Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

Own your unit now in Odyssia Mostakbal City, in the heart of Mostakbal City, which includes the most important compounds, so be sure that you will get the finest residential compound in New Cairo due to what is known about the projects of Al-Ahly Sabbour Company by providing the most luxurious designs with the finest services, competitive prices and convenient reservation and installment systems, which is what was achieved in The City of Odyssia.

5% down payment with a repayment period of up to 8 years.


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Project details Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

Location of Odyssia Sabbour National Project Compound

The choice of the new location for the project is one of the most important secrets of the success of Al-Ahly Sabbour, as it chose an excellent location to build the Odyssia project in the city of the future, which won a lot of its name, in the near future it will be the most important city in Egypt because it includes the finest residential compounds in an excellent location, we will learn about the most important landmarks near it during the following points.


Near Odyssey Sabbour Mostakbal City

Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal Compound is a few minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Odyssia Sabbour Compound New Cairo is very close to Suez Road.

You can also easily reach Nasr City and Heliopolis from the Odyssia Sabbour project.

You can spend a quick vacation in Ain Sokhna, which is only 70 minutes away from the Odyssia Sabbour National project.

Odyssia Compound is adjacent to many important projects such as The Wonder Mark, Saray Compound New Cairo.


Design of Odyssia Sabbour Compound New Cairo

With a different design with which you feel that you have passed many years for the future, Gensler has developed the No. 1 in the world to develop engineering designs for the most important projects in various countries of the world, which gave The City of Odyssia project a modern character different from the surrounding compounds, and the diversity of units of The City of Odyssia project between apartments, duplexes and townhouses, contributed to giving the designer a large space to create in the forms of units.


The space of Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City

The total area of Odyssia Sabbour Compound exceeds 500 acres, with 80% of it allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, so that all residents of the Odyssia Sabbour project have wonderful views of their units, with complete separation between the areas of villas and apartments in order to preserve privacy, the areas of the Odyssia project range from 80 to 245 square meters, which is a great diversity to meet all the needs of customers.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City 2023

Al Ahly Sabbour Company provided an irreplaceable opportunity to buy an apartment for sale in New Cairo, at a competitive price, and the prices of Odyssia Sabbour Compound New Cairo are very reasonable commensurate with its location near the Administrative Capital, with being located in the heart of New Cairo to ensure luxury now and in the future.


How to Pay Installments and Book at The City of Odyssia

Al-Ahly Sabbour has developed distinct reservation and installment systems to purchase units in The City of Odyssia New Cairo, where you can buy a unit in Compound Odyssia Sabbour with a reservation down payment starting from only 5%, with an installment period of up to 10 years, without interest, and the details of The City of Odyssia New Cairo Compound reservation systems are as follows:

5% down payment with a repayment period of up to 8 years.

Pay 10% of the unit price with an installment period of up to 10 years.


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Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City

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Facilities and services of The City of Odyssia New Cairo

The City of Odyssia project will already become an integrated city that fulfills the desires of its future customers before the current one to provide an unprecedented lifestyle in Egypt of luxury and entertainment to summarize the happiness in being in the Odessa Al-Ahly Sabbour project, and just as Amwaj Village from Al-Ahly Sabbour has become one of the icons of the North Coast, the Odyssia Sabbour project will be the most important icon of New Cairo.

To achieve integrated luxury, you will find in The City of Odyssia cultural, artistic, and musical events, hotels, restaurants, technology centers, green spaces, and other services that will distinguish the form of life in The City of Odyssia New Cairo, and to learn about the most important services of Compound Odyssia Sabbour, follow the following points:

In Odyssia Mostakbal Compound, there are security and guarding services, in order to provide safety among the residents.

In Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound, there are the latest surveillance cameras, to achieve greater stability.

Landscapes and green spaces are abundant in the Odessa National Sabbour project, with special places for outdoor barbecues.

In the Odessa National Sabbour project, there is a social club that contains a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, to provide more fun and luxury among the residents.

In The City of Odyssia project, there is a commercial area, to provide an integrated shopping experience within the compound.

In the Odyssia Sabbour National project, the most famous international restaurants and brands are available, to provide all the needs of the residents of the compound.

Odyssey Sabbour Compound New Cairo contains recreational areas for children, so that they can spend their enjoyable times easily.

There are also walking and bicycle paths away from the main roads, in order to provide a suitable space for lovers of these sports in the Odyssia Sabbour project.

In Odyssia Sabbour Compound, Mostakbal City, there are the latest fire extinguishing systems, in order to deal immediately with fire cases.

Compound Odyssia Sabbour has a top-notch equipped hospital.

Nurseries and international schools are also available at The City of Odyssia.

The compound contains generators at the highest level, so that it is easy to deal with power outages.

Of course, you will find maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day and seven days a week in the Odyssia Sabbour project.


Features of the Odyssia Compound project

The multiplicity of advantages of Odyssia Sabbour Compound Mostakbal City to put it at the forefront of New Cairo projects, thanks to the excellent location close to the Administrative Capital to become a current and future investment, and very diverse spaces, with a design developed by the first international engineering company, with services that make Odyssia Compound an integrated city, at prices and installment systems that are the best in New Cairo.


About Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments is one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt, as it was established as a result of the cooperation of the National Bank with Sabbour Company, which has a great real estate history, to provide real estate in Egypt with about 57 projects throughout the Republic, in all distinctive areas such as Downtown, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed and October.


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Odyssia Compound Mostakbal City