Nile Business City New Capital

Own your property now at the heart of New Capital in Nile Business City Project, 3rd largest tower in Africa 56 floor, 233meter height on land area more than 60,000m2 in the middle of the Green River at the Down Town. With 10% down payment and up to 8 years installment starting from 45m2 own your unit.


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Project details Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Business City is a special name in the heart of New Capital as it is one of the longest towers in Africa and a premium investment opportunity for business men. The project is close to important destination like Central Park, Ben Zayed Axis.



The project is located at the Down Town at land number MU32 which is close to Ben Zayed Axis, Green River, Central Park, Misr Mosque, monorail station and many other destinations.

Advantages of Nile Business City New Capital

The project provides different pros and services which makes it very different like

  • Prime location at the heart of New Capital close to everything a person might need
  • The first vertical city in Egypt
  • Unique design by SEE company which is supervised by Dr. Asaad Salama
  • Wide green spaces
  • 233m2 height
  • Taller than the Iconic Tower


  • Medical area
  • Food court
  • Commercial area
  • Kids area
  • Cinema halls
  • 5 underground parking
  • Conference area
  • Central AC
  • 24hour camera & surveillance
  • Fire fighting system

Unit types & Areas

It is considered the longest privately owned sky scrapper as it consist of 56floor built on land area of 7.8acre. the units area start from 33m2

Payment plans

There is 12% discount on opening also in case of paying cash get 47% discount

  • 10% down payment on 6 years
  • 15% down payment on 7 years
  • 20% down payment on 8 years

Previous history of the developer

Nile Group for development is the owner company of Nile Business City and is considered one of the biggest companies in Egypt which has been established back in 2002


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