Ocean Blue Village Ain Sokhna

Location of Ocean blue Sokhna

Salidar Developments, the owner of Ocean Blue Resort, has chosen a privileged location to establish its project. It came near the most important vital areas and roads that facilitate access to the village as soon as possible. The project site was located at kilo 156 on Katameya-Zafarana Road. The project site was also characterized by many features that make it the best among the villages of Ain Al-Sahna


Places near Ocean Blue Sokhna

The location of Ocean Yellow Ain Sokhna is only an hour and a half away from Cairo.

It is also 40 minutes away from the city of Suez.

While the village is preferred over Porto Sokhna 12 kilometers.

The village is also a short distance from the New Administrative Capital.

All these advantages make the village the focus of attention of many visitors as it is easy to reach it through different ways.


Design of Ocean blue Sokhna Village

The design of Ocean Blue Resort Ain Sokhna was distinctive and unique, as all residential units were characterized by modern designs that reflect luxury and sophistication to suit the tastes of all customers. All units were also built in the form of terraces so that all residents can see the sea and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

The developer was also keen to allocate only 20% of the total area of the village to residential units. While 80% of the space has been allocated to green spaces, swimming pools, and various recreational services that ensure a luxurious atmosphere for all.


The space of Ocean Blue Resort Ain Sokhna

The area of the residential units within Ocean blue Sokhna Resort varied so that everyone has wide options to choose the most suitable unit for him according to the number of family members or budget. The space of the units was as follows:

Chalets space starts from 60 m² up to 125 m².

There are also penthouses and villas starting from 135 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Ain Sokhna Ocean Blue Villages and Payment Systems

The company that owns the project was keen to provide ideal prices that suit many categories in order to make it easier for them to own Ain Sokhna chalets. The prices were also fair with the very distinctive services and activities provided by the village, as well as its unique location near the most important areas and roads. The price of obesity units within the village also varied according to the area and landscape surrounding each housing unit.


Payment Systems in Ocean Blue Sokhna

As for the payment systems, the company has provided more than one payment method, starting from a 10% down payment and a repayment period of up to 9 years.


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Project details Ocean Blue Village Ain Sokhna

Own Your Unit Now in Ocean Blue Ain Sokhna, the most prominent resort in Ain Sokhna. It is characterized by its vital and strategic location near the main roads that facilitate the process of accessing it. It is 40 minutes away from the city of Suez, and it is only 12 km from Porto Sokhna.

Ocean Blue Ain Sokhna is also characterized by unique designs that give residents a permanent sense of distinction and luxury. This is in addition to the availability of all the services you need, whether recreational or service. This makes it an ideal place to live all year round and not just during the summer and holidays.

10% down payment and a repayment period of up to 9 years.



Ocean Blue Village Ain Sokhna

Services and facilities within Ocean blue Ain Sokhna Village

The resort has many services and facilities that give residents very enjoyable and quiet times, these services are as follows:

Within the resort, there are a number of commercial malls that include the most famous international brands.

Large areas of trees, landscapes, and green gardens that broadcast a very relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Security personnel and surveillance cameras are also deployed to make residents feel safe and secure.

There are also a number of swimming pools that are suitable for adults and children.

The presence of Aqua Park includes many water games.

In addition to a 5-star tourist hotel that provides guests with distinguished services.

Ocean Blue Ain Sokhna contains a gym that offers various activities.

It also includes jacuzzi and spa rooms for added comfort and luxury.

There is also a large mosque for prayers.

Children's entertainment area.

The village also features a sandy beach that guarantees guests to spend very special times and enjoy swimming.

The Owner Company of Ocean Blue Project in Ain Sokhna

Salidar Real Estate Development is the executor of Ocean Blue, which is one of the best and most distinguished resorts in Ain Sokhna. Salidar is also one of the largest real estate companies in the region, which has implemented many huge and successful projects based on achieving the customer's desires in the first place and providing him with all the entertainment services he needs within each project.


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Ocean Blue Village Ain Sokhna