Oro Compound New Capital

Own your unit now with AMG, which has the ambitions of those looking for residential units in the R7 area, through Compound Oro New Capital, as it is characterized by a unique and close location among the most important compounds in the Administrative Capital, and it has been designed very carefully to be with the highest percentage of green spaces, and the company invites all those wishing to own their units for sale, to take the initiative to book because the prices of Oro Compound are very competitive.

Pay a 10% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.


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Project details Oro Compound New Capital

Where is Oro Compound located?

Oro New Capital Compound is characterized by its unique and non-recurring location, as it is located in the most distinguished and luxurious piece in the R7 area, plot No. E4, which made the compound close to the most important and famous places of the Administrative Capital, such as the capital's airport and the presidential palace, as well as near the British and Swedish University, and it also directly overlooks the embassy district, and very close to the Green River.


Places near Oro Compound

Oro New Capital is located near the presidential district, specifically in the north of the compound.

Compound Oro can be reached via the capital's airport in just half an hour.

Oro Compound is within walking distance of the embassy district and the investors area.

The compound is minutes away from the British University and the Swedish University.

It is within walking distance of Mega Mall and Taj Tower.


Design of Compound Oro New Capital Project

As noted, Compound Oro is distinguished by its unique and distinguished location in the most luxurious areas of the capital, so the company has taken into account to give the design responsibility to the office of Engineer Muharram Bakhoum, known for its international and modern designs, where the compound was designed on the finest designs so that it is at the level of the aspirations of those looking for sophistication and comfort, so the project extends over an area of 38 acres, and the large area was used wonderfully as follows:

The Euro New Capital Compound project includes 26 buildings.

Each building consists of a ground floor, whether it is a basement or a garage, and 7 upper floors.

The floor in Oro New Capital Compound contains 4 units.

There are 2 entrances to each building next to 2 elevators.

The Euro project is surrounded by a concrete wall and a tree fence.


The space of Euro Apartments in the Administrative Capital

Despite the large space on which Oro Compound was established, the company built only 26 buildings, which allowed it to provide units with very good spaces, because it believes that large spaces provide greater comfort to residents and those looking for happiness and joy, and at the same time gave it a lot of options in diversifying between spaces to satisfy all tastes, and the units' spaces are as follows:

Units spaces in Compound Oro New Capital start from 120 m² up to 210 m².

There are duplex apartments in Oro Compound: starting from 375 meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Oro New Capital Compound 2023

Despite its very privileged location among the compounds of the Administrative Capital, the price per square meter in Oro Compound is very competitive, while enjoying all the advantages that residents get when buying a unit in the compound

Maintenance fee: 8%.

Garage, club, and maintenance expenses can be paid in installments until receipt, or paid once upon receipt.


Installment Systems and Discounts in Oro Project

The advantages of the Oro project did not stop there, but the company greatly facilitates the provision of units offered for sale in Oro Compound, and with installment systems that enable those wishing to book to obtain units without impossible conditions, as it diversified in spaces, it also diversified in installment sales systems, so that the public has the opportunity to choose the appropriate system for them, as follows:

The first system: 10% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.

The second system: 15% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 9 years.

The third system: 20% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 10 years.

5% must be paid after one year of contracting, and this applies to all systems.

Delivery of units semi-finished or fully finished: This depends on the customer's desire, after adding the cost.


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Oro Compound New Capital

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Facilities in Compound Oro New Capital

Being inside Oro Compound will be a unique experience, because the compound provides a large luxury space, and it also contains all the facilities and services that the residents need, as follows:

In Oro New Capital Compound, there is an integrated medical building of clinics, laboratories, and a pharmacy, to provide health care at the highest level.

Compound Oro New Capital contains a social gym, to provide comfort, luxury, and enjoyable times.

The compound has security and guard crews trained at the highest level, to achieve the element of safety among the residents.

The Oro project includes an integrated commercial mall on an area of 220 meters, and there are the most famous international brands and restaurants.

There is a recreational area on an area of 5440 meters, so that adults and children can enjoy it and spend happy times together.

Oro New Capital Compound contains a mosque to perform prayers.

The compound includes a nursery at the highest level, so that children do not have to go to other places outside.

Oro New Capital offers a multi-use playground, gym and spa, for exercising at any time.

There are green spaces and swimming pools, to achieve more fun and luxury.

Oro Compound is fully equipped with surveillance cameras around the clock, to achieve the element of security and safety.

Under each building in the compound, there are places to collect garbage so that it is easy for residents to deal with it.

Parking spaces are available in Oro Compound.


Features of Oro New Capital Compound

Oro New Capital Compound has many advantages, which make being in it a golden opportunity that should not be missed, whether in terms of its unique location, various spaces, appropriate prices, and different payment systems to suit the customer's circumstances, as well as easy access to the compound through 4 main roads, namely Katameya Sokhna, Suez, Regional Ring Road, and Bin Zayed freeway, in addition to the many facilities and services that are provided within the compound.


About AMG Group Real Estate Company

Avamina Group is one of the companies that have great experience in the real estate field, as it was established in 1994, and it is owned by Mr. Ashraf Awad Naguib and Mr. Ehab Awad Naguib, and the project comes in partnership with Al-Shams Housing and Development Company, and Ava Mina has succeeded in establishing many mega projects in Egypt and Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait.


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Oro Compound New Capital