Phia Village El Sokhna

Own your unit now in Phia El Sokhna, which is the most important event that was launched in the heart of Ain Sokhna, as it is a distinctive coastal project established by Tatweer Misr Real Estate, which established it with the best distinctive designs in the most strategic locations in the heart of Ain Sokhna.

Phia Ain Sokhna was built on a large space that accommodates many basic and recreational services, distinctive green spaces, and various units of different sizes.

These units may be available at great prices in an easy way, accompanied by flexible payment systems, and there are many other features that belong to IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, which we mention in the following lines.

0% down payment, and all customers can pay the amount in installments over long periods of up to 10 years


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Project details Phia Village El Sokhna

Location of Phia El Sokhna Village

Phia Ain Sokhna One of its advantages is that it has a wonderful strategic location, in the highest mountain in the Galala area, and the village is characterized by being close to the main roads, these roads by nature lead to the Administrative Capital project.

The time from Phia to the Administrative Capital is estimated at only half an hour, and Phia Ain Sokhna is also far from many important places, which are:

The location of Phia Ain Sokhna is characterized by its proximity to several main roads and freeways, making access to it easy and easy, as this site is characterized by being located near the Cairo-Suez Road.

The village of Phia is only very close to the famous Porto Sokhna, as well as its proximity to the Gulf of Suez.

Phia Sokhna is very close to the Movenpick project, a distinctive tourist place.

Phia Sokhna is located near Katameya Ain Sokhna Road, a few minutes away.

Phia IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is located near Al-Karimat Al-Zafarana Road.

The village of Phia Sokhna is a short distance closer to Hurghada-Zafarana Road.

It is 40 km away from Suez-Ain Sokhna Sokhna Road, which can be traveled in a few minutes.


Design of Phia IL Monte Village Galala Ain Sokhna

Phia Ain Sokhna Village is designed with the best modern designs, as it is designed in the high-end Greek style, which depends on high taste and luxury based on creativity, and a group of consulting engineers who possess expertise and high efficiency have been hired.

Phia IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna was developed in the form of natural terraces with an estimated height of 90 meters above sea level, in order to ensure a clear and dazzling view of the sea for the village's cats from all directions, and to enjoy amazing landscapes.

All units of the resort of all kinds have been established, whether they are villas and chalets directly on the sea, where green spaces permeate these units, as well as landscapes and other recreational services in order to enjoy the best landscapes and see the sea directly.


The area of Phia Ain Sokhna

Phia IL Monte Galala is fully implemented directly on the sea, and is implemented on an area of 30 acres within the Monte Galala area, where it is built on terraces of 5 different heights, the highest height terrace is 90 meters from sea level.

It is worth noting that all units of the project will be designed in the Greek way, which is characterized by calm colors that are comfortable for the eye, which gives you a permanent feeling of relaxation, psychological comfort, vitality, and activity.

The project area will be divided as follows:

20% is construction and buildings, while the rest of the space will be divided between landscapes, vast green spaces, crystal lagoon, various games, entertainment, and an area with integrated services, so that guests can enjoy the maximum possible ways and spend a special time.

Areas of Units in Phia Ain Sokhna

One of the most important features of Phia Ain Sokhna is that it works to provide a large number of distinctive hotel units with a wonderful design, in order to suit the different tastes of all customers without exception.

In order to ensure the comfort and trust of its customers, Phia IL Monte Galala has 500 units that are completely isolated from IL Monte Galala and yet it is inside the project below the famous Mount Galala.

The project guarantees all customers an excellent view of the sea for all units, as for Crystal Lagoon, it offers resorts of various prices and spaces to suit most categories of customers who want to obtain distinctive units like no other.

The space starts from 80 meters only.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Phia Ain Sokhna

Tatweer Misr Real Estate has provided many amazing prices for the various units, which have a major role in making this project one of the most important projects in Ain Sokhna, as the prices provided are unbeatable.

The prices that have been allocated to the units of Phia Village are difficult to find in any of the other projects, as they are ideal prices to say the least, compared to all the services and features that are available in the village, and because the company's goal is to meet all the needs of its customers and make things easier for them, it has provided great prices.

Therefore, you should now book your unit now and enjoy special prices in Phia Village, one of the stages of IL Monte Galala.


Phia IL Monte Galala Payment Systems

Phia el Sokhna offers its customers the best price and installment system to suit everyone, making it easier for you to own a chalet in Ain Sokhna.

The executing company was keen to provide these reasonable prices in order to provide all categories with their demands, and one of the payment systems came as follows:

0% downpayment, and all customers can pay the amount in installments over long periods of up to 10 years without taking any interest.


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Phia Village El Sokhna

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Services in Phia Ain Sokhna

Tatweer Misr was very keen to provide the greatest degree of comfort to all customers, so that the village would have integrated services.

Therefore, the residents of the village do not need any other services, whatever they are from outside the village, as the village includes various commercial services on a large scale and many recreational services.

In addition to the presence of many swimming pools and distinct playgrounds surrounding all parts of the village, and therefore each unit within the resort guarantees a very clear and distinctive view, and there are also many other distinctive services:

An area for various health services such as gymnasiums, gym, jacuzzi, spa, swimming pools, and various other sports equipment with high levels of quality and modernity.

An area with integrated commercial services that include any major services you need in your life every day, so that you do not have to leave the village to meet your needs, and this saves you a lot.

Phia offers its customers the largest means of safety, as the place has cameras that operate 24 hours a day to ensure more safety, and the village has security personnel who work throughout the day alternately, which contributes to creating comfort for residents of Phia Ain Sokhna.

Phia Village offers the largest Crystal Lagoon with an area of 3200 square meters.

Garages for all village owners.

There is also a yacht marina as well as a fishing marina.

Each unit in the project contains a private jacuzzi, which gives the full private space for each unit of the project with more comfort for residents.

It also provides educational services at very advanced levels, and accordingly, choosing Phia Ain Sokhna in particular guarantees you an integrated life from all sides, different from any other residential area.


Features of Phia IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

The Phia Sokhna project has many features that distinguish it from other projects from the tourist villages in Ain Sokhna.

As the design of the village combines simplicity and architectural sophistication, surrounded by mountains taken from the Italian lifestyle, as the mountains are illuminated by stars, giving you a distinctive and different coastal view with a unique wonderful façade.

Phia Ain Sokhna is based on providing the best care to its customers, as life in it is very high-end, unique, and luxurious, and Phia Village is a large marina for different brands that offer a different way of life with the highest levels of luxury and luxury.

One of the features of Phia el sokhna is its natural state of gravity that will create your own world full of magic and beauty and help you achieve your dreams.

Phia is considered one of the best places for people who love to live in tourist resorts familiar with civilization and picturesque landscapes, and if you want to acquire a distinctive unit, you only have to make Phia Ain Sokhna your first destination.


The company that owns the village of Phia Sokhna and its most important works

Phia Ain Sokhna project is one of the projects of Tatweer Misr for Urban Development, which is one of the most important and strongest real estate companies in Egypt, and the company has proven its value by gaining the trust of its customers since its establishment in 2014.

Tatweer Misr is an essential catalyst for the development and change of architectural thought in Egypt and is a company that masters all its projects with great care in all aspects, and its first goal is to provide all means of comfort to its customers.

Misr Real Estate Development Company has a long history in this field in terms of commercial, industrial and technical, and offers an advanced view of life.

He was also considered a strong real estate developer in Egypt and implemented many different residential and coastal projects in (Ain Sokhna, North Coast, Mostakbal City), which achieved great success among many major companies andtheir most famous projects are:

Mount Galala Sokhna Resort.

Fouka Bay North Coast.

Mostakbal City Bloom Valleys Compound.

Based on all these features, we assure you that Misr Development Company offers a unique real estate product, as it is always keen to provide an integrated set of services to achieve integration between the beauty of the picturesque nature and unconventional architectural designs.

When you want to spend a new and different experience surrounded by calm nature and clear waters, you will achieve this within Phia Ain Sokhna.



Phia Village El Sokhna