Mazarine Compound New Alamein

Own your unit now in Mazarine New Alamein Compound It is considered one of the most important distinguished coastal projects, as it was designed by City Edge, as it developed it with the best distinguished wonderful designs that have a key role in making it an architectural masterpiece, as it is an ideal distinctive and different compound.

Mazarine New Alamein was developed in the most important locations of City of Alamein, as it is a distinctive strategic location that has a major role in attracting customers to it, and it was built on a large space with many diverse services, and many different units of different sizes are available inside it.

These units are available at special prices, and amazing payment systems, as they were provided by the real estate developer to facilitate the purchase process for customers without any problems they face when buying a unit in compound mazarine.

Pay only 5% downpayment of the total unit value and pay the remaining amount over 10 years.


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Project details Mazarine Compound New Alamein

Location of Mazarine New Alamein Resort

The location of the project is one of the most distinctive features of Mazarine New Alamein Compound, as it is located in the most strategic location on the North Coast, as it is located near the most important landmarks of New Alamein, which are:

Mazarine El Alamein Compound is located on the North Coast directly on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mazarine El Alamein project is separated from the international road by no more than four hundred meters only.

Mazarine North Coast is less than one hundred and seven kilometers from the heart of Alexandria Governorate.

The distance between the compound and the Egyptian capital is estimated at two hundred and sixty-one kilometers.

Mazarine New Alamein Compound overlooks all roads leading to and from all governorates of Egypt, east, west, and south.

Near Matrouh Governorate, less than one hundred and eighty-four kilometers.

Mazarin Compound is close to Borg El Arab International Airport, no more than eighty-nine kilometers.

The closest to "El Alamein" Airport is half an hour away, making it easier for investors to choose it as their center from all countries of the world.

Mazarine City Edge is surrounded by the Palace of Culture, Al Fanara Marina and Al Masa International Hotel.

Mazarine North Coast sees the presidential palace in the new city of El Alamein, the Council of Ministers, and El Alamein Gardens.

Mazarine El Alamein is very close to various archaeological sites, which makes it a destination for tourists, as well as close to the monument.

Mazarine El Alamein project is close to various vital areas such as Marina, Sidi Abdel Rahman, and the new Fouka Road.

The company worked to make the location one of the advantages witnessed by the project, as it surrounds you with a lot of landscapes while reaching it, so one of the best new tourist areas in Egypt, the North Coast region, was chosen.


The space of Mazarine New Alamein Compound

Mazarine New Alamein Compound is the first complex developed with an area of 72 acres out of a total of 702 acres, with two private New Alamein Beach attractions that extend 635 meters and a lake of up to 208 acres, at a depth of up to 4 meters, dedicated to swimming, yachts, and boats.

The number of residential units in Mazarine New Alamein Compound is about 296 housing units that will be delivered in full finishes and air conditioning, giving all customers the opportunity to finish their units according to their tastes.

Inside the new Mazarine of El Alamein, there are many residential units ranging from villas, twin houses, and chalets in a variety of areas to choose from to suit you, and there are many luxury villas with direct lake views, and many other units are:

Villas in Mazarine Compound with spaces start from 365 m² up to 567 m².

Duplex with an area of 324 square meters.

Chalets for sale in North Coast with spaces start from 134 m² up to 324 m².

Apartments for sale in New Alamein with space of 136 m².

The company provided apartments within buildings consisting of four consecutive floors each, and they also contain one elevator.

Inside Mazarine North Coast Compound, the company took into account the presence of many units of different sizes so that each customer finds the unit he desires with the space that suits him, and Mazarine City Edge includes a private beach with golden sand and charming blue waters, which gives an opportunity to practice the hobby of swimming that many people prefer with a lot of swimming pools.


Due to the current circumstances and the current situation of continuous changes in prices and their instability, many real estate development companies have adjusted the prices of their units continuously, so we inform you that there is no fixed price at the present time. To know the latest prices, please check with us and contact us at any time.


Prices of Mazarine New Alamein Compound

City Edge has solved the difficult equation through Mazarine Compound, which carries many different services and witness’s creativity in design in addition to the prices provided by the company for residential units,


Mazarine New Alamein Payment Systems

City Edge Developments did not only provide many of the services and features it provided within the Mazarine compound project, and continued to provide the best premium prices that have an ideal role in attracting customers.

These units also provided the best distinguished designs, and many other features, as well as great payment systems in addition to ideal prices, as follows:

Pay only 5% down payment of the total unit value and pay the remaining amount over 10 years.


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Mazarine Compound New Alamein

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Services Available in Mazarine El Alamein Compound

The Mazarine New Alamein project witnesses many services that aspire to transport you to the fantasy world you are looking for, as they reflect fun and luxury, as they include the following:

Green spaces throughout Mazarine Compound.

In Mazarine Compound, a long walkway secured with all means of safety.

Many restaurants and cafes.

Swimming pools of various levels.

Shops offering all international brands.

Each unit has a dedicated garage.

Tracks for cars, including for running and cycling.

Children's amusement park.

A gym with lots of different sports.

Mazarine Compound is surrounded by a high wall to maintain complete privacy for all its occupants.

A promenade on the beach with a length of up to 14 kilometers.

A huge library for lovers of the hobby of reading is a lot of diverse books.

Customer service within Mazarine Compound.

Most units see the sea.

Mazarine New Alamein units are delivered fully finished as well as air conditioning installation.

Mazarine Compound includes artificial lakes.

All units of Mazarine City Edge see the services that the compound enjoys.

Surveillance cameras throughout Mazarine North Coast with security and guarding throughout the day.

And other services that everyone dreams of that make you need to get out of compound mazarine permanently, where you find all the pleasure, comfort, and needs you are looking for.


Benefits of real estate investment within Mazarine El Alamein project

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to maintain the purchasing value of money at the present time, and it is the best choice for all investors inside and outside Egypt to avoid the damage of economic inflation, whose negatives are affecting everyone, and therefore we find that all businessmen tend to buy different housing units, and the Mazarine project comes among the best choices of current investment projects.


The company that owns the Mazarine El Alamein project and previous works

Mazarine Compound is one of the City Edge real estate projects, which worked on designing the compound with all advanced standards and the latest ideal models, the company uses all modern methods to create everything new, it seeks to change the usual pattern by providing the services and features that every person dreams of, City Edge is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, as it is made up of major urban institutions, and they are:

Urban Development and the Investment Holding Company by 2%.

Housing and Development Bank by 38%.

The largest percentage of the Urban Communities Authority, reaching 60%.

If Mazarine Compound is a joint product of all the previous giant companies, where each of them was able to carry out a lot of real estate projects, when they unite together in the new Mazarine El Alamein project, it is strong and does not accept competition in order to put each of them their previous experiences, and the company was established in 2017, although it is modern, but it was able to present many strong and distinctive real estate projects.


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Mazarine Compound New Alamein