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Own your unit now with Naia Developments, which announces a new start through Naia West New Zayed Compound, which is a residential project that includes a variety of apartments and villas that suit the modern life that many are looking for, as the compound is characterized by its distinctive spaces located in the heart of green spaces and landscapes, as well as service facilities and entertainment, and the very competitive prices of Naia West Compound.

Pay a 5% down payment, then 5%, and the rest in installments over 9 years.


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Project details Naia West Compound New Zayed

Location of New Naia West Zayed

When Naia Real Estate Company wanted to establish Naia West Compound, it thought of choosing places that provide complete tranquility to the residents and at the same time be close to vital places, so it chose the Alexandria Desert Road, as it is characterized by its great vitality due to its proximity to the most famous landmarks, so the residents of Naia West New Zayed have the opportunity to reach anywhere in a few minutes.


Places near New Naia West Zayed Compound

New Naia West Zayed Compound is located near the Egyptian Museum.

Naia West New Zayed is close to the hub and the Dahshur link.

Naia Seat Sheikh Zayed Compound is a few minutes away from Mall of Egypt.

Naia West New Zayed is a short walk from Sphinx Airport.

Naia West project is close to El Dabaa Road.

Naia West New Zayed is located near Media Production City.

Naia Zayed New Compound is easily accessible from King Saud University.

The project is close to Terrace Compound and Majorelle Compound.


Design of Naia West New Zayed project

Naia Real Estate Company in New Naia West Zayed Compound combined the meanings of originality and uniqueness in design, as it relied on the best architectural design companies who provided unique designs that make Naya West Zayed compete with the best Sheikh Zayed compounds, and also achieved harmony between landscapes and green and between residential units, and you can learn about the design of the new Naia West Sheikh Zayed as follows:

The total area in the Naia West project is about 170 acres.

Green spaces and landscapes occupy 84% of the total area in Naia West New Zayed project, while the rest is allocated to units.

NAIA New Zayed project offers a variety of apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

The apartments of New Naia West Zayed Compound extend over an area of 70 acres, and the villas are also on 70 acres.


The space of New Naia West Zayed Compound

In the implementation of New Naia West Zayed Compound, Naia West New Zayed has used the best design and construction companies to provide a distinctive division of all units in the compound, so that it can satisfy all tastes and accommodate the largest number of customers, and the spaces of the units came in a variety that impresses lovers of large and limited spaces alike, and the space of the units in Naia West New Zayed can be identified as follows:

Stand Alone Villas: The space of standalone villas in Naia and Set Sheikh Zayed Compound starts from 385 to 465 square meters, and they enjoy a private swimming pool.

Twin House Villas: The space of twin houses in Naia West New Zayed starts from 255 to 280 square meters.

Townhouses: there are villas for sale in Naia West project starting from 195 to 205 square meters.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


New Naia West Zayed Compound Prices 2023

Customers can get the units they dream of in New Naia West Zayed Compound with a package of competitive prices that are unparalleled, as Naia has succeeded in achieving the difficult equation with great merit, when it combined distinctive spaces and reasonable prices


Payment Systems in New Naia West Zayed

The facilities provided by Naia Real Estate Company in New Naia West Zayed Compound are completed through the reservation and installment systems provided by the company in order to make it easier for customers to buy the units they dream of without being burdened by many financial burdens, as these systems have great flexibility and start with the lowest down payment with payment over the longest possible period, and the payment systems in the Naia West project are as follows:

5% down payment, 5%, and the rest in installments over 9 years.

The maintenance fee at Naia West New Zayed is around 8%.

Naia West Zayed units are received within 3 and a half years.



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Naia West Compound New Zayed

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Facilities in New Naia West Zayed

Naia West Zayed New Compound was established to be a vibrant community that provides a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the residents, for this reason, Naia Real Estate Company has worked to provide all the facilities and services that cover the small details before the big ones, and it also took care of the entertainment aspect, providing them with all the means of entertainment and entertainment that are available to them throughout the day, and these facilities and services come as follows:

In New Naia West Zayed Compound, there are restaurants and cafes that serve everything the residents need from international dishes and dishes.

There are world-class swimming pools at Naia West New Zayed, which provide recreation for residents at any time.

Residents of the new Naia West Zayed project can shop at any time of the day through the commercial area that has been built within the project.

Residents in Naia West project can exercise in gyms equipped at the highest level.

The Naia West New Zayed project includes sports clubs where all the games that residents love are played.

Providing large green spaces that are suitable for family outings in the NAIA New Zayed project.

Through the running and cycling tracks located in New Naia West Zayed Compound, and residents can easily practice this hobby.

Naia West New Zayed has more than one entry gate to raise the safety factor on the one hand and facilitate entry and exit from the compound on the other hand.

Security and guarding services in Naia and Sete Sheikh Zayed work throughout the day, in order to work to achieve calm and comfort in the compound.

Using the best surveillance systems in Naia West New Zayed so that greater safety and tranquility can be achieved within the project.

Clean energy in Naia West New Zayed Compound can be relied on through solar panels.

There are maintenance and cleaning services in New Naia Zayed Compound, in order to ensure the efficiency of services and the appearance of the project all the time in a decent manner.


Features of Naia West Compound

New Naia West Zayed Compound has many features that customers wish for in their residential units, as it is located on the Alexandria Desert Road, and it has unique architectural designs that suit the high-taste customers, while achieving great diversity at the level of spaces and providing competitive prices, in addition to payment facilities over long periods of time, and the presence of facilities and services that give residents comfort and luxury.


About Naia Real Estate Development Company

Naia Developments is one of the leading real estate companies, as it adopts new concepts related to the establishment of coastal and residential communities according to the finest architectural designs, and it was bearing the name Jumeirah Egypt before it was changed to the current name, and Naia Real Estate seeks to achieve a comprehensive life experience in its projects by providing all the services and facilities that the residents need.


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