern and carry a unique European touch, which is reflected in the size of the large percentage of green spaces compared to buildings, and the design of the Rosail Mostakbal City project is as follows:


Rosail City Compound extends over an area of 56 acres.

The percentage of green spaces and landscapes reaches 82% of the area of Rosail Mostakbal City, compared to 18% for residential units.

In Rosail Mostakbal City project, there are apartments and twin houses.

The buildings in Compound Rosail City Mostakbal City are ground and 5 floors or 6 floors.


Compound Rosail City space

The large space on which Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound extends contributes to achieving diversity in unit spaces, which is part of the philosophy in which Khaled Sabry Holding Company operates, as it is keen that the project is suitable for all tastes, starting from limited spaces to large ones, and the units' space in Compound Rosail City New Cairo is as follows:

Apartments: the space of apartments in Rosail Mostakbal City starts from 130 up to 220 square meters.

Twin House Villas: The space of twin houses in Rosail City starts from 212 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Rosail City Mostakbal City 2023

The prices of Rosail City Compound are considered one of the best prices in New Cairo compounds, because Khaled Sabry Holding has achieved the difficult equation in providing the best value at the most appropriate price, so that customers can buy the units they dream of in Rosail Khaled Sabry Holding,


Installallments and Booking systems at Compound Rosail City

The reservation and installment systems of Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound are one of the factors that make it easier for customers to buy the units offered for sale, through a simple down payment, the units can be booked with the ability to pay over many years, with a serious reservation payment of 30,000 EGP, with a special offer for finishing and a general discount from the payment system for the first 50 customers in addition to a 40% discount for cash.

To know the details of booking units in Rosail City Compound Mostakbal City, follow the following points:

No down payment with installment period of up to 8 years + 4% discounts.

5% down payment with a repayment period up to 9 years + 4% discounts.

10% down payment with installment period up to 9 years + 8% discounts.

20% down payment with installment period extending up to 10 years + 16% discounts.

30% down payment with a repayment period of up to 10 years + 27% discounts.

40% down payment in installments over 5 years + 32% discounts.


Rosail City Compound Mostakbal City

Facilities and services of Rosail City Mostakbal City

The size of the luxury that the residents receive in Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound is very large, due to the facilities and services provided by Khaled Sabry Holding Company in the project so that the residents can obtain them at any time, and at the same time pay attention to the entertainment that achieves luxury for the residents, which are as follows:

In Rosail Mostakbal City Compound, there are landscape spaces and artificial lakes that give the units distinctive views all the time.

Rosail Compound New Cairo provides a clubhouse that includes various entertainment that ensure happiness for the residents.

The presence of a commercial mall in Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound, where residents can shop to get all their needs.

Residents in Rosail Mostakbal City Compound can complete all their work in administrative offices equipped at the highest level.

Sports in the Roussel Khaled Sabry project are facilitated through gyms and gyms that include various games.

Through the garages in the Khaled Sabry Holding project, it is easy for residents to park their cars under the units.

In Rosail Mostakbal City, there are running and cycling tracks so that lovers of these hobbies can easily practice them.

The security and guard personnel in Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound work 24 hours a day so that the residents have the calm atmosphere they dream of.

Placing surveillance cameras in all corners of the Rosail Mostakbal City project to raise safety factors.

Through the solar panels located in Rosail City Mostakbal City clean energy sources are available.

Maintenance and cleaning services in Rosail City Mostakbal City Compound work seven days a week to ensure that the services always work with high efficiency.


Features of the Rosail Future Project

Khaled Sabry Holding in Rosail City Compound has provided all the features that the residents wish for in their units, starting with the strategic location in New Cairo, European-style architectural designs, diversity in spaces, competitive prices, and convenient installment systems, and the company also worked on the comfort of the residents, providing them with all means of entertainment, entertainment, and service facilities.


About Khaled Sabry Holding Company

Khaled Sabry Holding is one of the leading companies that were able to prove its worth within the Egyptian real estate market quickly, as it was established only 10 years ago by Engineer Khaled Sabry, who has great experience in the field of real estate development, and Khaled Sabry Holding has been able to implement many important projects inside Egypt.


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Rosail City Compound Mostakbal City