Montenapoleone Compound Mostakbal City

Own your unit now in Compound Montenapoleone Mostakbal City is the latest project in Mostakbal City for the Emirati company Reportage, as the project has received great media attention since it was laid the foundation stone, because of the advantages it offers to lovers of owning apartments and villas in the heart of Mostakbal City, amid a huge range of services, and through the article we review the spaces and prices of Montenapoleone, as well as explain the most prominent features and services of the project.

Payment plan starting with 10% down payment + 10% receipt down payment up to 8 years


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Project details Montenapoleone Compound Mostakbal City

Location of Montenapoleone Compound

Montenapoleone Mostakbal City has a strategic location in the heart of Mostakbal City, as it is located near an infinite group of compounds and the most famous cities in New Cairo, such as IL Bosco City New Cairo and Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound, to learn about the most prominent places near Montenapoleone Compound.


The most famous places near the compound

Montenapoleone Mostakbal City Compound is only approximately 20 minutes away from the American University and 90 Street.

Montenapoleone New Cairo is located a quarter of an hour from El Shorouk City.

Ten minutes by car separates the Montenapoleone Mostakbal City project from Madinaty.

Montenapoleone project is located 15 minutes from Cairo Airport.

Montenapoleone Apartments are just a 10-minute drive from the New Administrative Capital.


Design of Montenapoleone Mostakbal City project

Reportage was keen to design the Montenapoleone Mostakbal City project in the Italian style that is rich in definition, as it mixed the concept of classic and modernity, as those in charge of the project were interested in making this compound competitive in design to other Mostakbal City compounds, and this was evident on the attention to the internal and external details of the apartments and villas of the project.

Montenapoleone Compound provides the customer with integrated finishes, with air conditioning, kitchens, and bathtubs with handles, as well as providing all privacy factors for the units, as the buildings of the project consist of a ground floor in addition to only 6 repeated floors, while the villas in Montenapoleone New Cairo have an independent location between green spaces and services.


The space of Montenapoleone New Cairo

Montenapoleone Mostakbal City Compound was built on a huge area, where 74% of the total area of the project was allocated to gardens and green spaces, while the remaining space was allocated to buildings such as apartments, duplexes, and villas, it is worth noting that Montenapoleone Compound offers 1309 housing units, which are divided into: 391 units were allocated to townhouse units, and 918 housing units were allocated to apartments and duplexes.

The Montenapoleone project offers 9 apartment buildings, each building includes a basement, a ground floor, and 6 repeated floors in addition to the roof, while the townhouses consist of a ground floor, in addition to two upper floors and then the roof, so if you are looking for villas for sale in Montenapoleone Mostakbal City, be sure that you will have the greatest luxury and privacy.

For the first time in the future City, there is Sky Villa in MonteNapoleone Compound, from which you will enjoy the sweetest view in the future city directly on Mazar, designed with the latest architectural designs, as well as a full-service project of a commercial mall, swimming pools, and a clubhouse, characterized by being fully finished, ultra lux finishing with kitchen and dressing.


The space of Montenapoleone New Cairo units

Reportage has achieved the difficult equation with its latest project, Montenapoleone Mostakbal City, as it collected the house of varying spaces and competitive prices, to learn about the types and spaces of the units of Montenapoleone Compound, so the prices for booking apartments and villas in Montenapoleone are highly competitive.

Areas of apartments in Montenapoleone

1 room: spaces range from 50 to 60 square meters.

2 Rooms: Spaces start from 74 m² up to 85 m².

3 rooms: spaces range from 92 to 110 square meters.

Duplex spaces

1 Room: spaces start from 83 m² up to 151 m².

2 rooms: spaces range from 101 to 150 square meters.

3 Rooms: Units Space starts from 121 m² up to 245 m².

4 Rooms: Spaces start from 233 square meters.

Townhouse Spaces

3 Rooms: Townhouses space starts from 218 square meters.

4 Rooms: Units Space starts from 218 square meters.

6 Rooms: Units Space starts from 436 square meters.

Sky Villa Spaces

The space of Sky Villa Montenapoleone starts from 150 meters and varies between two rooms, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Montenapoleone New Cairo prices 2023

Reportage Company, through the Montenapoleone Mostakbal City project, provided extremely competitive prices, so that lovers of owning units in New Cairo can find apartments for sale in Montenapoleone New Cairo, or if you want villas for sale in Montenapoleone Mostakbal City at great prices


Methods of booking and installments of Montenapoleone Mostakbal City

As for the ways to book Montenapoleone Mostakbal City, it has been announced by those in charge of the project to provide all the facilities that customers and investment lovers are looking for, there is a payment plan that starts with a 10% down payment + 10% receipt payment and reaches up to 8 years, and this means paying a small percentage as a down payment, and paying the rest over a long period, and the company will deliver the units fully finished in 2026.

In the new phase, Reportage offers the units in the best possible image for customers, so it provided high-quality finishing systems, as all units were fully finished


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Montenapoleone Compound Mostakbal City

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Facilities in Montenapoleone New Cairo

Montenapoleone Compound, affiliated with the UAE company Reportage, provides you with a large and different range of facilities and services, to ensure you comfort, privacy, and luxury, the most important of which are:

Montenapoleone Mostakbal City offers vast green spaces that help achieve the greatest degree of relaxation.

Swimming pools distributed in the compound and the highest roof of each building of the project.

The compound has also allocated gym halls at the top of each of its buildings, in order to help sports lovers practice their favorite hobbies.

A commercial mall within the scope of the project to help shopaholics buy everything they need from the most famous international brands.

Montenapoleone Compound has allocated an area for international restaurants and cafes.

A distinctive clubhouse that provides all recreational services to visitors.

A huge hypermarket to facilitate shopping with the daily needs of the residents of the compound.

Garages dedicated to parking the largest possible number of cars under buildings.

Montenapoleone Mostakbal City has established places of worship to hold religious rites.

Vast areas have been allocated for sports fields, such as squash courts and football fields.

Security, guarding, and surveillance cameras to achieve the greatest degree of privacy and security.

Schools, nurseries and Kids Area to provide all the services that the family needs for its children.


Montenapoleone Features of the city of the future

The Montenapoleone project offers a series of advantages that customers seek to obtain, starting with the strategic location near the most prominent landmarks of New Cairo, in addition to the diversity of categories and areas of the residential units of the project to satisfy all tastes, to the multiple services and facilities that customers will enjoy, and the project also offers competitive prices compared to the prices of Mostakbal City apartments, with payment systems up to 8 years.


About Reportage UAE

Reportage Properties is a name with long experience in the world of construction in the United Arab Emirates, and the Montenapoleone Mostakbal City project is the company's first project in Egypt, the company has gained wide fame throughout the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East in general, and has a long history in the world of real estate development in the region.


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Montenapoleone Compound Mostakbal City