Nyoum Compound Mostakbal City

Own your unit now with Arab Developers Holding Company, which meets the aspirations of those looking for a high-end life in a high-class residential complex, in its new project, Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City, through which it offers different types of units, whether apartments, villas, or palaces with endless service facilities and entertainment, and the prices of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound are competitive.

Pay 10% down payment.10% payment after 5 years.80% installments over 10 years.


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Project details Nyoum Compound Mostakbal City

The location of Nyoum Compound specifically

The choice of the location of the Nyoum Mostakbal City project was not random, as the company, for its part, sought to put its customers in the heart of the most prestigious and quiet areas in New Cairo, as the compound is in the heart of Mostakbal City directly on the freeway of hope, which makes the residents close to the main roads and freeway, as well as the location of Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City, bringing it closer to the most famous landmarks of New Cairo.


Landmarks near Nyoum Mostakbal City

Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound is located 4 minutes from the Administrative Capital.

Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City is about 5 minutes from the American University.

Nyoum Mostakbal City project is close to Field Marshal Tantawi Freeway.

Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound is about 25 minutes away from New Maadi.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to Nyoum Mostakbal City from Cairo Festival.

The project is close to Beta Greens Compound and The Wonder Mark Compound.


Compound Nyoum Project Design

Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound reflects the splendor of the designs chosen by the Arab Developers Company, as it was keen that the project be according to the finest constructions that match international buildings of charming beauty, as it achieved a unique harmony between construction buildings and green spaces, and in order to ensure that this is professionally implemented, it has entrusted the construction responsibility to WATG, an international construction company, and we can see the design of Compound Nyoum as follows:

The total space in Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound is about 151 acres.

Nyoum Compound New Cairo provides various units of apartments, villas, and palaces.

Allocating the bulk of Compound Nyoum to green spaces and the rest to construction buildings.

Distributing rooms in the units of Nyoum Mostakbal City project in a consistent manner, so that it is comfortable as a living space.

Building permits in the Nyoum project are available on 6 floors only.

There is a tourist walkway in Nyoum El Mostakbal City with more than 175 shops, restaurants, and cafés.


The space of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound

If you are looking for your dream home with the space drawn in your imagination, the Nyoum Mostakbal City project is the perfect place for you and your family, as the company was keen to provide units of various sizes, to satisfy all tastes looking for sophistication and luxury, whether for small or large families, and the space of the Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City units is as follows:


One-bedroom apartments: Nyoum Mostakbal City apartments space starts from 63-67 square meters.

Two-room apartments: Compound Nyoum apartments space starts from 103-108 square meters.

Three-room apartments: the space of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound starts from 143-210 square meters.


Three-room townhouses: the space of Nyoum Compound New Cairo starts from 106 square meters and has 3 bathrooms.

Twin houses consist of three rooms: Compound Nyoum villas space starts from 169 m², has 3 bathrooms, and a garden of 169 m².

Stand Allon Villas consist of four rooms: the space of the villas in the Nyoum project starts from 383 square meters, and there is a garden on an area of 343 square meters.


Five-room palaces: the space of the palaces of the Nyoum Mostakbal City project starts from 384 square meters and contains a garden of 370 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound 2023

The prices of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound come as much as the aspirations of those wishing to own the house they dream of at reasonable prices, as the company was keen to facilitate customers during the purchase of units for sale


How to Pay Installments and Book in Nyoum Compound

The facilities provided by the company in the Nyoum Mostakbal City project were not limited to prices only, but also included reservation and installments, by providing convenient payment systems through which it makes it easier for customers to buy units for sale, and the reservation and installment systems in Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound are as follows:

10% down payment.

10% payment after 5 years.

80% installments over 10 years.

The units of the Nyoum Mostakbal City project will be received during 2024.

The units are received semi-finished.


Nyoum Compound Mostakbal City

Facilities in Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City

The residents of Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound find themselves all the time surrounded by all the facilities and services they need, as well as entertainment and entertainment facilities that give them complete comfort and a sense of joy and happiness, and the facilities of Compound Nyoum come as follows:

In Nyoum Mostakbal City, there is a commercial mall, where everything the residents need, so that they can shop at any time.

Residents can get a full relaxation through the swimming pools, which the company has made available for residents of Compound Nyoum to enjoy.

There are many cafes and restaurants in the Nyoum Mostakbal City project, so that the residents of the compound can get the most delicious dishes and recipes.

Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound contains walking and bicycle paths, in order to provide the appropriate space for lovers of this hobby.

In order to make it easier for residents to park their cars safely and easily, large garages have been provided, equipped at the highest level in front of the residents of Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City.

Nyoum Compound New Cairo includes security and guard personnel, in order to achieve security and comfort among the residents.

Modern surveillance cameras are deployed in Nyoum El Mostakbal City, increasing the sense of safety among residents.

Children in Nyoum Mostakbal Compound can enjoy their time with their families, through the recreational areas designated for children.

The NYOUM project contains a social club, which includes a gym, spa, and jacuzzi, so that residents can enjoy complete comfort and luxury.

The maintenance and cleaning teams work all the time at Compound Nyoum Mostakbal City, so that it looks decent all the time.

Nyoum Compound has modern technology, through which it is possible to determine the location of the parking and any home services.

Water and power plants are available, specially designed to feed Nyoum Mostakbal City.

The NYOUM project contains golf courses, which have been designed according to the most skilled international designers.

There is a large mosque for timely prayers for the residents of Nyoum El Mostakbal City.


Features of the Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound project

Nyoum Mostakbal City Compound provides a unique and distinctive life experience to its residents, as it enjoys a vital and strategic location in New Cairo, near the main roads and freeway, and it also offers various units of various sizes, reasonable prices commensurate with the services it provides, long-term payment systems without interest, and all amenities and entertainment.

About Arab Developers Holding Company for Real Estate Development

Arab Developers Holding Company for Real Estate Development is one of the leading real estate companies established in 2005, and offers real estate projects on a large scale inside and outside Egypt, Arab Developers Holding has succeeded in selling 10,500 units and delivering 7,500 units, and seeks to provide customers with the highest standards of creativity and development.


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Nyoum Compound Mostakbal City