Oia Towers Mall New Capital

Own your unit now in the Oia Towers New Capital project, a breakthrough in the world of multi-activity projects in the capital. It is not limited to one or two activities, but rather includes a number of activities combined in the tallest towers in the Administrative Capital, and before we review the prices of Oia Towers units,

We will learn more about the details of this distinguished investment project presented by Edge Holding, a leader in the world of real estate investment and development.

Payment of 10% down payment, and equal installments up to 7 years.


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Project details Oia Towers Mall New Capital

Oia Towers Mall location

The location of Oia Towers Mall is one of the sites chosen very carefully by Edge Company, as the giant Oia Towers are located directly on the northern Bin Zayed freeway on four main streets, which qualifies the project to be a prominent landmark in Downtown. The project is specifically located in the MU19 area, which is one of the most prestigious commercial areas in the capital.


Places nearby to Oia Tower

The Oia Towers project, the Administrative Capital, is about two minutes away from the iconic tower.

Oia Towers is located 5 minutes away from Al Masa Hotel.

Oia Towers Edge Holding Mall is two minutes away from the cathedral and the Ministries District.

Oia Towers New Capital is approximately ten minutes away from the Green River and Central Park.

It is also close to the most important malls in the capital, such as Stars Mall and Cubes Tower


The design of Oia Towers

In addition to the unique location of the project, the design of the towers is unique, modern, and luxurious. This huge project was designed in the form of two towers with a height of 111 meters, to include 30 floors, all floors overlooking the most beautiful view in the New Administrative Capital, specifically the dazzling artificial lake, now we present the types of activities and units that were presented in the project:

Hotel units and apartments.

Administrative units and offices.

Centers and shops.

Medical units and clinics.


Area of Oia Towers, the Administrative Capital

The area of the Oia Mall in the New Administrative Capital is 15,000 square metres. This space includes a different group of units at a height of thirty floors. As for the internal divisions for booking the commercial, administrative, medical and hotel units in the Oia Towers, the area of the various types of units starts from 40 square metres. this is for everyone looking for units for sale in Oia Towers, depending on the type of investment activity.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Oia Towers Administrative Capital prices 2023

The prices of units in the towers vary depending on the investment activity, so when booking Oia New Capital units, you must know the price per meter according to the needs of the investment project that you will establish.


Installment system in Oia Towers Administrative Capital

The system for reserving units and stores in Oia Towers, the New Administrative Capital, comes in installments in a way that suits the needs of each investor, in order to purchase units within the mall, as the customer can reserve a unit in this huge tower in convenient installments by choosing between a group of reservation and payment systems:

The first system: 10% down payment, and equal installments up to 7 years.

The second system: payment of 20% down payment, and equal installments up to 8 years.

Third system: Payment of 30% down payment, and equal installments up to 9 years.

Fourth system: Payment of 40% down payment, and the first installment after delivery.


Oia Towers Mall New Capital

Oia Towers Facilities and Services

The Oia Towers Downtown units available for sale have a variety of services and facilities. Let us now review the most prominent of these advantages:

Oia Towers has state-of-the-art elevators.

Vast green spaces and stunning views of the best views in Oia Towers, the New Administrative Capital.

Surveillance cameras on all floors and entrances of the project in Oia Towers Mall.

In front of Oia Towers, there are wonderful artificial lakes and landscapes.

International and local restaurants and cafes in the Oia Towers project.

A 24/7 security and guarding system at the highest level in Oia Towers, the capital.

Oia Towers units are cleaned regularly.

Oia Mall New Capital has swimming pools available for adults and children.

An area designated for child care (Kids Area).

A commercial area containing a variety of international agencies.

Large private garage for parking cars.

Free high-speed internet is available, in order to provide a suitable work environment in Oia Towers, the capital.

Oia Towers Mall has a health club, in order to increase the luxury space in the mall.

There are pharmacies and medical care centers, in addition to a hypermarket.


Features of the Oia Towers project

Oia Towers Mall units for sale whether in installments or cash, are characterized by a different set of features, such as the strategic location in the Downtown area, and a series of services and facilities gathered in the most prestigious places in the New Administrative Capital, as well as the diversity of activities held within the project.


About Edge Holding Company

The Oia Towers New Capital project is considered one of the most important projects of Edge Holding for Real Estate Investment and Development, as the company contracted with (YBA Company, managed by Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy) to design the engineering works and all drawings for the project, and implement (SIAC Engineering Construction Company).


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Oia Towers Mall New Capital