Mivida New Cairo Figth Settlement

Own Your Unit in Mivida New Cairo Compound, one of the most important and largest real estate projects developed by Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development and Investment, which used the best modern methods to make it a distinctive project in which you wish to live.

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement is located in the most important and prestigious locations in the New Cairo area, as it is a strategic location that approaches all the landmarks of Greater Cairo, and the compound has been developed on a large area that accommodates many services and facilities, as well as many green spaces and wonderful water bodies.

There are many different units with a variety of spaces that suit different categories of customers, and these units are available at ideal prices, flexible and easy payment systems, and many other features are available

10% down payment and installments up to 8 years



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Project details Mivida New Cairo Figth Settlement

Location of Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement

Mivida Compound is located directly on South 90 Street in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, a few minutes away from the most prominent landmarks of New Cairo, and it is close to all vital areas that include a large population and many diverse services, especially distinguished educational services and others.

It also approaches all the important main roads and axes that are located within the assembly area and helps you reach your destination easily and in record time.


Places and landmarks near Mivida Compound

5 minutes from Mivida American University.

15 minutes separate it from Heliopolis and Nasr City.

15 minutes separate Mivida assembly and Cairo Airport.

15 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.

10 minutes from Cairo Festival Mall.


Space of Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement

The space of Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement, came as a huge space estimated at about 900 acres, and the company that owns the project took this huge space in order to build a great residential edifice that provides the people of the compound with everything they need.

The company also chose to allocate about 80% of the project area to green spaces so that the owners feel comfortable, calm and sophisticated, and the rest of the space, which is only 20%, is for residential buildings, and it intersperses between each unit and a garden unit to add privacy.

The ratio between buildings and administrative spaces was not the unique feature in the design of Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement, as it was designed in the style of houses in the St. Barbara area in the famous state of California in America, and the project contains 5,000 housing units varying between:



Twin House.



Mavida Compound also embraces the Fifth Settlement with a spacious central garden of up to 30 acres, integrated with landscape gardens that are spread throughout the project with an area of 222 acres.


Units space inside Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement

The units within Emaar Mivida Compound are designed with different types and spaces, where:

Apartments: spaces start from 133 m² up to 290 m².

Townhouse for sale in Mivida with spaces start from 250 m².

Twin houses: spaces start from 270 m² up to 300 m².

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement Villa: spaces start from 350 m² up to 450 m².

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Design of Mivida Compound New Cairo

The Mivida New Cairo project was designed in innovative and new ways, as all modern methods and technologies were used to bring out the compound in a super beautiful image, as it combines the wonderful architectural style and the Spanish style, and Mivida New Cairo Compound has obtained a series of various international certificates that highlight and show the beauty of the project, as it is filled with colorful trees and cheerful flowers.

Mivida Compound is one of the best buildings that provide more happiness for you, your family, and all the residents of the compound, as the compound contains a group of wonderful and distinctive hotel works, as it includes countless services, and Mivida Compound New Cairo is divided from the inside in an innovative and distinctive way, as it contains a huge series of luxury residential units that enjoy luxury and sophistication.

This compound was designed in a high style of high quality and perfection, as the compound is a large series of diverse spaces that contribute to living freely and luxuriously within the residential units, as well as containing a group of recreational and service places


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement

The developer of Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement was keen to provide many different prices for the various units available within the compound, as these prices are amazing, ideal, wonderful, and facilitate the purchase process for customers, and these prices start from 10,000,000 EGP.

Each customer can also choose the type of unit he wants and choose its space, and from here the prices are determined, which are unbeatable and difficult to find in other complexes compared to the services available in Mivida Compound.


Payment Systems for Mivida Fifth Settlement Project

The great experience and huge financial cloak possessed by Emaar Real Estate Development Company made it offer an easy payment system that suits all those wishing to own a housing unit at a high level of luxury.

You can now pay a 5% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and the rest of the unit value in installments over 8 years.


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Mivida New Cairo Figth Settlement

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Services and facilities of Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement


Mivida Compound contains many services and features that serve its residents and provide them with a great deal of luxury and distinction, as there are many basic services that are indispensable today, so they have been provided so that they do not have to go out and search for them, and there are a large number of recreational activities that achieve more fun and joy, and these services are as follows:

Mivida Fifth Settlement contains equipped gyms.

Mivida has a huge commercial mall with all international brands.

The owner company did not lose sight of the importance of having health care, so it established a medical center.

In addition to the presence of a garage for each residential unit within the project for more privacy.

Mividia has German Europa Chula schools and English schools reptens.

The project includes a sports club on a large land area of about 33 acres for lovers of sports of all kinds.

In addition to the presence of a health club and a social club, as well as sports fields.

The largest medical center is also available in all of Egypt (Entrada).

Mivida Compound contains a commercial mall classified as the largest mall in New Cairo, as it includes many diverse shops that specialize in selling all personal necessities.

There is a huge area of entertainment area specially designed for children, as well as public facilities that include many children's games and are highly secure to keep children safe.

There are swimming pools and artificial lakes with dazzling views that delight the eye and increase psychological happiness, as each lake was distributed over the area of Mivida Compound in an equal and proportional manner with all residents of the compound.

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement provides the largest possible amount of landscapes and green spaces that surround the entire residential buildings, in the middle of which are lakes and gardens, which adds joy to the compound and its residents.

There are international schools in the compound, where these schools are available with high-level equipment, which adds a large imprint to the educational level of the compound's students.

For sports lovers, large sports fields of various kinds may be available because these games have a major role in improving the physical structure of the residents of Mivida Compound, the ages of the Fifth Settlement.

Mivida Compound includes a gym and a health club, as well as a social club, and these clubs have a major role in the entertainment level.

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement includes international restaurants and cafes that provide many amazing services at the highest level.

Each residential unit in the compound contains a private garage.

There are large central gardens in the compound, as well as swimming pools spread throughout the compound.

Administrative offices, medical clinics and commercial buildings

Security and guarding are available throughout the day throughout Mivida Emaar Compound, as well as the surveillance cameras that are deployed in the compound


The Developer of Mivida Fifth Settlement Project

The field of real estate investment is one of the areas with stable conditions and attractive to major investing entities in the Arab world and the Middle East to work inside Egypt and with the increasing distinctive places that are accepted by real estate sector customers looking for sophistication, tranquility and privacy.

Major companies such as Emaar Misr, which has great experience and a long precedent, have resorted to entering the Egyptian market with several projects, and the first blow for them was the Uptown Cairo project, which proved successful and the extent to which Emaar and the Egyptian market need to expand cooperation between them.

And the famous tourist community in the Egyptian North Coast "Marassi", which has become the destination of famous society and artists for the distinction of its designs and the multiplicity of its features as a tourist resort different from its neighboring to come the third project, which was keen by "Emaar Misr".

Through it, to show the extent of architectural development and the splendor of international designs that can be implemented on Egyptian land, so that the Mivida Fifth Settlement project becomes one of the latest and most luxurious residential complexes.

All units are designed on large areas characterized by their distinguished view of the green spaces interspersed with water spaces, and thecompany owns many previous projects, which are:

Uptown Cairo in the heart of Cairo (Mokattam)

Cairo Gate West Cairo Project

Marassi Resort in North Coast

Mivida Business Park in the Fifth Settlement

Lea Marassi North Coast

Sakaya Marassi North Coast

Belle Compound in Sheikh Zayed

New Alamein Hotel

Developing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and establishing a new facility in the same location as the old library


Mivida New Cairo Figth Settlement