One Ninety New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Own the finest units in One Compound 1-Ninety Street in New Cairo

1 - 90 Street project has succeeded in changing the traditional concept of commercial residential projects, as it provides its customers with all kinds of services they are looking to obtain in their place of residence or work, so that they feel the maximum degree of comfort that they will most likely not find in many other competing projects.

15% down payment, 10% after three months, and the rest in installments over 6 years.



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Project details One Ninety New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Location of One Compound, 90 Street

You will not be isolated from the vital cities during your stay in Ninety-One because it enjoys a vital strategic location in the Fifth Settlement area, as it is located specifically on 90 Street, which is one of the largest streets in New Cairo, which enables you to move from one area to another with ease.


The most important landmarks near 1 - 90 Street Sabbour:

Heliopolis: It will only take you a third of an hour to reach it.

Maadi: It will only take ten minutes to reach.

Al Rehab City: The transfer time from One Ninety Compound to it takes about a third of an hour.

Cairo International Airport: It will only take a quarter of an hour to reach.

American University: The transfer time from One Ninety Compound to it takes only about ten minutes.

The ring road and many other roads that facilitate transportation throughout Greater Cairo

Many of the major residential magnificence


Design of one compound 90 Street

The most important feature of Mall 1 - 90 Street in the Fifth Settlement is the wonderful design with glass facades that allow light to enter the project and provide an atmosphere of comfort and recreation, as the developer worked to make the project an icon of beauty and luxury by the best designers and architects, so the engineering plans for the mall were developed according to international standards and divided as follows:

One project was established on 90 Street New Cairo on a large space of 82 acres.

Approximately 6 acres were allocated for the park and recreational facilities, and the green spaces occupied approximately 35% of the project area and the rest for buildings and units.

The project consists of 6 floors.

The first countries are allocated to administrative units, the second to commercial units, the third floor to medical units and the rest to hotel units and apartments.

There are about 350 suites and hotel rooms in the project


Space of one project 90 Street New Cairo: One project was implemented on 90 Street on an area of 82 acres.

Units Type: vary among shops, administrative offices, residential units, facilities, and services.

Units Space: offices space starts from 95 m² and residential units space starts from 100 m²


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Units Prices: The price per square meter starts from 60.000 EGP.

Payment Systems: You can pay a 10% down payment and 5% after three months, and the rest in installments over 5 years. You can also pay a 15% down payment, after three months 10%, and the rest in installments over 6 years.


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One Ninety New Cairo Fifth Settlement

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Services and benefits 1 - 90 Street Fifth Settlement

1 - 90 Street provides its residents and customers in general with the utmost comfort thanks to its multiple services that it provides to them in addition to the advantages that are unique to it, we explain examples of this as follows:

The comprehensive security system, which includes a group of the best highly trained guard personnel who are constantly present in 1 - 90 Compound to secure it, in addition to security systems and devices such as surveillance cameras.

In 1 - 90 Street, there is a large commercial center that displays all high-end products and the most famous brands known on a global level.

The presence of world-class designed hotels that provide hotel services of the utmost sophistication and excellence, led by W Cairo Hotel and Marriott International Hotel.

The presence of a specialized center for business owners in addition to the presence of reception staff to answer any inquiries of customers throughout the day.

The presence of rooms equipped for holding meetings as well as conferences, with all modern capabilities and modern technological devices.

The luxurious design of the hotel apartments within One Ninety Compound, which varies greatly in size, serves all customers.

The compound [1 - 90 Street] is equipped with generators to use when needed so that residents do not face any problem in the event of a power outage, in addition to providing a unique smart service.

Applying the latest systems within One Ninety Compound, such as the service for the charging process for cars that operate with the electrical system, in addition to providing closed systems for television circuits.

The availability of modern cables based on the fiber optic system, which ensures better service.

Full safety even in emergency situations because 1 - 90  Compound is equipped in a way that ensures the safety of its residents in such cases, so it has been equipped with modern fire alarm devices.

It is very easy to exchange your money without having to leave One Ninety Compound due to the presence of an ATM center inside.

The presence of special places for ablution in 1 - 90 Street, in addition to the rooms equipped to perform prayers in them, so that those in the place do not have to leave it in search of a mosque.

Providing 1 - 90 Compound with storage places that can benefit the owners of its units in addition to the areas for managing its various facilities.

The presence of a spa and center dedicated to body health and fitness, so those present in the place can maintain their routine of physical activity and maintain the health of their bodies.

90 has a new premium service called Wet Deck, this service is rarely available in another project.

Living within luxurious units overlooking a dazzling view of gardens, trees, and green spaces in addition to other beautiful views represented by artificial lakes.

The availability of an integrated health service, as there are clinics in many medical specialties in addition to the presence of a pharmacy in the place.

The great diversity of swimming pool spaces in addition to enjoying distinctive designs and distributing them in different parts of 1 - 90 Compound.

Dining in the most luxurious restaurants in addition to eating all kinds of drinks inside the finest cafes that provide services to the residents of 1 - 90 Compound.

The compound [1 - 90 Street] is equipped with the latest electric elevators, to make it easier for its residents to move between its different floors.

The luxurious façade of the entire compound, because all its main and subsidiary gates are made of porcelain, in addition to the use of high-quality marble in finishing its façade with an area of up to 150 square meters.

The presence of parking spaces that allow unit owners to park their cars in a place close to them and safe at the same time.

Buying all household goods and many other items from the supermarket located on the land of One Ninety Compound.

Enjoy your exercise inside a well-equipped gym, in addition to obtaining the best services inside the jacuzzi, as well as the gym located at 1 - 90 Street, which offers its customers everything they wish for and more


Owner Company & Previous Works

The thinking minds and creative hands hired by Landmark Sabbour, the owner of one project, 90 Sabbour Street, are what made 1 – 90 Sabbour Street come out with this honorable image, especially since this company is considered one of the largest companies in the real estate sector owned by Engineer Ahmed Sabbour, who is famous for his dedication to work in the entire real estate market.

The company's activity extends to a number of other Arab countries such as the UAE, where it established in Dubai the continental towers as well as the Al Rukan complex Dubai, and established an international investment company in the UAE during 2011, while in Egypt, next to one side, 1-Ninety Street, it implemented a number of other major projects such as:

New Park Del Zayed Compound.

Royal Lake Zayed New Compound.

Eastside New Administrative Capital.

New Giselle Zayed Compound.

Selena 1 New Zayed Compound.

State Compound New Cairo.

Three Sixty Mall New Cairo.

Zoya Ghazala Bay North Coast.

Riva Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Aria Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound.

Layan Sabbour Compound, Fifth Settlement.

New Selena Zayed Compound.

Parkwoods New Zayed Compound.

It is worth noting that the company that owns the project offers its customers special discounts in case of paying the unit price in cash, where the discount rate reaches 5% of the total prescribed cost


One Ninety New Cairo Fifth Settlement