Paragon Mall New Capital

Invest now in Paragon Mall New Capital, which was designed in the best location in the Downtown area by Builderia Real Estate Company, with an investment volume of half a billion pounds. Paragon Mall is the first mall to be designed entirely in a European style and smart technologies. We will learn about all this and more with unbeatable prices and very easy payment systems.
Paying 10% of the unit value and installments over 6 years, with a discount of 9.5% of the total unit value.

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Project details Paragon Mall New Capital

Paragon Mall location
Builderia Real Estate Development Company was creative in choosing the location of Paragon Mall, as it is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital in Downtown, specifically in the financial district in front of the Presidential Palace and Al Masa Hotel. The mall is located on plot No. CS26, and this provides large green spaces with a group of fountains to ensure a stunning view.
Thus, the mall is located in a vital administrative area, and this is considered one of the basic conditions for Multi National companies.
Mall Paragon New Capital is also located on a direct main road linking the regional ring freeway and the capital freeway, thus making it very easy to reach the mall, in addition to being located between the areas of the monorail train, the public parking, and the main bus station.
Places near to the project
The mall is located in front of the Egyptian Stock Exchange building, and is five minutes from the Central Bank headquarters.
Mall Paragon New Capital directly overlooks Bin Zayed Palace and the Presidential Garden.
Paragon Mall and the Green River are only a few minutes away, as well as the Ring Road.
Paragon Mall is only a third of an hour away from the Administrative Capital International Airport.
The mall is located in the middle of the parliament building and the government district.
The mall offers you a view of various landmarks of the Administrative Capital and other projects such as Topaz Tower and Awajik Tower.
Design of Paragon New Capital project
The mall was designed in a modern European style. It consists of a ground floor, then 7 floors, in addition to 2 basements. The building is completely administrative and includes 3 main entrances. The first and second entrances are located on Bin Zayed Palace and the Presidential Road, while the third entrance is located towards the Opera.
The entire Paragon Mall building will be delivered in 2022 with tremendous finishes. The floors were designed in accordance with international protocols. The ground floor is 6.8 meters high, the first floor is 4 meters high, and then the rest of the floors are 3.5 meters high.
Paragon Mall area
The total area of the Paragon project is 23,000 square meters, and the occupancy area in the mall amounted to only 30%, and the rest is landscaping and distinctive services. The Paragon Mall contains 205 administrative units, starting from 56 meters, and the area for all floors is as follows:
The ground floor area was 2700 square metres.
The area of the first floor is 2400 square meters.
From the second to the seventh floor, each floor is 1,400 square metres.
Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.
Paragon Administrative Capital prices
Builderia Company has presented a competitive price plan for every entrepreneur and investor who wants real profit, with all the finishes and equipment that were made for the infrastructure using artificial intelligence. There are 3 types of finishes: classic, modern, and industrial, which were designed to meet the needs of investors and entrepreneurs according to their tastes.
Installment methods in Paragon Administrative Capital
Builderia Company has launched 2 reservation and installment systems at Paragon Mall, which are as follows:
Instant payment systems
When the administrative unit is paid in full, 40% of the unit price will be deducted.
When booking without a deposit and paying the unit value in full within one year, 37% of the unit value will be deducted.
Without a down payment and paying the full value of the unit within two years, 34% of the unit value is deducted.
Equal installment systems
Paying 10% of the unit value and installments over 6 years, with a discount of 9.5% of the total unit value.
Pay 10% down payment and the rest over 5 years in equal installments, with a 15% discount.
Pay 10% down payment and pay the rest over 4 years in equal installments, and get an 18.5% discount.
Pay 10% of the total value of the unit and the rest over 3 years in equal installments, and get a 23% discount.

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Paragon Mall New Capital

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Paragon project services and facilities
In Paragon Mall, you will not only get your unit in the project, but you will also enjoy many features and services, such as:
The mall is equipped with surveillance cameras throughout, even in areas that are not visible.
There are maintenance services for each unit separately, and this ensures the continuation of all smart services for each unit.
A group of entertainment services has been created, dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors, and includes all the recreational activities that every businessman working under great pressure needs.
A large number of halls designated for holding courses and conferences, which are equipped with the latest modern technological technologies. The hall sizes vary to include small, medium and large halls.
All corridors inside the mall are designed in a distinctive and modern way.
The mall includes 6 elevators, all of which operate at what is called high speed, and they were designed so that each elevator can accommodate 15 people.
The entire building's phones and devices are powered by IOT (Internet of Things) technology, which is a technology that connects smartphones and all electronic devices in the units.
A central control unit in Mall Paragon New Capital works with IOT technology, which is an energy-saving technology.
All landlines in the Paragon project work with IP technology, which is the highest technology used in major countries.
The presence of a group of international cafes, so that the businessman can enjoy an atmosphere of comfort and feel that he has moved from a noisy work environment to an atmosphere of calm and serenity.
All of the mall's glass is double-glazed, which allows great light to enter and prevents noise by 100%.
The mall was provided with high-speed Internet services, in all administrative units and the entire building, by making connections to the Internet outside and inside the mall.
All units in Paragon Mall are equipped with fiber optics.
Paragon Mall is considered one of the integrated malls, because it includes entertainment and administrative facilities and is equipped with an infrastructure that runs on artificial intelligence.
Paragon Mall has a group of water fountains and artificial crystal lakes, which give the mall a stunning view.
Features of Paragon Mall, New Administrative Capital
Paragon Mall is truly one of the largest projects in the Administrative Capital, because it is one of the integrated buildings that includes wonderful services and features for every successful businessman or investor, and this is the result of several factors, including the distinguished location, it is also surrounded by green spaces and a group of crystal fountains, which give a very wonderful view.
The general consultant for the Mall Paragon New Capital project confirmed that the design of the project came to suit the new thinking of the successful businessman and investor, as modern technologies were used in the entire infrastructure, and this provides the investor with everything he wants in order to put his money in the right place.
About Builderia Real Estate Development Company
Builderia Real Estate Company is the result of the fruitful cooperation that occurred between the two companies:
Asass is a leading company in the field of real estate development in the entire Middle East region.
Al Bedeir Construction Company, with more than thirty years of experience, adopts a strategy in implementing administrative buildings to emerge as a multi-national company.
In the Paragon Mall project in the Administrative Capital, Mall Paragon New Capital, a contract was made with Schneider, a global company that implements the building infrastructure in a smart way, in which artificial intelligence (IOT) is used for the company to control the smallest details in the building.
It is a technology that significantly saves energy consumption and facilitates the work environment. Schneider Company has created an application for smart phones that is downloaded on every businessman’s phone, and is connected to the company in order to meet any needs of entrepreneurs. This modern technology is supervised by Engineer Fouad Zayed Deputy Head of the company in North Africa and the Middle East.
The Space consulting office, headed by Dr. Medhat Dorrah, also supervised the implementation of the project, all in cooperation with Asas Contracting Company, the leading contracting company in the world of construction, allow Mall Paragon New Capital to emerge for us in its splendid image through the use of the latest modern technology in the field of building and construction.
Previous Builderia Development projects
The projects undertaken by Builderia Real Estate Development and Investment Company have been numerous, including projects inside and outside Egypt, all of this through the implementation of the future vision based on the latest technology in the field of construction. Among the most important projects undertaken by the company are:
The company's projects inside Egypt
HSBC building located in New Cairo.
Implementation of Siemens Administrative Mall.
Zepter Mall Administrative Building.
Pioneer Administrative Building located in Sheikh Zayed City.
The company's projects outside Egypt
Complete implementation of Al Khayyat Complex and Tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dar Al Salam International Hotel, located in Saudi Arabia.

Paragon Mall New Capital