Radium  Mall New Cairo

Invest in Radium, one of the most important and luxurious new investment projects launched by MakePlace Real Estate Development and Investment Company with its global touch, excelled by all standards and produced for all its clients this unparalleled masterpiece, unique with all the elements included in the project aimed at the success of any activity within it. In terms of choosing the location in the most lively and strategic areas in New Cairo, specifically the Fifth Settlement, which guarantees you a wonderful investment opportunity, in addition to the amazing designs and decorations that are filled with luxury and elegance, in addition to providing all the basic and complementary services that work for your comfort and well-being throughout the day.

Enjoy the beauty of nature throughout Radium with its wonderful shapes and designs, represented by the landscape, young trees, colorful flowers, and various types of water bodies, in addition to the investment units offered within the mall of all types, different spaces, and luxurious designs that ensure you get everything that suits your needs and your high taste. To prevent entrepreneurs and investors from bearing any financial burdens, MakePlace announced unit prices in Radium that were completely unexpected. They are much lower than expected in order to serve the largest segment of society. There are also exclusive discounts and long-term payment systems.

A reservation deposit of 10% of the total unit price is paid, with the rest of the amount being paid in equal installments without any additional interest over a period of 6 years.



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Project details Radium Mall New Cairo

Radium Mall New Cairo location

Radium is that dream that has become in the palm of your hands. MakePlace has succeeded in developing it with all measures aimed at the success of any activity within it, and in the short term you will obtain the highest profit rates that are constantly increasing, and it has chosen the finest and most attractive areas for it so that it is easily accessible from all sides.

It is also a vital location that has proven its importance, as it is a meeting place for people with good taste. It can be accessed from all parts without bearing any burdens due to its proximity to most of the new strategic roads, ensuring that investors will have a constant flow of visitors to it.

Radium is located in front of Gate 23 of Al-Rehab City in the Fifth Settlement, next to the American University, and close to all the famous populated residential compounds.


It is also located near all the entertainment and basic service areas, which gave the mall’s location utmost importance. Among the most important features of the site are:

Radium Mall New Cairo is located just 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

The most important roads and freeways near the project are the Cairo-Suez Road, the Middle Ring Road, and the Mohamed Naguib freeway.

The mall is only 20 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Radium is close to the most important international universities such as the American University, the Canadian University, and the University of the Future.

It is a very short distance from hospitals and international schools.

The project is also close to the most important neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, which is Teseen Street.

Nasr City and Heliopolis are among the most important areas near Radium New Cairo and are only 20 minutes away.


Space and design of Radium Mall, New Cairo

The total area of the project is about 18,500 square meters and occupies a frontage of 200 metres. The real estate developer made the best use of the total area of Radium in terms of internal and external division, so that it can accommodate many commercial, administrative and medical units, and provide a large part of your luxury, containing within it many basic services and means of entertainment. In addition to the diversity of the picturesque landscape, including trees, colorful flowers with their attractive fragrance, and fountains that increase the beauty of the place, sophistication and luxury.

Radium Mall consists of two basement floors, a ground floor, and four upper floors. The real estate developer excelled in dividing the mall from the inside to occupy the largest number of units of different sizes, while maintaining partitions in order to give investors and customers more privacy to help them focus on their work, so the mall was divided internally as follows

2 floors Basement was assigned to Radium Garage.

For the ground and first floors, there are commercial units, restaurants and cafes.

The second, third, and fourth floors include administrative units, offices, and medical units.

Radium design takes you to wonderful and attractive details that take you through the roads and reach unparalleled luxury and sophistication. It is the most distinguished investment project in the Fifth Settlement, and the most prominent, as the project was designed to have a luxurious glass facade starting from the ground floor all the way to its end, and it is also of an elegant black color. It attracts the eye and is inlaid with golden writing, which increases its brilliance. From the inside, you will find high walls that suggest luxury, and luxurious ornate columns. This is a modern design implemented with the latest construction technology, which MakePlace has created for all those with good taste looking for excellence.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Advertised unit prices for all units of Radium Mall New Cairo

The real estate developer worked a lot for his clients at Radium and provided them with all the solutions that would help him establish a successful project, and provided them with all the elements that contribute to creating a positive spirit that raises their performance at work. All you have to do is choose the type of activity you want in the space you imagine. MakePlace Company is responsible for your comfort and luxury, and in order to make it easy for you, the real estate developer was keen to provide very competitive prices that help all investors own a new commercial, administrative or medical unit in the most vital areas in New Cairo, knowing that these prices are unparalleled compared to everything that has been provided to you in regards of services and features, prices are as follows

The price per square meter of commercial units on the ground floor in Radium starts from 151,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price per square meter of commercial units on the first floor starts from 116,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price per square meter of administrative units, offices, and medical units in the mall ranges from 75,000 Egyptian pounds.


Payment systems provided by MakePlace for Real Estate Development and Investment

The real estate developer has provided more than one very convenient installment system through which you can obtain a unit in Radium New Cairo with ease, and over long periods of time you can pay, and with ease you can also make your profit margin in the mall much greater than the payment amount, and in order for you to not bear any additional financial burdens, and for you to achieve a great achievement in a short period.

A reservation deposit of 10% of the total unit price is paid, with the rest of the amount being paid in equal installments without any additional interest over a period of 6 years.


Radium  Mall New Cairo

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you find at Radium Mall New Cairo

MakePlace Real Estate provides all entrepreneurs and investors with a golden opportunity to invest within the most prestigious area of Greater Cairo, which is the Fifth Settlement, an area that will not be disputed, and which is known for its sophistication due to the services, features, entertainment means, and other facilities that attract citizens on a daily basis. Therefore, MakePlace came up with its Radium project as the largest complex for basic and entertainment services in the entire region, with increasing diversity in what it offers to become more integrated and needed, and it was keen to meet the call of all requirements and desires of investors and customers.

It also contributed to providing an appropriate environment to manage your business in a calm, safe and relaxing environment.

The mall is secured with the latest means, including high-quality surveillance cameras, and security personnel trained to protect customers and property, working 24 hours a day.

A large hall was prepared in Radium Mall designated for conferences and meetings to accommodate many businessmen, and it was also equipped with all audio and visual technological means.

The entire Radium New Cairo Mall has central air conditioning to maintain the temperature that ensures your comfort, and a central shower for all units.

Providing fast internet service in all parts of the project, which all units, restaurants and cafes can enjoy.

The mall contains many cafes and various restaurants that serve the most delicious Western and Eastern cuisine at the hands of distinguished chefs, and they also provide their services in the finest style.

Radium New Cairo has a large supermarket with all your daily needs.

The project includes many automated teller machines that facilitate your financial transactions so that it does not take you to leave the mall.

The project includes a large children's entertainment area with Kids Area and an amusement park, and it also offers many activities for more luxury.

Radium provides regular maintenance service for all facilities and parts of the project.

The mall has many shops dedicated to more than one activity, and there are also local and international shops for you to choose what suits your abilities and needs.

MakePlace has provided more than one high-capacity generator that operates in the event of a main power outage.


Unique features you get immediately upon receiving your unit in Radium New Cairo Mall

Radium Mall, Fifth Settlement, is full of many features that create a suitable environment that helps you enjoy relaxation, luxury, and comfort, whether while you are doing your work or during your rest time. From now on, everything can be achieved and accessed in a sophisticated style that suits you. Avoiding trouble and hardship is the goal that the real estate developer in the mall achieved through the following:

The vast green spaces surrounding the entire project and overlooked by all units come in a wonderful combination with the calm colors of the water bodies and fountains, giving customers and investors a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Radium New Cairo has a fire safety system.

The mall includes a large reception hall equipped to receive requests and provide its services to the fullest and in the most sophisticated manner.

Providing many service facilities in the mall, including bathrooms on all floors for men and women.

There is a large, secured garage in Radium that can accommodate large numbers of cars for owners and customers.

Makeplcae Real Estate Company has successfully implemented a clean solar energy system, to maintain the health of customers and investors.

The mall's infrastructure is characterized by its durability to ensure the success of your investment throughout the year without any malfunctions, with equipped teams that solve all malfunctions at any time, and they do their work to perfection.

There are places designated for sitting in a quiet, elegant atmosphere to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Many elevators and escalators have been provided to avoid overcrowding, and there are stairs designated for emergencies only.


The real estate developer and its most important works

MakePlace Real Estate Development and Investment Company is the founder of Radium New Cairo Mall. Since its inception until the present day, it has succeeded in establishing many huge investment projects that include more than one different field, in addition to constructing residential buildings in more than one place. The company includes a distinguished elite of workers in order to raise the level of its customers to the highest levels of luxury and sophistication. Thanks to the projects it has presented recently, MakePlace Real Estate Company has been able to occupy a very high position among other real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

All of its projects offer the best international designs and finishes and are implemented to the strictest modern standards that attract people with good taste, in addition to the privileges and services that it will have within the projects it undertakes. In addition, it always works to gain the trust of its customers and not bear any burdens on them Therefore, you will always find that they set prices that are much lower than what their projects have in terms of features.


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Radium  Mall New Cairo