Noir Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

Invest now in Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, which was launched by Living Yards Company. Obtaining a unit in it will become a dream for many during the coming period. The successful investor will know the importance of the location of the Noir New Cairo project directly in front of Cairo Festival, which attracts many visitors to it because it is a multi-activity mall, with a variety of spaces and a sophisticated design developed by leading designers, at competitive prices and convenient installment systems

10% down payment with a repayment period extending up to 6 years



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Project details Noir Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

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The location of Noir New Cairo made it a golden opportunity for investment, as it is No. 1 on North 90 St., the most prestigious and important street in the Fifth Settlement, which includes many important malls and attracts many visitors. During the following paragraph, we will learn about the most important roads and landmarks near Mall Noir North 90 St.


Landmarks near Noir New Cairo project

Noir Living Yards Mall is located near the American University.

The Noir Fifth Settlement project can also be easily reached via the Suez Road and the Ring Road.

Mall Noir 5th Settlement is located directly in front of Cairo Festival Mall.

Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, is also adjacent to many important malls, such as Terrace Mall, and East Lane Mall.


Design of the Noir Fifth Settlement project

The design of Noir Mall New Cairo gained exceptional elegance not only from its French name, but also from assigning the task of designing it to one of the most important engineering consultants in Egypt, Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy and his office YBA, which designed most of the towers of the Administrative Capital, which means that the design of the Noir Living Yards project is modern and elegant at the same time.


The Area of Noir New Cairo units

The Noir Mall Fifth Settlement project consists of a ground floor and the first duplex, which were allocated for commercial activities, and a second, third, and fourth floor, which are the roles of administrative units. The Noir New Cairo project also provided various spaces for its units, as the area of the commercial shops starts from 350 square meters, which is a large area suitable for famous international brands. The administrative office space starts from 70 square meters and is suitable for most companies.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have constantly adjusted the prices of their units. Therefore, we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Noir Mall prices in Fifth Settlement 2023

The excellent location, diverse spaces, and sophisticated design not only made the prices of the Noir Living Yards project unreal, but the Living Yards Company made it a real opportunity for investment at competitive selling prices.


Noir Mall New Cairo installment & reservation systems

You cannot obtain a wonderful investment opportunity without an excellent installment system, so Living Yards was keen to offer a convenient installment system for booking units in Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, starting from a 10% down payment with a payment period extending up to 6 years, with a serious payment for reserving 100 thousand Egyptian pounds for offices, and 200 thousand Egyptian pounds for the stores. One of the most important features of the project is that it will be completed within two years.


Noir Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo

Mall Noir 5th Settlement facilities and services

An excellent location and a wonderful design are not enough to make any project a success without integrated services. Distinctive services and innovative means of entertainment and fun can bring visitors from the farthest places to have a unique and unforgettable fun experience, which is what Living Yards seeks to implement in Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement.

It is expected that you will find in the Noir Fifth Settlement project all the means of fun that bring visitors to the mall, as well as all the services that help the companies present in the Noir Fifth Settlement project to complete their work easily and smoothly. Among the most prominent services of the Noir New Cairo project are the following:

Inside Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, you will find the most famous restaurants and cafes serving the most delicious international dishes.

To achieve the highest degree of safety among Mall Noir North 90 St visitors and customers, you will find security, guarding, and surveillance cameras throughout the mall.

To prevent crowding in front of the mall, there is a multi-storey garage inside Noir Mall, New Cairo.

To carry out corporate and office work with ease, you will find high-speed internet in the Noir New Cairo project.

Of course, the Noir Living Yards project provides central air conditioning for all units.

All units of Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, will enjoy a wonderful view of the gardens and landscape surrounding the mall.

Noir Mall New Cairo also operates according to smart facility systems due to the availability of modern technologies such as alarm systems and lighting.

Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, is environmentally friendly as it runs on solar energy.

In case of a power outage or any emergency, there are generators at Mall Noir 5th Settlement.

For enjoyable and effortless shopping, there are ATM machines throughout Noir Mall, New Cairo.

Noir Living Yards Mall did not forget the fun for your children, as it provided them with a children’s entertainment area, Kid’s Area.

There are also special halls for holding conferences and major meetings within the Noir New Cairo project.

For easy movement between the floors of Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, you will find many escalators and elevators inside the mall.

There are also regular maintenance and 24-hour cleaning services at Noir Living Yards Mall.


Features of Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement

Mall Noir North 90 St presented an integrated investment plan with guaranteed returns with features that are rarely repeated, making it one of the best Fifth Settlement projects in terms of location, spaces, design, purchase prices, and installments, in addition to Mall Noir North Fifth Settlement being offered by a major and reliable company like Living Yards.


An overview of the owner of Living Yards

Noir Mall, Fifth Settlement, is the fourth project of Living Yards Company after achieving several successes in projects in the Administrative Capital. The company was established as a result of the alliance of AM Group and the Egyptian Swiss Group. The company has achieved huge successes in a short period, and its sales have exceeded several billions.


Previous projects by Living Yards real estate developments

The Loft Plaza New Capital

Compound The Loft New Capital

LCC Mall The Loft New Capital is inside the compound.

Mall The Loft Down Town New Administrative Capital.

The owners of Living Yards are also owners of I Home, which has implemented more than 70 buildings and mini-compounds in Heliopolis and New Cairo.

In addition to owning companies distinguished by long experience in consumer goods such as Dolphin Tuna, Coffee Break, and Queen Pasta.


Noir Mall 5th Settlement New Cairo